It was a year that changed the way we live, affecting our approaches and thought processes in various sectors.

But perhaps no sector was hit harder than the field of education.

With student safety being the number one priority, schools and universities were forced to shut down and take their classes online.

This meant that teachers had to rethink their approach and find a way to explain complex concepts to students online, while keeping things fun and engaging.

While there have been several solutions rolled out over the past year to facilitate this gap in teaching, none have been as effective as video content.

Videos, The New Normal For Education and Learning

Videos are great mediums that can help teachers to continue their teaching curve and help students from all walks of life to continue learning in the new normal. Contrary to the popular belief that video making is an expensive solution, it is probably the most economic one. Thanks to technological advancements, more and more online video creation platforms have come into the market to make the lives of teachers and students much easier.

Videos content is the ultimate tool for online education

These platforms are easy to use, enabling teachers to reach out to all their students, including those that require more attention than others.

Teachers are now able to make

  • Online Educational Videos
  • Mentoring Videos
  • Tutorials
  • Online Interaction Sessions
  • Upskilling Videos
  • 1-1 guidance sessions
  • Parent-teacher meetings etc.

All this without compromising on quality. Some of the video making tools are so functional that the teachers can give students the experience of a real-time classroom.

Why Should Teachers Start Using Online Video Creation Platforms?

The pandemic has certainly forced schools and teachers to transition to online teaching overnight. eLearning is one methodology that is here to stay. Videos have not just aided the education system but have enhanced it in so many different ways. With that established, here are some reasons why teachers should start using online Video creation platforms in their teaching.

teachers-can-now create-educational-video-content-in-a-flash
Online video creation platforms are easy to use and can help teachers create educational content in a flash.

1. To Level Up Their Expertise

eLearning is soon to become an indispensable part of the education system. Schools will soon start to implement more and more online teaching practises to enhance student learning. Subsequently, teachers with technological prowess will be given priority. Soon this might even become a criterion for teachers. That is why teachers and lecturers need to add technological prowess in their skill set. One great way would be to choose some Go-To tools and master them.

2. Take The Humanistic Approach To Teaching

With Edtech gaining more momentum with each passing day, education has become more accessible to everyone.  This has encouraged teachers to enhance their teaching methodologies and take up the humanistic approach. It is no longer about what the teachers want to teach, it is also about what the student wants to learn. In that scenario, videos can be the best way of providing extra value to your students. Teachers can now make online lectures and tutorials for their students to learn some extra skills.

3. Take Charge Of Student Performance

An average classroom has about 30 students and the number can go way beyond that based on your geography. Giving personal attention to each student would have been practically impossible if not for technology. With online tools and video creation platforms, teachers can take more charge of their students and help them tap their true potential. You can give them the extra assistance for undertaking a concept or help them hone a skill that they possess, mentor them or even help them better their communication skills.

4. Teach Regardless Of The Conditions

The pandemic is just a reminder that nothing can be taken for granted. These online video creation tools can help stay more prepared for any such crisis going forward. Be it a crisis or just you falling sick, you can storm any weather by making these tools your vehicles for teaching. You can document lectures, help a sick student keep up with the classes or even send video lectures as your substitute.

The 8 Best Video Creation Tools Teachers Need To Use

There are plenty of video creation tools available on the internet. I have curated a listicle with 9 of the best and most sophisticated tools for you to try and master. Take a look.

1. VideoForm

VideoForm is a robust online video creation platform that lets you create interactive educational videos for your students. The tool has several functionalities including screen recording, face recording and editing. Well, that is just the first half of its features. VideoForm facilitates e-learning by giving students and teachers the experience of a real classroom. The students can respond to teachers via video, audio or text. In return, teachers can evaluate students or even track their performance through in-built analytics. Teachers can also add forms to their videos to make their monitoring even more elaborate.

One can now easily make lecture videos, tutorials, mentoring video or even delegate assignments and make student learning more immersive and interactive.  Students can post their doubts and submit their assignments too.

