LinkedIn is a place where entrepreneurs can broadcast their message to the largest audience and have individual conversations.

But, everyone uses LinkedIn, there's often too much noise going on that could be difficult to listen in on your conversation - especially if you're looking to make connections or find leads!

The solution? Use Videoform!

Humanize your brand by adding video into the mix- not only will this help people get interested enough about what they see from afar (I mean, who doesn't like watching cool content?), but it is an excellent way to get prospects' attention.

LinkedIn Video Messaging

LinkedIn is a busy platform for networking, and it's easy to get lost in the crowd.

A personal video message will beat any text-based in-mail messages that feels mechanical and redundant.

Now, imagine a face-to-face conversation asking someone to accept your connection request or simply complimenting what someone does.

It's more exciting when your prospects land on a personalized video than a well-formatted text message in their inbox.

A well-formatted text works! but, it's mediocre, and it's very easy to ignore the mediocre.

It's hard to ignore creativity and uniqueness. A personalized video does all that.

Video vs Text Engagement: 10 Reasons Why Video is Better!
Videos are a great way to attract the type of audience that doesn’t have time for reading text.
Video Vs Text Messages

Send Personalized Video Messages on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a place of value. That's what sets it apart from other social media sites. People get quality content they can learn and grow their businesses - while sharing knowledge about themselves and the business world around them with others who do as well!

Video Message On LinkedIn

It's time you take advantage: connect better than ever before by posting engaging, personalized video messages or making posts that will generate leads at an incredible conversion rate three times higher than Facebook & Twitter by 277%

Do your homework about your prospect to customize or personalize your video. Give a hard thought to what you are going to say and prepare the right script accordingly.

Did you know you can now create, record a video + screen share, customize your sales pitch, send the video via LinkedIn, and get analytics on your sent videos, all from one place? Try Videoform today!

LinkedIn is an effective tool for connecting with potential clients, but what are the best ways to use it?

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Here Are Three Scenarios That You Can Use Videos To Attract Your Prospects On LinkedIn

1. Connection Request

Networking and making connections on LinkedIn is complicated in the current scenario because it is filled with people looking for an opportunity. How do you stand out in that noise and make your presence felt?

Send Connection Request With a Video Message

If you want to get into a prospect's inbox, you can drop a message. But don't you think there are already 100's of messages in their inbox? What makes the prospects open your statement is that it's different from the rest, attractive, and provides value.

Imagine your prospect opening their inbox to find a personalized video message from you requesting them to connect with you. They will look into your profile.

Now, Make your profile shiny, offer information that your prospects can use and post articles and opinions on your feed. If your content matches their current interests or needs; your prospects are more likely to show interest in buying your products/services.

2. Cold Prospecting

It's time to step up your game when it comes to cold prospecting on LinkedIn. You'll need an eye-catching message that will make people remember you and want more from the conversation, but don't worry about selling right away because adding video can help here!

Cold Prospecting

Cold prospecting on LinkedIn is all about making an impression. It's not just about selling right away; it is about building relationships and continuing to provide value for the person you're talking with; remember who YOU are!

When adding video into your messages, be personal, so the prospects want more than just one message from someone else. Prospects may consider buying something too after seeing how talented of a conversationalist their favorite salesperson is!

The tone should sound witty. Video offers value and delivers something that your prospects aren't expecting. It's hard to ignore that!

3. Follow-Up

It's always important to provide value and make your videos as personal as possible, especially in response to new connections. This is the time for you to bring this recently established contact alive by building upon them!


Please make sure that these are some of your intentions on what type of project they would like assistance with and focus heavily on showcasing those things plus anything else about yourself (such as personality-driven content), which will incentivize others to view it connect organically through request.

Here are some ways of follow-up without actually following up!

  • Talk about their recent post or article
  • Congratulate on their work anniversary
  • Wish them on their special days
  • Be active on their feed

All these will help you land that sale along when you use a personalized video. It's a force, and there is no stopping it!

Use Videoform to send a personalized video message easily via the LinkedIn plugin.

No need to download the app or open the website. Just install the Videoform chrome extension, a Videoform button will appear on the LinkedIn message page and you can start sending personalized messages.