Recruitment Videos have taken over job portals. Companies with great recruitment videos are starting to attract better talent. Gone are the days when only the candidate had to impress the Employer.

Even though bread winning is the main reason why people take up jobs, the millennials have started to look beyond monetary benefits.

They have begun to choose workplaces that give them the right vibe. Work Culture has now become one key criterion that makes a candidate apply for the job.

What Are Recruitment Videos?

A company is essentially defined by its workforce. They are the intangible assets that bring plans into reality. A great workforce can take a company closer to its goals. That is why recruitment is one process that a company cannot compromise on.

Recruitment videos are by far the most effective ways of flashing your work culture to your prospective candidates.

Recruitment videos are essential tools in recruitment marketing. They talk to your prospective candidates about the process, work culture and employer brand.

The purpose of these videos is to engage the right talent and attract them to your company.

The 10 Best Recruitment Videos Out There

Job postings that have a recruitment video get a 34% greater application rate.

This is because of the immense capability of recruitment videos in establishing an employer brand and showcasing the cultural fits of the company.

Here are 10 examples of companies who've made brilliant recruitment videos for their businesses and have been successful in hiring great, fresh talent.

1) McDonald's

The recruitment video of McDonald’s made specifically for the Japanese audience is heartwarming and inspiring.

The best part is that the whole video is an anime, just like the Japanese like it.

The storyline revolves around a young teenager who transforms herself from an under-confident individual into a confident woman who can strike a smile like a boss.

McDonald’s recruitment video is inspiring to all young adults and teenagers who wish to work at McDonald’s.

The video also showcases how the team of McDonald’s help each other in becoming their best selves.

This recruitment has wonderfully worked because it is focused on specific demographics, appealing only to the target audience. This format actually worked super well for the company’s recruitment marketing.

2) Fiverr

This online marketplace’s recruitment video is my personal favourite.

What seems like a generic recruitment video taking the viewer through slow-motion sequences is actually a mockery of such videos.

There’s a sequence where the narrator actually says “here’s a fancy conference hall.”

Three fourth parts of the video are made up of spoofs while only the last part actually speaks about Fiverr.

The reason why this video works is because you know that Fiverr is not pretentious and is fully aware of what it is and what it is not.

The video ends with impeccable lines that makes one motivated to join the incredible team of Fiverr.

The video is quirky, creative and motivating, just like the workforce of Fiverr.

3) Shopify

Shopify’s recruitment video is hands down the funniest one in the list.

The video is a comic sketch that shows how the recruiter takes a metaphor quite literally while recruiting people.

First of all, the video is downright hilarious.

Secondly, Shopify deliberately speaks less of the actual work and details of the workspace.

But it still works because the recruitment video talks about the quirky side of the company and how the employees can be absolutely silly and not ordinary.

It also speaks volumes about the amiability of the bosses.

4) Starbucks

Starbuck's recruitment video is fun, upbeat and real. The video walks you through the testimonials of the company’s interns and full-timers. The coffee company based in Seattle, Washington in the United States recognises each of its employees as a “partner”. The video beautifully justifies the same.

EVery partner talks about how they’re let to make a difference in the company and are pushed to create and innovate. Each of them certainly looks like they’ve taken the best decision of they’re lives.

There is a sense of warmness and belongingness in the video. All the partners are shown handing out around the beautiful city of Seattle.

5) Google

The hiring video of Google gives the viewer an adrenaline rush simply for the passionate people and environment in it.

The magnanimous, non-conventional workspace with a giant garden and colourful cabins are all seamlessly showcased.

The video also showcases the interns talking about their passions and how Google provides a space for their passion to be nurtured.

The video conveys how Google recruits people who are willing to learn, innovate and create.

Google has done a fantastic job in showing a bit of everything without actually stating them through worlds. The recruitment video of Google gives the viewer an adrenaline rush simply for the passionate people and environment in it.

6) Hubspot

This software developer company’s recruiting video navigates the viewer through various aspects of the company. They talk about the perks, the fun part, the work part and the amicable environment of the company.

But what steals the show is the incredible work culture of Hubspot. The company has a “no-door” policy, unlimited vacation days, unlimited food and a game zone. The video beautifully conveys how the team of Hubspot are full of passionate people who love what they do and do what they love.

The video also shows how each of the team members knows that he/ she is creating something larger than life that is going to affect the thousands of customers they have.

The tone of the video is all about having fun while working hard.

7) Zendesk

Zendesk’s hiring video is by far the most unique one on the list. It’s straight, to the face and plain sounding narrative is actually quite quirky and hilarious in its nature.

The video shows the real footage of everything in and around the head office. The walkthrough of the whole team, different sections and the supporting staff is a gentle reminder of how well everyone at Zendesk is tested.

While the video talks about all the aspects of Zendesk, the concept in the video tells us how funny, quirky and innovative the team is.

8) Zappos

Zappos replaces the concept of work-life balance with work-life integration. The Zappos family works as a family and has fun like a family.

Zappos’ number one priority is to build a great work culture for its team. They take in people who can add to their culture and fit into they’re amazing would. In fact, the recruiters clearly state in the video that they recruit only the people with whom they’d like to grab a coffee out of work.

The recruitment video is a clear win because the viewer would want to be a part of the Zappos Family that they’re watching on the screen.

9) Disney-ABC

The hiring video of Disney-ABC is just as impactful as the company’s presence itself.

The video is a blend of animated visuals and the photos of the team with the voice-over of testimonials.

The testimonials revolve around how the team members know that they are creating a difference by being different.

The narrative is nothing over the top. It is simple with a pleasant voice over.

What's best about the video is the little snippets of the company’s classics like the jungle book, high school musical, etc.

The video is motivating and drives the viewers towards being a part of something that is so relevant in their lives.

10) Deloitte

In this video, Deloitte uses the power of interactive video to create a memorable example of Recruitment Marketing.

The video takes the viewer through various circumstances that an employer might encounter while working at Deloitte.

The user is made to take decisions based on which he is led further into the video.

The whole concept of Deloitte’s recruitment video is to help the viewer know if he fits into the company while taking him through the work culture.

The gamification of the video explicitly engaged the viewer while creating a buzz about recruitment.

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