Your words assist you with building relationships with your prospects.

The visuals and videos are definitely important but still, the main thing where deals are sealed and where impressions are made are the “Words” you use!

Why? You ask?

To move prospects from cold to warm and to convert them into a paying customer.

Yes! Words are that important.

A change in one single word has the power to change the entire conversation and context.

Here is a personal anecdote on how words affect sales:

The Problem

I needed to buy some electric equipment. I am not a pro electrician and have very minimal knowledge about the equipment. I went to a store and asked the store manager to suggest the best tools needed to repair my main.

He went on about a long list of details which took about half an hour. After which, I am left even more confused than I was before.

The Solution!

I went to another store and explained my situation. This new store manager asked some basic questions and suggested some tolls and only said, “This tool is most likely your smartest option. It's beginners friendly, serves your purpose, easy to operate, and within your budget too”

He also said, “you won't find tools within this budget in any other shop nearby”.

I thanked him and left with what I need. I got what I came for and I even got a good deal.

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The first sales rep gave an overload of information which had me fatigued. But the second sales rep was precise, used the right words, and made a sale.

Such is the power of words and clarity!

Likewise, prospects also look for elements and characteristics that address their issues.

You can intrigue them with a clear pitch using all the right kind of words and phrases and even make a sale.

Now the biggest question is, what are those phrases and words that seals the deal?

Catchy Sales Phrases

Figure out how to build your deals by utilizing power phrases in your sales proposals and impress your sales prospects.

Straightforward force phrases invigorate your client's sentiments and trigger a passionate choice to purchase from you. You can expand your deals by utilizing power phrases in your sales materials, proposals, presentations, emails  and other correspondence.

Why Do Power Phrases Trigger the Buying Action?

A force expression makes your prospect picture how they feel when they own your product/services. It produces an envisioned inclination and spurs your prospect to make a decision based on that inclination.

Force phrases trigger your prospect to make a purchase decision enthusiastically, making them realize they have been offered the right product or service that addresses their needs.  

Step-By-Step Instructions To Create A Power Phrase


Start by posting a portion of the significant advantages your prospects get when they purchase from you. Then, at that point join a couple of exceptionally clear activity words around at least one of those advantages into a short expression.

Here are some examples.


  • "Quick! Simple! Extremely Low Cost!" - mentioning that your products/services are not complicated tools.
  • "I'll help you with all your roadblocks!" - Assuring customer service.
  • "Work that increases your revenue." - Ensuring growth in prospects business.


Utilize high impact words & impart a sense of urgency! Take a gander at the words utilized in emergencies.

Many are high-sway words like: “quick, simple, exceptional, minimal expense, help, ensure, appreciate, more cash, additional time, hurry.”

Use short and plain high-sway words for your force phrases.
They make a sensational impact on your prospects' brain.

Step- 3

Here is a unique tip from my own experience- use a series of 3 words or phrases. Make a portion of your force phrases utilizing a progression of 3 words or 3 gatherings of words.

For reasons unknown, a progression of 3 words or expressions appears to create an emotional and important picture in our brain. Plus, they come out as simple, short & sweet.


  • "Saves time, Quicker Outcomes & Increased Performances."
  • "Quick! Simple! Extremely Low Cost!"
  • "Force, Performance and Speed."

Step- 4

Sound Genuine.

Impact words, catchy phrases and all are ok. But if you use too many of those words or phrases, it might sound scripted and artificial.

So, use genuine tone in constructing your sentences and use testimonial words to build trust.


  • “Mr/Ms.[X] can vouch for our products/services.”
  • “I tried it myself and I am happy with the results.”
  • “We are genuine and it speaks in our testimonials”

The Most Powerful Words In Sales

1. You

“You” is a very powerful word. “You” is personal, direct, boosts confidence and ego.

There could be no greater word to build a personal connection than speaking directly to your prospect. By using this word, you and making everything about your prospects and making them feel important.

Ex: When you utilize this product, you get guaranteed results.

2. Because

This is a convincing deal word that should be used in sales correspondence. Adding a reason is always appreciated and has the power to transform a basic sentence into an expression that sells. It conveys a valid justification.

A popular Harvard study showed this, when the level of individuals willing to allow somebody to hop a line shot up from 63% to 93% when an explanation was given

Ex: Our tool is the best there is, because 100% of our clients recommended it to others.

3. Free/Offer/Discount

Who doesn't love a good deal? Although free sounds a little cheap, it works sometimes by grabbing attention to the deal quickly.

Alternate words to use instead of free are: offer, sale, discount, trial, upgrade etc.

Ex: We offer you a 7-day free trial if you decide to go ahead!

4. Compare: Better/Best

Most prospects do their own research before purchasing your products and services. They compare your products/services with competition and then come to a conclusion on purchasing.

Using superlative words like best, or comparative words like better, quicker, etc. comes in handy, when you want the prospects to make a decision in your favor.

Ex: When you think about the normal turnaround time, we are 1–2 days quicker than our competition.

5. New

Many prospects get excited about new releases and new additions. Using the word new intrigues your prospects and piques their interest and makes them notice.

Ex: Releasing our new plan today!

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6. Now/Limited/Hurry up!

Create a sense of urgency using the word “Now.” Utilize this force word in your sales pitch to create a desire for your prospect and to get them to move quickly.

No one enjoys passing up something worth trying. Create a sense of importance using the word limited.


  • Sign up now and get access to a full suit of widgets.
  • Limited period offer!

7. How To

How to sound educational and informative!

Don't pass up on an opportunity to make your prospects learn something new. Getting to the point and showing prospects how to accomplish something, rapidly and effectively is constantly valued.

Ex: “Hi, Here is a quick How to video on using our video email tool to increase sales conversions.

8. Guarantee

The word “Guarantee” speaks a ton of confidence. When you use this sales power word, your prospects are bound to listen to you and bound to be triggered.

It builds trust. A quick and viable approach to do it is to offer an assurance.

Ex: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Get your money back if you are not satisfied.

9. Proven

This sales power word lets you backup your case with some sort of validation and verification. It can be used as an extremely persuasive word. Be that as it may, this can be used when you can really back it up.

Ex: A survey found that videos in emails are proven to increase click-through rates by 300% over emails without videos.

10. Results/Outcomes

Regardless of anything else, what your prospects or any business to that matter truly need are results. Remember to use this word when you are selling something.

Ex: Over 90% of our customers encountered these results in 14 days.

Here are a few more words that you can consider using on your next sales pitch.

  • Save
  • Boost
  • Capture
  • Convert
  • Bargain
  • Revolutionary
  • Announcing
  • Introducing
  • Ground breaking
  • Phenomenal


Remember! It's not just about the words or the phrases you use, that closes a deal.

It's how they make your prospects feel, along with other aspects like timing, follow-up efforts, demos, trials etc.,

Think of your favorite song or movie and what makes it so great? Is it because of its lyrics? The actors' performances? Or is it something else entirely - Just  like how everything about the song is important, every aspect of a sales process is important too.

There is a new way to use your sales power words!

Introduce yourself with impactful, schedule meetings and share testimonials through video emails.

Get creative by using demos or send a personalized  video- all delivered right into someone's inbox without them having any idea what hit 'em (or at least not until after they've viewed what's inside the email).

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