You're reading this because you're looking to book more meetings with your current and potential customers, right? Well, we have a few tips that can help.

Sales videos is one of the best ways to communicate and show off your product or service in a way that's never been done before. You'll be able to see your prospect's reactions while they learn about what you offer.

Once you learn how sales video works, you'll understand and develop the hottest sales technique. You can use these techniques while booking sales meetings!

5 Benefits of Recording Sales Videos

1. Video Gets a Lot of Attention

Video sales email is a great way to catch your prospect's attention in crowded inboxes of black and white text-based emails.

Make sure the subject line includes "video," as recipients will more than likely open it!

Sales Video

Sales videos are shown to increase sales meetings by 45% and almost double click rates over text!

A sales video can be of any length, from 15 seconds to 2 minutes. So you don't have to be a professional videographer or spend hours of your day creating engaging video content.

With Videoform, you can create sales video with minimal requirements.

2. Videos Can Build Authentic Relationships With Prospects

The personal touch of video is something to be embraced. In a world where you need connections, it can feel impossible without tangible communication! The human face offers authenticity and connection.

It's easy for those reading to miss the personality you want them to see when it is an email; however. But in a one-minute sales video with all your yummy charm on display? It cannot be missed!

Video Email is Better Than Text Emails

Sales video emails are more persuasive than cold calling because it offers a far greater degree of engagement.

Plus, it is an effective way to get your message across as visually compelling and creative. And with the added benefit, users are less likely to skim through text than in traditional emails to fear missing something important.

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3. Video Influences Buying Decisions

Video is a primary driver of online decision-making, and it can be used effectively to influence buying decisions.

Video Influences Buying Decision

Your viewers will not be able to escape from your presentation as you interact with the prospect of how great an opportunity would it be to work together.

According to Forbes, 90% of customers claim that product video aids in their purchasing decisions, while 64% of consumers say watching a film makes them more inclined to buy according to Animoto.

4. Video Builds Consumer Trust

Video may be used to help establish a relationship of trust between a company and its customers.

For example- recording product videos that demonstrate how your business service works or video testimonials from your best brand advocates is a great idea to build trust with prospects.

5. Use Clear CTAs

Most people have a short attention span, and an average attention span of 8 seconds means one has to grab or push the prospects' attentions much more aggressively in order to get them to take action.

Book Meeting With CTA

With Videoform, you can add different types of CTA's below the video to elicit a response from the prospect. To get a meeting, "book a meeting" or "schedule a one-to-one meeting" is ideal.

How to Get Started With Sales Videos in Four Simple Steps:

Get Appointments With Video Emails
  1. Create the list of contacts that you want to target for this week. Spending much time each day through your contact list and strategizing the executing process.
  2. Target prospects with whom you've never engaged before using some type of "first-touch" technique. Sending them video emails or direct messages by personalizing the content. This will make it easier for sales teams to see how these strategies work out.
  3. Select a camera or laptop with an inbuilt webcam and capture your product or service demo video, ideally with a clear background. Don't worry if it's not perfect; just the fact that you have something is better than nothing!
  4. Plan out your story - think about what you want to communicate and the best chance to do so by creating a script or outline for yourself. This includes any visuals that will be displayed on the screen as well!

Click here for "5 Reasons Why You Should Create Interactive Videos."

A good video is like a great sales pitch, and the way you start and end the conversation can make all of the difference to get into the prospect's shoes.

Use clear CTA's at both points so that viewers know what they should do next steps without being confused about it.

And to follow through on their commitment with either a video email, phone call, or meeting request is the best way to get your prospects to click on the "book meeting" button.

Video Script Examples

Use the sample sales video email to get your first meeting :)

1. Intro to Service/ Product Script

Remember, this video should be 90 to 100 seconds long at the maximum. Use this as an intro conversation.

Hi Steve,

I noticed you have a lot of great videos on your site. What if I told you that you can use video to sell and close more deals for you?

VideoForm is an interactive sales video platform. It helps b2b sales teams to present their company's value proposition. This will result in getting more meetings with prospects.

VideoForm provides you with the ability to create custom-branded videos. You can use these videos for the specific use case study and industry considerations.

You can use it at any time or location where business takes place.

I was wondering if this can work for YOUR Company? Let me know when we can talk.


2. Video Script 2

Do your videos always leave you feeling like a shabby salesperson? You're not alone. Follow this video script to feel confident when handing it off!

Hi Matt,

I hope you enjoyed the video I sent on [project name]! If not, feel free to remove me from your contact list.

VideoForm is working with a few other companies in [industry], and we help drive MQL conversion rates at over 60% within 5 months.

Does it sound like this might be good for you too?

Click on the book meeting below to schedule a meeting on my calendar for the coming week!

How to Use Video in Sales?

  • The best way to use video in sales is through short videos. No one wants to sit through a five-minute video like no one wants to read page-long emails.
  • Stick with 30 seconds or less for "quick tip" ones and three minutes or less for product-related ones. Videoform provides 5 minutes to complete your recording.
  • Use your webcam or a lightweight digital camcorder to record amazing videos. Ensure adequate lighting and have some presentable backdrop (a whiteboard, the back wall). You don't want your prospect to be distracted by piles of pizza boxes from last night's recruiting blitz.
  • Video is a powerful tool to engage prospects. You can use video in sales by props like writing your prospect's name on the whiteboard or wearing something unique so they know it's a custom message just for them.
  • Build credibility with social proof by using the opinions of your trusted circle to make decisions.

Check out VideoForm's ultimate guide on using video email in sales.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, videos are a powerful tool to create relationships with prospects and a strong CTA helps in booking meetings.

If you want to get more meetings booked, use Videoform to drive engagement. Register here to give it a try!

We hope this blog post has given you some great ideas about using video to help close more deals!