We all know that customer success is one of the most important aspects of any company. But how do you build rapport with your customers without complicating the use of your product or service? A great way to start building this relationship is by creating screen recording videos.

Screen recording videos help you see the problem that is occurring within your customer base. It can be used to show your customers how to quickly and easily complete a task, or they can be used as training material for new employees.

You can also upload them directly to your website or send them via video email, so it's easy for customers to watch and understand what needs fixing. This article will teach you the different types of screen recorder videos for customer success you can create with Videoform.

Why is Screen Recorder Videos Important for Customer Success?

Customer success is all about giving the right customer the right tools. One essential component of this is understanding how they interact with your product or service, which you can learn by providing them with customer support aimed at their desired outcome.

Screen recorder videos

But also looking for issues where customers are struggling and forging new paths to solve their problems.

Providing screen recordings can eliminate this barrier and help provide more context for the steps taken by users.

This also helps make technical support easier because you can see exactly how a person uses your product instead of inferring from their description.

1. Keep Customers in the Loop With New Product Features

To stay ahead of the competition, you must communicate with your customers regarding new product features.

To maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty and ensure their trust  (a business's most important asset) is with you, you must always reach out when you have a new update in your product that needs customers' attention.

Screen recorder for updating product features

To ensure that you're always bang up-to-date on your information, share updates through Videoform's screen recording software about any changes coming down the pipeline so that customers will keenly understand how these improvements affect their experience.

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2. To Explain Complex Ideas

A screen recorder video or a screen + camera video is an excellent way to share complex ideas with customers.

It helps them understand the info you're trying to convey, and it might even keep their attention for longer than a written explanation would have done!

Explain complex ideas
"A well-crafted video can help you explain complex ideas in ways that are easy for people to understand."

The key to providing clear and concise responses is not an easy one. You want your message across as quickly and professionally as possible without resorting to backspacing through words or re-reading what you've written for clarification.

3. Get Customers Onboard

Typically to get customers on board with a product or service, you'll want to do what's called an "onboarding video." Your customer can see your screen recordings along with your face and interact with audio narration in the background.

Get customers onboard

With a screen recorder video, you'll be able to provide all of this live commentary, which makes your customer support effort much more effective than explaining everything in text, email, or facetime conversations.

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4. For Customer Training

Screen recorder videos can be a great way of providing customer training and fulfillment.

When customers purchase your product, they expect it to work, and there's nothing worse than not being able to get it installed or get it to do what you want.

That is where a screen recorder for customer training becomes such an important tool in the professional world today.

It can be a great way to give your customer's a solution to the problem they are experiencing with your product.

This will provide better assistance and ensure that they have the best experience possible from beginning till the end!


The main takeaway is that these videos can be a great way to engage your customers and provide them with the information they need when it comes time for an update or new purchase.

We hope you found our tips helpful!

If there's anything else you want to learn about regarding marketing strategies, feel free to book a call with the founder or better yet, start your Videoform free trial and see how it fits your business.