Email is a necessary evil and not always the most enjoyable one. But what if it could be fun? Hundreds of marketing blogs exist on email subject lines but not a lot on personalized video emails.

With this post, you'll learn how to keep your prospects engaged with 9 video email subject lines that are anything but boring!

What is Video Email?

Video email is the next best thing to having a face-to-face conversation with prospects. Finally, you can introduce yourself to prospects without seeming awkward over a call.

Video Email

Video is designed to help you take a human approach and replicate it for remote sales. It is now easier than ever to record & share videos in emails and surprise the prospects positively.

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Just like text-based emails, video emails need attractive subject lines to capture the audience's interest. Below I have listed subject lines that will get your prospect to open up in a very short time!

9 Video Email Subject Lines That Work !

1. Hey Jane👋 I have recorded a personal video for you👇

Personalized subject lines and emails not only increase open rates but also increase revenue by increasing click-throughs. For example, Videoform customers use the above video email subject line, and the best part is, it is a default one!

So imagine this - With this subject line, and Jane gets surprised by your friendly face holding a whiteboard with her name on it. You just closed a deal!

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2. Hey Steve 👋 We went to the same high school!

This situation rarely happens, but when it does, don’t forget to flaunt it.

Steve will be instantly drawn to his name in the inbox, and I know that the "high school" word makes things all the more exciting!

3. Jane, glad to have met you on the retreat last week 🎉👋

It’s always exciting when you want to build rapport with someone you have already met. But, if you want to make your video memorable to Jane, just be yourself.

Adding something silly or thought-provoking can help energize a message and compel the recipient to take action on their inbox’s contents. The moment you send this video email, all the Jane's out there will be intrigued.

4. Hey Susan👋, I called you yesterday at 12 PM🕛

Doesn’t this immediately catch your attention?

Imagine how much of a surprise Susan might be in. Curious, she clicks on the link. Despite her apprehension about the email, two SDRs and a personalized video await her inside the video.

5. I made you a special video today 😁 !

Your prospects will love this video email subject line! It's short, concise, and to the point. I know what I'm going to get when someone opens this video email.

You see, the recipient is guaranteed a video of an SDR, who is exuberant and eager for an introduction!

6. A Message from Videoform’s CEO👋

Sending a video message from your CEO is an excellent way to connect with a high-value prospect who is most interested in what you do.

In addition, sending personal video messages with the above subject line can make all the difference to close the deal faster. Overall, it’s real, personal, and authentic.

7. Good Morning John 🌞, this made me think of you…

The best way to make sure your video email subject line gets read is by keeping it short and sweet, but don't be afraid to get creative.

This taps on the tendency of human curiosity if you drive home the point with something that made you think of John.

Maybe it's the recent presentation he gave at a conference, or maybe he posted a photo of his favorite coffee.

8. Happy Birthday Mark 🍰 I made this video just for you

Sending a birthday video to your prospects and customers is an easy and cost-effective way to show that you care.

In addition, videos can be personalized to show warmth and compassion for the individual who receives it.

9. Here’s a Quick Video From [Your Company]

Ever try to get your prospects' attention? You can hire a well-known celebrity, or you could do something as simple as writing an intriguing video email subject line that compels them to take the step forward like the above one.

Once they open and watch the video for 30 seconds, the prospect would be happy to have found the perfect solution. It’s all about finding the pain point of the target audience. Also, you need to use the right word and convince them why you’re the best with the effective CTA buttons inside the video!

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