Screen recording videos are a great way to show off your product or service. They're a quick and easy way to get the point across without going into too much detail.

When you have a lot of information about your product, it can be difficult for people to digest it all in one sitting. Screen recording videos let prospects skim over the most important points while still getting an idea of what you offer.

Marketing & sales is always changing with technology so staying on top of trends is essential for success today, which is why here are some screen recording video ideas that you can include in your next marketing campaign.

What Are Screen Recorded Videos?

A screen recorded video is a recording of what you want to display on the screen through your web browser. To take a screen recorded video, you can use Videoform, which has a camera, screen, and screen + camera option to record.

Screen recordings are often used for product demonstrations, training tutorials, software reviews, and how-to videos.

With Videoform, you can use screen capture video and camera features to create a sales video that demonstrates how easy it is to use your product within 2 minutes or less.

In a nutshell, it's a simple and inexpensive method to record a video that doesn't need expensive equipment or a large investment.

Users are constantly looking for videos to solve their queries on the internet, with seven of every 10 millennials prefer watching videos before making a purchase.

Here are some of the benefits of screen recording videos.

1. No More Cold Communication

No more cold communication, text emails, or phone calls. Let Videoform's sales videos help you sell better, faster!

Get your prospect's attention with a personal video sales pitch. Send them screen-recorded videos that engage their sense of understanding.

This improves on the old way of doing things like emailing cold contacts without any context. Instead, start using Videoform's screen recording video feature and send videos in just 3 minutes.

2. Record Your Screen From Any Tab

Screen recording video can be a time-consuming, arduous task. Luckily for sales reps, there's now an easier way to do it!

Choose Any Tab

Videoform allows users to record their screens from any tab with one click. You can choose to display a particular tab while recording the video.  

3. Record Your Screen & Add Context

Videos beat text any day!

  • Easily create high-quality screen recordings
  • Add better context with video
  • Record screen & send via emails to prospects

4. Land Your Message at Every Stage

Land your compelling message at each stage of B2B sales. Using Videoform, you can ensure success in the modern selling environment.

Not only screen recording videos, you can also record demos, share team updates, product reviews, and customer presentations.

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3 Creative Ways to Use Screen Recorded Videos For Marketing & Sales

To add more personalization, you can also record screen share+ camera video. This gives your prospects a more personal touch to the information you're presenting them with.

1. How-To Videos

A How-To guide video can be an incredible asset for any business. They're a great way to explain complex processes in easy terms and provide assistance with day-to-day tasks.

This can help educate customers and give them the information they need to decide about their purchase or use of one product over another.

Create How to Videos

2. Create Product Demonstrations

A product demonstration is one of your best sales tools if you have a high-quality product. A professional, enthusiastic demo helps get prospective customers or investors excited about what they're getting - and also addresses specific concerns with the solution before it even becomes finalized!

Product Demonstrations

When you want to make a great impression, nothing beats the power of demonstrations.

Demonstrations allow prospects an opportunity to see what it's like to use the product themselves before they commit their time to learn more about your product or business idea from scratch.  

So, it is imperative that your product demonstration is professional and provides all necessary information in order not only to enhance credibility but also to increase sales!

Keep conversations going by recording your screen as you speak.

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3. Turning Blog Posts into Video Content

If you've been working on your business blogs for some time and have a decent number, you can make them go viral. You can enhance your marketing efforts by including video content in your articles and covering essential information in them.

If you're still not 100% satisfied with your blog, then make videos around the questions and answers. These can be linked-to websites or embedded onto social media for others online!

With screen recording, prospects may pick up on the context of your video as you explain the important points in the background.

To Wrap Up

Screen recording is an easy and creative way to create video content. Before you start, brainstorm with your team for topics to generate more engaging videos that will have prospects watching from the beginning till the end!

Write down the script, then do a few takes before editing or rendering any unwanted footage! Start your free trial today!