Why should sales reps use video to increase their engagement with prospects and advance deals?

Just imagine that you need to impress your prospect. Would he/she rather read the whole email or watch a quick 30-second video of you introducing your product/service?

You'd be surprised to know that many prefer video over reading text. The same way, your prospects are no different. A video email can give them a quick introduction to what your company has to offer.

As it is such a great idea, let's discuss the benefits of sending video emails, how to embed them on email, and some tips for creating videos that convert viewers into customers.

Also, I will show you how you can create a quick video Videoform, plug it in your emails, and get amazing results in a matter of minutes.

What is Video Email?

Video Email is a type of email to send messages to recipients using a video and voice. It's the next best thing to physically visiting someone in person - and without changing out of your pajamas.

Instead of a "strained" voice on an answering delivery, you can give a live performance of your speaking ability, and the prospects' will get to see your facial expressions.

You can build your prospect's trust with your personality; after all, it is human nature to bond and trust a voice with a face.
Record & Send Video Emails

As a business professional, you already know the value of getting face-to-face and investing in relationships with prospects.

Thousands of people are already using video email to connect and communicate with prospects. If you are interested in developing "relationships through video," it's better to use it and see how it works.

Why Should You Send a Video in Emails?

The main reason for choosing video emails is that it is easy to get the attention of any professionals. Prospects are already busy as it is, plus the distraction from social media is rising. So you are competing against the internet to get attention for what you are offering.

Wall of Text vs Video Email
Wall of Text Emails vs Video Email

Video emailing offers the benefits of increased clarity, participation, interactivity, and simplicity while you contact the prospect. Plus, people love receiving personal communications and so sharing a video email with them is a wonderful way for you to connect.

It makes the impression of a lasting sale. So let's examine why it is more important than your creatively crafted words on email!

A study found that the click-through rates of emails increased by 96% if there is a video in the email. Also, using the word "video" in the subject line increases the attention span and open rate by up to 6%. Do you need more convincing?

2. Boosts Sales

A survey of senior executives indicates that a majority would rather watch a video than reading, while 50% purchase an item after watching a video.

3. More Powerful Than Text

It's no secret that business owners have outsourced their sales prospecting to the internet. As a result, salespeople can stay connected without the hassle of in-person meetings.

Video Email is Powerful Than Text

In addition, consumers are more likely to pay attention to video content when compared with other types of content like social media, long-form articles, and podcasts.

So, if you send a video email using Videoform and confidently speak about you and your service, imagine how many sales you can close!

4. Actionable with CTA's

Your attention-grabbing visual element can help achieve your sales goals by getting viewers to take action. It may be visiting your site, reading a post, or signing up for a new offer.

Why Text-Only Emails are Inefficient

While content is still king, impressing the audience with sales emails today is quite challenging. Here are some reasons why text emails are struggling to close leads:

1. Text is not Ideal for Long-Form Communication

This is one of the main disadvantages of text emails as it is not meant for conveying long messages. Text can be ideal only when your message is concise.

Imagine you receive a wall of text; wouldn't you be thrown off to go through everything?

2. No Emotions in a Text

This is another challenge with an email that you face--you cannot communicate visually the way you can when using video.  


It is hard for the reader to discern your emotions and context without hearing your voice or seeing facial expressions.

Video email allows the prospects to get used to your personality and quickly determine the message's tone.

3. Limited Attention Span

A person receives plenty of emails every day, which clutters their inbox. With their busy schedule, there is hardly any time to skim over those emails.

Meaning, long emails you send will end up going into the trash can.

4. No Personalization

Even though sales reps try hard to make every email personalized, it still tends to sound generic.

Impressing your recipient is harder with text emails.

5. Spam Filters

Spam emails are becoming more prominent nowadays, making it harder to discern genuine sales emails.


But, on the other hand, video emails do not have to fall victim to automated filtration.

When To Choose Videos Over Text-Only Emails?

Usually, videos work best if they are used in the following situations:

Video email
  • Build a personal relationship with prospects to keep human touch alive
  • Demonstrating how a product works
  • Highlight a new feature of your product
  • When talking about the experience with your product
1-1 Video Messages for Business | Videoform
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1-1 Video Emails

Video Emails & Impact on Revenue (Stats)

If a video is included in your email, the click rates increase by 300% compared to emails without a video.

Even the mention of "video" in the subject line increases the open rate by 19% while reducing the unsubscribing rate by 25%.

If you embed a video thumbnail image into your email and then provide links to your product landing page, it will likely bring more results. For example, you can speak to 65% more prospects every year by using video.

8 Direct Benefits of Video Prospecting Emails

1. Sales Video Commands Attention

People most often tend to ignore the content that's written in emails. On the contrary, get curious when they find a video in it.

