Imagine a life without an email?

Unimaginable! We know!

And, It is no wonder that companies use email marketing as a primary form of advertising daily, and every sales executive has an arsenal of email templates, tactics, and strategies to connect with potential clients.

The ability to whip up engaging sales email subject lines is directly proportional to the open & response rates. However, do not ignore the time spent on coming up with engaging, concise, & professional subject lines.  

Struggling to come up with witty & catchy subject lines?

Here is a list of 80 powerful sales email subject lines that are catchy and creative that you can use in various business scenarios like sales, marketing, customer service, or any other correspondence to pique your recipient’s interest.

9 Ingredients for a Good Email Subject Line

An engaging email starts with a gripping subject line along with a great body of the email. A survey conducted proves that 35% of email recipients open emails based on the subject line alone.  

Email marketing is the best way to reach your prospecting clients, and your email subject line makes or breaks your deal. Your sales email subject lines have to be as exciting and relevant to the subject as possible to increase your customer engagement and open rates.

1. Keep it Simple & Specific

Shorten your subject lines to be more concise and make them easy to read. Make sure the subject line is relevant to the email body content.

We recommend following a limit of 9 words and 60 characters. Emails with shorter subject lines (about 16 characters) have better opening rates.

2. Make it Interesting

Use catchy, creative subject lines. Make them unique, value-driven, and compelling. Place the most important words like “Update”, “Available”,, etc. at the beginning of the phrase and drop the filler words.

3. Make Sure You Have a Call to Action

Although it is challenging with the limited space available, It’s never a bad idea to try a call to action in your email subject line and let people take direct action when they open your mail. Also, adding a call to action improves open rates.

4. Find Your Right Tone

Use a conversational tone to attract your email audience. Your tone of voice and style in written correspondence can make or break a deal. Use a grammar checker tool to verify spell checks before sending your emails.

5. Make it Personal

For solid open rates, use the recipient's first name to make your sales subject lines more personal. Matching your audience’s interests and mannerisms and personalizing the subject line is necessary in today's world of business.

Adding names = more opens

6. Include a Question for Readers to Answer in Their Email

Don't be afraid to use a question in your subject line. This will make readers want to find out what you're asking. Also, don't be afraid to include a “?” where needed.

7. Use Keywords

The importance of crafting compelling subject lines has proved successful in a wide range of industries. For example: "Automation Services: Transforming, Managing & Processing your workflow” performs much better than "Transforming, Managing & Processing your workflow with Automation."

8. Use Humor or an Emotional Trigger

Humor is a great way to break the ice in email subject lines, and people are more likely to respond to emails with emotional subject lines "I'm sorry" or "I have news for you!"

9. Create a Sense of Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency is one way to boost open rates for emails. For example, including the word “Hurry” or “Tomorrow” in the subject line have 10% more opening rates than those without.

What to Avoid in a Sales Email Subject Lines?

Remember that email marketing is about engagement, not sales. So don’t write email subject lines like “Buy now!” because it will backfire by diminishing their trust in you.

  1. Avoid using abbreviations and "Re:" in the subject line.
  2. Avoid using spammy words like "urgent" or "important" in your subject lines as it is often overused and seen as spam by the receiver.
  3. Avoid confusing acronyms or slang words that everyone may not understand.
  4. Make sure you're not overusing exclamation points!
  5. DON’T USE CAPS- covering your subject line in caps makes it look like you are yelling at your receiver.

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80 Sales Email Subject Lines Carefully Curated for You

1. Cold Outreach Emails

Reaching out to prospective customers and business partners via cold emails is central to a sales executive's job responsibilities.

Cold outreach emails are often overlooked because they can be monotonous. However, if drafted well, you can yield excellent results by getting new leads and opportunities.

Top 5 Cold Sales Email Templates That Work in 2021
Discover the best cold sales email templates to help you get your message across fast and on a professional level. Here are 5 of the most effective ones.

If you ever wondered where to start, here are the best cold email sales subject lines.

  1. “The perfect opportunity for you and your team”

2. “Are you reaching your customers on the right channels?”

3. “3 reasons why you should be using our service over others”

4. “Have you tried our [product/service]”

5. "Requesting a meeting on [Date]"

6. "15 minutes free this week?"

7. “Hi [Prospect’s Name], I found you through [referral name]”

8. “We have [referral name] in common”

9. “I'm sending this email because"

10. "I know you're busy, so I'll keep this short"

11. “Growing your business? Here are some tips”

12. "Hi [Name] We can help you become successful!"

2. Networking Emails

Your business partners and associates are busy people. They might receive hundreds of emails asking them to connect. The last thing you want to do is, send one more boring email that goes into a void.

It is important to be direct and careful to ask for advice when drafting a networking email than to ask for a favor. Leverage your mutual connections from that time you met in a social setup or from social media.

6 Best Prospecting Sales Email Templates
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Use these curated subject lines in your next email to get a call-back or get an audience in person.

13. "I am writing to seek your advice on [subject]"

14. “Hi [Name], We met at [event name]. Do you want to get coffee & continue our conversation?”

15. "How do you feel about working with me on this project?"

16. “Do you have a minute for _____?"

17. “We're having an awesome event this Tuesday. I would like to invite you”

18. “I need your advice on something"

19. “Hi, [referral name] said I should talk to you about [subject]”

20. “I have a question about X, Y, and Z - can you help me with that?

21. "What are we drinking tonight? Let's grab a drink and talk about it” - a more casual approach. But make sure your client is comfortable with your invitation.

