As a salesperson, you know that having a compelling introduction is essential for starting off your sale. A video can help make this process much more effective by getting the attention of your audience and making them feel comfortable with you from the beginning.

Within seconds of receiving a video, the prospect will judge you based on how long it is and what's in that first sentence or two. So make sure to pick an opener for maximum impact!

That's why this blog post highlights some points from start to finish about sales introductions using Videoform.

What is Sales Introduction Video?

Sales introduction videos are brief video that introduces the person recording it, company, and its services. They can be used for many purposes, such as closing leads, providing online visibility, or introducing new products.

Sales introduction videos are informative short films of about 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length. In addition, they provide information on what prospects require.

A key strategy is helping prospects understand how your business solves their problems while providing information about why they should choose you over the competition. Videoform is the best solution for creating amazing videos.

There is no need for expensive production equipment or hours editing video. All you want is something simple that gets the point across without bells and whistles.

Why Should Sales Teams Use Intro Videos?

Marketing, sales and business professionals agree that creating intro videos is one of the best ways for organizations to get more leads, improve customer acquisition efforts and more.

Intro video on websites  or sent via emails act as the gateway through which prospects enter your digital door. Overcoming any barriers or confusion before they become customers is critical if you want to generate high conversion rates.

I recommend using an intro video every time you're making a sales presentation because it provides your prospect with all of vital information in less than two minutes.

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Use Videoform to Create Sales Videos

To make attractive sales introduction videos for your business, use Videoform. You can record your webcam, camera+ screen, or just the screen.

Videoform is integrated with many email services like Gmail and Outlook. You can also record and share videos right from the CRMs you're already using. With just a few clicks, you can record almost anything and make personalized introduction sales videos to your customers.

How Can You Increase Sales Using Intro Videos?

With a Videoform, you can create interactive videos that will make your sales team more effective. This SaaS tool is easy to use and perfect for all skill levels, from beginners to experts.

Videoform is the newest, most interactive way for businesses to increase their revenue. It offers an immersive experience with rich media content. This helps to engage customers better through storytelling about products and services.

New research shows people don't like being sold things. But they will buy from someone who inspires them- through creativity and innovative intro videos.

  • Using intro sales videos, you can create a relationship with prospects by telling stories.
  • You can share ideas with prospects on their current problems and give solutions
  • Use statistics & facts in your intro videos to increase trust between you and your prospect
  • Good intro video can increase the number of people that convert to your website
  • Intro videos can improve SEO rankings for websites
  • You can increase brand recognition and loyalty with intro videos
  • Make sure to create the Perfect Pitch Every single time because intros are key hooks to start your conversation.

Types of Introduction Videos Your Sales Team Needs

If you want to connect with potential customers, video is an excellent way for you to do it. It makes your brand stand out from the rest of the noise in today's marketplace.

It will leave people feeling excited about what they could accomplish while doing business with you, too! So here are some video TYPES you can start your INTRO'S.

1. The Classic Introduction Video

This is the perfect video for anyone looking to make a strong first impression. With this one-minute introduction, you'll have all of your potential customers hooked from the start!

Classic Introduction Video

These sales videos provide a quick and digestible way to let your prospects know about the value you offer.

2. The Delightful Demo Video

The best way to pitch an intangible product is with a demo video. When it comes time to sell your service, one broad marketing video won't always do the trick.

However, creating demo videos for SaaS products can be helpful when selling them. Because people often want to test drive before they buy or commit themselves after seeing how good of quality something is first-hand at no cost.

3. The Screen Share Video

When you need to grab prospect attention, there is no better way than a screen share sales video. It's perfect for explaining your product and why they should buy from you!

Screen Share Video

For example, reps often use these videos as part of their outreach video campaigns. All that matters in getting leads (and customers) into becoming clients so quickly it would make even Shark Monroe jealous!

4. Personalized Sales Videos

The best way to close deals and engagement at scale is by implementing personalized intro videos.

Sales teams with a video platform can insert meaningful snippets into a pre-recorded video, including the prospects' name or the sales rep's LinkedIn headshot.

Personalized Video

Then end it with an invitation for them to book their call through one of many available platforms.

Videoform has produced such kind of successful Personalized sales Video campaigns on behalf of its clients. In addition, these videos have yielded excellent results in closing deals!

Legitfit - Videoform SaaS Company Case Study
Legitfit saw a 62% increase in email open rates. They scored a whopping 20% higher click-throughs from prospects and 10% more replies with Videoform.

Tips To Create Different Sales Introduction Videos

Hooking prospect's in videos can be challenging. Still, it doesn't have to be hard work when you follow these 7 easy tips:

1) Focus on who your prospects are so they feel included

2) Connect by telling stories

3) Be relatable and stick to the point

4) Establish credibility as quickly as possible

5) Finally, create interest in what will come next

6) Add appealing & attractive thumbnails

7) Last but not the least, add video CTAs to get responses & stay connected

All in All

In this article, we have covered what an introductory sales video is. However, there are many tips and tricks you need to use in your day-to-day lives to help with the success rate of a new product or service!

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