Key Features

  • Contact Forms
  • Real-time analytics
  • Built-in screen recording

2. Vidyard GoVideo

The chrome extension of this tool is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is download the plough and use it to record your screen or face or both through your web browser itself. One may not need a webcam at all. However, it works better with a web camera. Once the video is recorded, the teacher can share the link with her students.

While the software has several other features, Vidyard GoVideo’s chrome extension comes handy when teachers want to make quick tutorials or educational videos.

Key features

  • Simple Chrome Extension
  • Free of cost
  • Link Sharing options

3. Renderforest

This brilliant online video and animation maker comes with a cloud storage, saving you from the burden of uploading. It’s library is rich and has over 300 ready made templates catering to several categories. The main advantage of Renderforest is that it needs no technical expertise whatsoever. It is as simple as using the Microsoft Word and therefore comes very handy for busy school teachers.

Renderforest works really well for explainer Videos, infographics, and slide shows. The making of these is also pretty straightforward. All you have to do is choose a template, edit it online , download and publish.

Key Features

  • 1 click download / publish
  • Data storage
  • Screen sharing

4. Loom

Loom is another screencasting tool that caters to Students and Teachers. One can record either the screen or their face or both at a time. The user interface is extremely intuitive and lets you download and share your videos quickly. You can make an unlimited number of 45 minute videos and share them via multiple ways to your students. The editing part is also covered in the tool.

The student can comment and respond through emojis to your videos. While it is a good way of letting your students interact with you, the same can be distracting to some.

Key Features

  • No hassle of Watermarks
  • Comes as a simple Chrome extension
  • Partially interactive

5. WeVideo

WeVideo is another great software for teachers to seamlessly make educational videos or video classes. This is great for teachers who use different devices at home and school because one need not download the software whatsoever.

One need not be technology savvy to use the tool. Besides, the tool provides great assistance However, you cannot record the screen and the webcam together with the basic plan. The tool also has an educational blog that you can get ideas from.

Key Features

  • In-house library of soundtracks, pictures and graphics
  • Profound user settings
  • Easy Collaboration

6. Animoto

This tool is similar to Renderforest and lets you create high quality slideshows in a matter of minutes. You can also find plenty of copyrighted music and images. The templates too are very well curated. A teacher can make professional and engaging videos that your students would absolutely love. You can use them in your classroom or share them with your students. The tool also provides an interactive whiteboard for live teaching.

However, one might need an official school email id to qualify the terms and conditions of Animoto.

Key Features

  • High-quality video (HD 1080p)
  • Profound font library
  • Color customization

7. Zoom

Zoom is an excellent tool that can give your students a live classroom experience. The teacher can interact with the students and the students too can interact with one another. The mute and unmute options will also give you an excellent control over the whole class.

The teacher can also share the screen and record the sessions, lectures. However, the tool does not provide any data storage , analytic features. The traditional audio/video recording is the only way one can keep track of the lectures.

Key Features

  • Recording options
  • Mute and unmute options
  • Screen sharing

8. EzVid

In case you want to upload your lectures and educational videos on YouTube, then EzVid is the one for you. The tool lets you upload your videos directly on YouTube. Once uploaded you can share them in your social networking sites as well. Teachers can easily record their screen and edit the video using the tool. You can also add voice overs, text or draw directly on the screen image.

The tool does not come with a lot of functionality but works well for someone who wants to make quick tutorial/ substitute videos. EzVid is absolutely free and facilitates learning on a budget.

Key Features

  • Free of cost
  • Playback speed controls
  • In-built editor

Get Started With VideoForm (For FREE)

What makes VideoForm stand out among the other educational video creation platforms is the interactive advantage that it gives to teachers and students. The students can now reach out to their teachers at all times. Teachers too can control this interaction and monitor the responses closely through the analytics.

VideoForm also lets you integrate your VideoForms with tons of other applications like calendly, trello, etc. the videos can be shared and also embedded into websites. All in all , it is one versatile video creation tool that you should get your hands on immediately.

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