Did you know that the recipient of your email is going to judge you within seconds? Yep. Even if they haven't opened it yet, just by looking at your subject line and seeing how long it is, they'll have many preconceived notions about what's inside.

This means that even before reading anything else in the email, you're already getting judged. Crazy right? So make sure you've got a good opener!

That's why we put together this blog post with some important points on how to introduce yourself in an email so that your recipient does not forget you.

Best Ways To Introduce Yourself In A Sales Email

Introduce Yourself

Step 1: Subject line To Grab Attention

The best subject line is the first thing that stands out and sparks curiosity about what is inside your message. Next, you want your prospect to read the content of your email instead of just hitting delete because they think it's spam.  

Here are some ways you can make sure that doesn't happen:

1) Be personal (i.e. "Hey john")

2) Ask a question ("Can I propose an idea to deal with your sales?")

3) Making statement ("Looking forward to meeting you")

4) Give something valuable ("Here are five ways I can help increase sales.")

Step 2: Add A Greeting

Introduce yourself to prospects with a greeting. Start off with a greeting to make your first impression professional and engaging. Dear Mr/Mrs, My name is _____ I'm calling from Agency X regarding the car insurance policy you have on file that would be expiring soon.

Open Your Message With A Friendly Greeting:

Use "Hi" or something less formal like "Hello", but avoid being too personal by sending messages such as, "Wassup!", which might make the person think they are talking to their friend on social media instead of a professional contact.

On the other hand, a professional email with a bit of personal touch gains a reader's interest.

If possible, insert how happy you were when sending this email so that it does not seem generic and forced; try out phrases such as "Hi! I was so happy when I received this email because it seems like a good contact to work with.”

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Step 3: The Intro

You can use video email to introduce yourself and your company. Here are a few good ways you might want to frame the self-introduction email for prospects to get more interested:

  • Start with an overview of what they will be watching, even if it's not on screen at first. This is important because many viewers never watch introductions after 10 seconds or so!
  • Tell them why they should care about you right off the bat - do you qualify? Do you have something that would work well together, etc.? Make sure there's some offer-oriented material too

Step 4: The Connection

People want to feel connected with the people they're doing business with.

Email is an excellent way for you and your prospect to make this connection, as it makes them feel like they know more about you than just an email address saved on their "safe" list of contacts.

So be sure not to overload your prospects inbox by including too much information in one message- space things out so that each part can get its focus & gain a good impression in the first instance!

This is where video email comes in, it is a new way to connect with prospects in an email. It's sending your video by mail.

But the recipient can watch it online right away. Video emails are advanced since they're more interactive than text and provide analytics on what % of video your recipient has watched.

More importantly, your prospect can see that you are human. It's not easy to forget faces :)

Videoform is a service that allows you to connect with prospects through video emails.

A study concludes that videos are 10x more likely to be opened than regular messages and 90% of prospects say that watching a video in email about the product helped them make their purchase decision [Source - HubSpot].

Step 5: The Ask

Make sure you want the goal of your message to be clear and not too big for them at first sight!

Be explicit with what you ask. You are asking from the start with an easy-to-understand clear call to action, so they know precisely the best ways to reach you out.

Introducing yourself to a prospect through text email service can be difficult. You can make it easy with video email.

Step 6: The Close

The last step that is included in your email should be directing the prospect to take the next action. You can do this by including a clear call to action in case of text email or video email.

Examples of Email Introductions

1. Simple Introduction Email

Introducing Yourself? Let's make it quick and easy. You'll want to be as engaging with your introduction, so don't spend too much time on the preamble- just get right into why you're writing!

Simple Introduction

Hi [ first name ]

You don't know me. But I'm sure you'll want to know who I am after this video email. So let's do a little introduction:

My name is _______, and I work as a sales rep at Videoform.

Videoform makes video introductions super easy and affordable so anyone can say "hi" in style without having first met in person.

I bet you've been on the hunt for a platform that allows you to create video emails and send them out automatically? That doesn't sound too far-fetched now, does it ;)

Check out the Demo Video here.

You can reach me @ [ contact information ] or Schedule meeting on [my calendar], [email address].


2. To Introduce Yourself To A Group Or Business

When you're introducing yourself to a group or business, it's important that the tone of voice be witty and engaging.


I hope you're doing well! I'm the new project manager here and wanted to introduce myself.

I noticed an upcoming team meeting next week and thought it would be a great time to say hello.

I know you'll all have lots of questions about what my role will entail (especially since we don't do projects in this department).

So let's set up some time soon after the meeting for me to answer any questions you might have.


3. To Introduce Someone

Ever feel like you're not doing enough to introduce someone? You can be their introduction! Introduce a person by writing an email about themselves in an open-minded way. Make it sound as if they are interesting and worth knowing more of.

Hey [Full Name],

I want to introduce you to my friend _____.

I think the two of you would get along great and learn a lot from one another.
He is an expert in _____ just like you are!

There is no better way for people who share similarities to connect in this digital world than to meet face-to-face on our platform. How does it sound?

You can reach me @ [Contact No, Email Id]


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4. To Introduce Yourself To An Executive

The tone of voice you use when addressing a senior-level executive can make or break your chances at future success. It's important not only that they see value in what you're saying but also take your words seriously enough to be impactful themselves.

Introduce Yourself To An Executive

Hi John,

I read your recent article [article name] and wanted to ask you a few questions. I have found it very interesting!

Would you be open to answer some questions?

It would mean a lot to me if you could offer advice from someone who has accomplished what I've been trying to do.


5. Professional Intro

So you want to get your foot in the door of a potential new client or customer? Well, there are many ways for that. One way is by writing an intro email with which they can be introduced and make a great first impression!

Hey Jane,

I'm reaching out to you in the hopes of getting your feedback on a website I am working on.

I know that LinkedIn is not always the best place for work-related questions, so if this message doesn't seem appropriate for you, please feel free to contact me at my email address listed below.

We have built a new software called Videoform!

The people who have used Videoform so far have had some great things about customer service and how easy it is to impress prospects with video emails.

You can try using Videoform now by signing up here.


Final Tips

To introduce your sales reps more creatively and engagingly, try using video emails as the introduction. Here are some tips for creating a compelling intro video:

  • Choose one of their favorite hobbies or interests to focus on - this will make a prospect feel like they know you already!
  • Make sure content creation is crisp and short (less than 2 minutes)
  • If possible, use a wide lens (while recording a video) so that everything looks good
  • Be aware of what is happening outside the frame too
  • The purpose of the email should be to the point and very brief, so you don't overwhelm your reader
  • Don't overdose information on different products. Prospects may get confused & lose interest