A good sales video is an important part of a company's sales strategy because it can make or break the process.

Length varies depending on factors like who you're targeting and what type your business sells, but if you want to get people excited about buying anything from water bottles to cars, there are some guidelines for how long videos should be.

Most experts agree that a sales video must be 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length. But generally speaking, the length of the video depends on each use case, industry, and the stages of the sales funnel.

Let me break down the recommended lengths for each video type:

Video Length Stats You Must Know

Type of Video Ideal Time
Business Related Videos (average) 2 minutes or less
Longer form content videos Over 20 minutes in length
Marketing video 30 seconds to 1 minute
Share worthy videos 15 seconds or less
Facebook video 24 to 90 seconds
LinkedIn Video 30 seconds to 5 minutes
Twitter Video 20 to 45 seconds
Pinterest Video 15 to 30 seconds
Snapchat Video 10 seconds
Sneak preview of a product 30 seconds or less
Customer testimonial Less than 30 seconds
Brief bio of a founder 30 seconds or less
Product overview videos 1 minute
YouTube Video 4 minutes
Tutorial videos 3-5 minutes
Webinar 5 minutes or more

How Long Should a Sales Video Be?

The optimal length for your sales videos is 30 seconds to 2 minutes. But hear this, after watching a 1-minute video, 45% of viewers will stop watching the video, and if the video continues to 2 minutes, 60% of prospects stop watching the video. (Insivia)

Now how do you go about grabbing the attention of viewers?

Sales Video Length

1. Get Your Message Across In 15 Seconds

A 15-second sales video is a great way to get your message across. For those who are shy or lack confidence in their voice, 15 seconds can be an excellent alternative that allows you to express yourself without having the prospect judge what you say.

The most important thing about making this type of sales material is ensuring that the quality and sound come through well enough so the viewers feel comfortable and trust your brand. This gives them everything needed when looking at purchasing products online!

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2. Talk About Your Product In 30 Seconds

A 30-second video is a great way to promote your products. The short length provides instant gratification and allows viewers the chance to watch it on their lunch break or during other spare moments that they may have in the day.

In addition, a well-made video will get people excited about what you're selling, making them want more info with just one click!

VideoForm provides SMBs with personalizing the videos with name, company name and other elements to deliver engaging content in under 30 seconds through its platform.

These concise recordings can make quick impressions on your target audience because people don't always have time to watch lengthy pieces of Hollywood like commercials anymore.

3. Important News In 1 Minute

A one-minute video can be a great way to segue into sales, but what about shortening it down even more? Sales videos have been shown to increase conversions up to 58% of the time.

A two-minute video is a fantastic opportunity for your customers and potential clients in today's fast-paced world.

If you have a big announcement, like adding features or new products to your lineup, the best video length is two minutes long. This will help keep viewers engaged and make sure they don't get bored with too much information at once!

Product overview videos should be about this long if there's something important going on in them (like announcing new features of an existing product). If not—for example, when just trying out some tips and tricks—the safest bet is making it around two minutes.

How Long Can People Pay Attention To A Video?

A sales pitch can do wonders for a company's branding and sales strategies. But if you're not making every second count, it could be money wasted on a product they don't need!

Studies show that after 1 minute people start looking at their phone, wondering why they bothered to tune in to begin with. Which is why many modern executives are aiming for shorter pitches of 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

For instance, if you write "Hey Jane, we were in the same school" in your subject line followed by a VideoForm of 30 seconds in length with a personalized thumbnail--the majority (about 76%) will watch it all the way through.

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Sales videos can be one of the most effective tools to convert prospects into customers. However, many factors will influence how long your video should be playing to have the maximum effect.

In general, shorter videos work best as it provides quick information about products or services without making viewers feel overwhelmed with too much content at once.

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