As a reciprocation to the addition of video, people out of curiosity happen to open the video and see what's there in it. This entire thing increases the chances of better open and conversion rates without a doubt.

Adding a splash of color and personality with video email can show your prospects that you care about their personal interests.

If you include the word "video," it is five times more likely to be opened and get a response.

Strategically timing and placing the content adds to the boost. Video email is an effective way to break through the noise and seek the attention of your prospects.

Incorporating a video in sales emails makes sure that you stand out in the inbox of your target audience.

Besides that, it also helps you connect with your audience in a much more engaging and authentic way.

2. Helps Build Authentic Relationships

On today's date, a copy of the text is not capable of helping people who don't know about you.

Certainly enough they cannot make out from it if you are trustworthy or not or if your company is capable of taking care of business with them or not. But, video email helps you establish a rapport that lets them trust you.

A video email provides an exceptional opportunity to show your personality.

It's a great way to stay in touch with the prospects by showing your salesy charisma while recording a quick 30-second video.

You don’t want to miss this next part-it is memorable and stands out amidst an overcrowded inbox.

The chances of getting potential replies through video prospecting are very high.

This is because in a scenario of plain text, if you receive an email with someone smiling and waving at you in your inbox instead, anyone would want to click through the video out of curiosity.

Videos for Authentic Relationships

3. Easy to Consume Information

In any message communication is the key. The process of communicating something is not only about words but also gestures, expressions, and body language.

Plain-text messages are not always able to deliver the information with clarity. They tend to get misconstrued at times as the readers get lost in the translation.

The main reason behind it is that your audience reads the text in their voice and not yours. Plain-text emails are not always able to hold the tone while delivering the message.

Prospects can understand even the hard-pressed information on video compared to written information.

This is the main reason why you find many explainer videos on company landing pages recently. Likewise, a sales video email helps you share a refined pitch and engage with the prospects.

4. Better than Cold Calling

A new study found that a video in sales emails is more convincing than traditional cold calling.

A recent survey of 150 business owners and marketers revealed some interesting insights into the power of persuasive tools for digital marketing.

Better Than Cold Calling

The research showed that people are much more likely to buy something online if an image or short video clip accompanies it, and this trend will only continue as time goes on.

This study also applies to sales video emails created with Videoform to start a meaningful conversation with the prospect.

5. First Impression

You only get one chance at a first impression, and you don't want that to be a boring wall of text.

So instead, leverage the effectiveness of video to create a great impression by leaning in and making eye contact to improve it.

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6. Video Analytics

With VideoForm, you can see if the prospect watched your two-minute video or bounced after 2 seconds through video analytics.

This information can help refine your future sales pitch and find the right balance to attract the audience.

7.  Videos Saves Time

Videos no doubt are a time saver when it comes to delivering a message. Be it something prerecorded or a very quick video, these help you save a lot of time and also give a boost to emails.

Through videos, you can use your charm and personality to create a connection that is much stronger than what a piece of written text could form.

Video Saves Time

Using a video tool for sales prospecting means that you will be well informed when a prospect watches your video.

Not just that, but it also tells you how much of your content is in the view range of your prospects and how much and what parts are they skipping.

By knowing about the parts of the video that entices the viewers it gets easier for the businesses to understand the value proposition that they need to lead with.

This is something not possible in the case of email tracking as it only informs you when the prospect opens the mail.

When your prospects get to see a face to the video there happens a dramatic increase in the connect rate which helps you save your time at creating ground for connection and to some extent credibility.

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8. Accelerates the Deal Cycle

Video email delivers the message in a very personalized manner. According to the law of reciprocity, people tend to repay in a way that is close to what the other person has done for them.

Sales Cycle

This means that if you are delivering personalized videos to your prospects, they will also try to take out time to watch them. And if the process goes well, they might reciprocate to it.

Customers receive a good number of emails and cold calls daily from different organizations for the means of prospecting.

The quality of emails is getting better and much more personal with the use of AI and email automation.

This improvement can appear in every set of emails dropped. Amidst all these personal attempts, there is no reason for your prospects to pay heed to the cold outreach.

According to the facts and statistics the companies that add a video to their sales prospecting can see a visible improvement and acceleration and their deals.

Some of the average statistics are below:

  • Almost five times higher click-through rates
  • Six times better open and response rates
  • 20% better close rates
  • 25 to 30% improved conversion rates

Deal Cycles are about building trust and credibility. Videos help you quote your prospects to find value in the things that you are offering.

