In today's highly connected world, one of the best ways to reach a new audience is through video email. Whether you're looking for a way to increase your company's visibility or just want to a prospect, Outlook emails are an efficient and cost-effective way to do it.

This article will show you how to embed videos in your Outlook email.

Note: Download "Videoform Chrome Extension" to Embed Videoform in Outlook

Steps To Embed Videos In Outlook Emails

1. Open Outlook Email

Open Outlook email and select a recipient  from your address bar to send a new email. Now Click on the Videoform button and start recording your sales video right away.

Open Your Outlook Email

2. Record A Sales Video

You can record videos by clicking on the following buttons. Camera, Screen + Camera or Screen + Audio at different speeds for your convenience!

Select any one option to start a video recording without hassle or you can also upload pre-recorded videos.

Choose The Type of Video Recording

3. Save/ Edit Your Sales Video

The editing process couldn't be simpler. Once you start recording, click stop followed by a right mark, or if it needs more work for the video clip to look better, then hit the redo button and record your video again.

Record Video in Outlook

Want to get people excited about your video? Use a call to action (CTA) that will entice viewers and guide them to take action. You can create eye-catching CTAs with Videoform.

Add Video Title

When you're done recording, you can click any  of our available CTAs, such as video, audio, and text.

Choose Video, Audio, or Text
Paste The Code Copied From Clipboard

Now, you can keep in touch with the important prospects of your business without sacrificing efficiency. Paste their link into the email and hit send!

Copy And Paste the Link And Share The Video

Are you tired of sending plain text emails? Videoform is the solution for your needs! Now, send personalized videos directly into Outlook or any other platform that supports video.

If this sounds, good I highly recommend giving Videoform a try today!