It's no secret that LinkedIn is king when it comes to professional social media. This is because it has a level playing field and allows you the opportunity for success.

As a professional, you might have found that LinkedIn is an invaluable platform to make connections and grow your network. From business owners using it for HR purposes to content creators seeking feedback, it has everything.

We know that sales teams are constantly looking for new ways to grow their leads and close more deals.

So I've compiled a list of 41 best LinkedIn hashtags you can use in LinkedIn's search bar to find people who might be interested in your product or service and also use when posting to feed and writing articles for better visibility of profile.

Let's dive right in….

How Effective are LinkedIn Hashtags?

LinkedIn hashtags are a way to add keywords or phrases in your posts that show up only when someone searches for them. In short, they affect how your updates will display in search results-- leading to more views and more opportunities.

LinkedIn Hashtags

A LinkedIn hashtag is a great way for professionals to share content and increase their prospect list of followers. It's more than just entering keywords into a LinkedIn search bar: it's promoting articles through your personal profiles' posts, so they get seen by more viewers.

Followers will notice new profiles this way, which can lead to more connections happening down the line.

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Here are the best LinkedIn hashtags for sales people. These are sure to grab people's attention and get professionals interested in your post!

Hashtags Numbers
#innovation 38,809,025 followers
#humanresources 33,274,103 followers
#digitalmarketing 27,398,199 followers
#technology 26,444,194 followers
#creativity 25,224,338 followers
#entrepreneurship 22,748,467 followers
#markets 22,275,795 followers
#startups 21,253,933 followers
#socialnetworking 19,069,905 followers
#leanstartups 19,021,486 followers
#economics 18,068,179 followers
#branding 18,043,329 followers
#advertisingandmarketing 17,213,209 followers
#personaldevelopment 14,732,316 followers
#whatinspiresme 8,113,430 followers
#customerrelations 8,628,121 followers
#productivity 8,476,107 followers
#gettingthingsdone 7,004,074 followers
#bestadvice 7,684,113 followers
#sales 5,859,373 followers
#strategy 5,080,150 followers
#business 3,668,612 followers
#networking 3,561,845 followers
#inspiration 1,106,450 followers
#smallbusiness 814,098 followers
#workingathome 804,872 followers
#contentmarketing 650,602 followers
#emailmarketing 506,414 followers
#storytelling 495,977 followers
#marketingdigital 422,133 followers
#onlineadvertising 396,927 followers
#partnerships 257,519 followers
#team 147,905 followers
#automation 146,701 followers
#ceo 74,428 followers
#goals 21,383 followers
#mondaymotivation 28,139 followers
#saas 20,885 followers
#mentorship 13,667 followers
#businesscoach 5,457 followers
#salesenablement 11,370 followers
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Use LinkedIn For Sales

LinkedIn is a great place to connect with your prospects and get in front of them. You can find business contacts, potential customers, or influencers who might be interested in what you have to offer.

Hashtags are the best thing since sliced bread! If you're wondering how to increase sales engagement, just use these top LinkedIn hashtags - trust me. You won't regret it.