22. "I was wondering if you can spare a few mins [specific day and time]"

23. "We spoke on [social media]. Can we set up a meeting soon?"

24. "I wanted to introduce myself and see how our two companies could work together."

25. "[insert name] here! I am excited about the potential of working together."

26. "I hope that [insert company name] can help solve some of your problems or provide new growth opportunities."

27. “I follow you on LinkedIn. I would love an opportunity to meet you in person”

28. “Hi [Name], we have a mutual connect on LinkedIn. Can we talk sometime?”

29. “Do you have 10 mins this [day of the week]”

3. Follow-up Email Subject lines

If you can't break the ice the first time, the second time's a charm! But, of course, we are talking about Follow-up emails. Sometimes, crafting a perfect follow-up email is a struggle.

But don't fear! We have come to your rescue.

Here are some inspirational sales email subject lines to get you started.

30. "It's been a while since we last talked"

31. “Hey, have you forgotten?"

32. "Hello! Just wanted to say hello and see how things are going!"

33. It's time for us to chat again"  or “Time for a quick touch base?”

34. “Our next steps”

35. “X options to get started"

36. “I wanted to share some new content published lately”

37. “I want to book an exclusive demo for you about our [product/service]”

38. "Do you have any questions about us or our service?"

39. "5 things you need to know about our product before you buy it"

4. Reminder Email Subject Lines

For the follow-up emails to be truly effective, a reminder email must be sent after a day or two to check in with your prospects.

The biggest question is, how do you get your prospects to open your reminder emails?

47% of users open emails based on their subject lines, and making them personal will increase the open rates.

40. “Time is running out”

41. “This is the last chance for a limited-time offer"

42. “Don't miss out on this opportunity!"

43. “A little reminder”

44. “Just a heads up!”

5. Holiday Email Subject lines

The holiday season is a time for celebration, but it can also be stressful for many business development managers. To have some peace of mind, we advise you to send your emails a few days ahead of the holidays.

We have put together some Holiday email Subject lines below to reduce your stress and give you more holiday time.

45. "We hope this email finds you well, with plenty of snow on the ground to celebrate the  holidays."

46. "This year, we wanted to give you something special for the holidays."

47. “You're invited! Here are some of our favorite activities to do during the holidays”

48. “Hi [Name], Happy Holidays from [Company name] Team!"

49. "Merry Christmas! Our team is wishing you a wonderful holiday season."

50. "It's that time of year again - Happy Holidays!"

51. "Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year"

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6. Webinar/ Demo

The webinars create a sense of exclusivity, lead to increased engagement, and are helpful for business development managers looking to grow their network and build new relationships.

Invite your prospects to join your webinar with these email subject line examples that are bound to get you a good response rate.

52. “Meet the speakers of [Webinar title or topic]”

53. “Last chance to join [Webinar Title]”

54. “Know secrets and tips from [webinar speaker/s]”

7. Promotional

Promotional emails are one of the most powerful tools in a salesperson's arsenal. A well-drafted promotional email campaign can be a cost-effective way to reach your prospects & existing clientele.

It's also important that you tailor your emails based on what the recipient would find interesting. For example, you might want them to be excited about opening it so they'll read it right away!

Use these promotional email subject lines to promote your product/services effectively.

55. “Start your free trial today"

56. "Upgrade to the complete version- limited period offer!"

57. "Don't miss out on the latest release!"

58. "It's not too late to get in on this deal before it expires"

59. "[Product name] is now available at an exclusive price [price] just for you."

60. "[product name] is now available for purchase with a 50% discount."

61. "Introducing our newest product"

62. "I've got a special offer just for you"

63. “If you make this purchase, I can offer a discount to you.”

64. “Can't find what you need on our website? Here are some recommendations!”

65. “Hurry! Last day to capitalize on this offer”

8. Apology

As a sales executive, you understand that the way to success is paved with hard work. Sometimes mistakes happen. It is essential to keep your head up and move on.

If you find yourself in a soup, below are some tips for creating some good subject lines to apologizing in an email.

66. “A sincere apology and an explanation of why this happened will be enough to restore our relationship”

67. “Sorry this took so long”

68. “Let me make it up to you with this [offer]”

69. “Would you be willing to accept my apology and give me another chance?”

70. “I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused”

71. “Outlook crashed, whoops!”

9. Out-Of-The-Box Email Subject lines

It is imperative to pique your clients’ interests when writing an email. To navigate the world of sales, you’ve got to be flexible & creative.

Time-tested techniques aren’t so tested anymore when a lot of competitors follow them. Being open to new ways can counter the monotony.

Use these carefully curated subject lines that are curiosity-driven to keep your client interested in your email from the beginning. These off-beat subject lines are a double-edged sword. Make sure you read the room before hitting that “send” button.

72. “Hey, can you keep a secret?”

73. “What if We told you____”

74. “Five Fast Fixes for customer service Frustration” - Using Alliteration

75. “5 things to try before you buy”

76. “ Thank God it's Friyay! You have some time anyway”' - Deliberate spelling mistakes with Pun intended

77. “New ways to grow your business with Video Prospecting 💪.” - 56% of brands using emoji in their email subject lines had a higher open rate

78. “Join the thousands who saw results” - Social proof

79. “And they said it couldn't be done”

80. “The Jedi would find these interesting” - Using Pop culture reference.


We hope you found this list of 80 powerful sales email subject lines helpful.

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