Here are few things that the sales teams can do to move the deals forward towards closing them faster are:

1. Cut in the No-Show Rate

Sales reps can cut the no-show rate to half by sending video reminders to prospects. With video, the reminders intend to reiterate the reasons the prospect was initially interested and what they will gain.

2. Create an Unforgettable Follow-Up Experience

Instead of sharing text message email, sending personalized video email to follow up is a deal maker. Videos make the prospects retain the information for a longer time due to the visual aspect and also entice them into the deal due to the personal touch factor.

3. Leverage Micro Demo Videos

Micro Demos videos are a good way to show respect to your prospects in a way that they can see these videos at a time that is convenient to them.

The average time investment required for these videos is also not big. In short, sending a 5-minute video is always easier and more effective than trying to book somebody's 30 minutes for a meeting.

Do you Need Fancy Camera Gear? (NO) !!

No need for fancy camera gear

Sending a video email to communicate with your prospect is a walk in the park.

You don't need fancy camera gear to record professional videos. Instead, you can use Videoform, one of the best video email platforms, and record plenty of sales prospecting videos on the go.

It is important to be yourself and show your human side while filming the video. After all, nobody wants a personalized email to sound like a robot.

Compared with text messages, video emails are more innovative and efficient if you just want to convey a message.

You're sure to put across a genuine feeling of connection that resonates with viewers on an extremely personal level. Consider shooting out from the window to capture natural light, which is bright and lively for a more comforting tone.

If you are filming at night, include lamps positioned around the room with colorful shades. All these small details make watching something very personal and build trust.

You Do Better Face to Face

Yes, you become a better sales rep by making face-to-face conversations over text emails. However, video email is the second option that will allow you to have a more personal conversation without it being face-to-face.

Face to face brings the best out of you 

So what’s my point? You can communicate with different people before setting a formal call. This makes people feel more comfortable as they see you on camera than they do through text emails.

Here’s the big secret, something about seeing someone's face, whether on the other end of your lens or on screen, helps generate an instant sense of rapport and familiarity.

How to Use VideoForm to Send Video Emails?

VideoForm is a video email service website that lets you send videos as emails.

As video emails have proven to be an utterly distinctive way for your audience to view and share information, it is the best.

The advantages of video emails are numerous as it includes customization. In addition, there is more content than just pictures or photos for your potential or existing customers to look at.

It makes branding easy by connecting with your target audiences on what interests them the most, and they're easier than ever now, thanks to VideoForm.

How to Send a Video in Email (2 Min Guide)

Here are the list of easy steps you can follow to send video through email:

  • Get the Chrome extension of Videoform
  • Immediately, Videoform adds a clickable video button inside Gmail, CRM or your favorite tool
  • Record a video for your prospect and try again if you're not happy with the quality of your first attempt. You can select one of the following options below to arrange your message more effectively.
  • Click the “Videoform” button to record your video message and add an attractive CTA. You can also use videos you previously recorded
  • To make it easier for prospects to get a demo or call, you can also add a calendar link in your video.
  • Track which video emails are performing better to give viewers a more interactive experience in the future.

Video Email in Gmail

You can send personalized video emails in Gmail if you follow the steps mentioned in our blog below.

It provides an opportunity to put your prospects at ease by offering context and valuable information about who you are and what your company is all about.

How to Embed Video in Gmail?
Here are two methods add Videos to emails in Gmail With YouTubeFollow these 3 steps to add YouTube videos to your Email Step 1 - Select Video to be SharedGo to video on YouTube you need to share Step 2 - Find Shareable LinkClick on Share - Copy the URL

All you need to do is get the Videoform chrome extension; it immediately adds a clickable button on your Gmail to help you send emails seamlessly.

Video Email in HubSpot

To add a personal touch to your outreach, the sales team can add the video through HubSpot. Then, you can go through the step-by-step process below. Now, your sales team can connect with prospects in a way that's flexible and interactive.

Send Video Emails from Hubspot with Videoform
Send Personalized Video Emails to your prospects without leaving Hubspot. Use VideoForm to send record videos inside Hubspot
Video Emails in Hubspot
Video email

Add an Eye-Catching Video Thumbnail in Email

A video thumbnail is a snapshot of your video. It is an exciting option to add to your email because it helps the viewers get a detailed preview. Adding a video thumbnail with Videoform is easy, just like adding an image.

Here’s how it works, usually it is like a GIF that takes the animated snippet of the first few frames of your video. And on top of that, prospects can see a moving picture.

If you are wondering how to add an eye-catching video thumbnail to your sales video, no worries. You just need to copy and paste the video into your email, and VideoForm can create an animated snapshot from the initial frames present in the video.

Add Personalized Text on Video

A video can be focused on telling the prospects about yourself and what is happening with your company. However, if you want to use it primarily to tell your story, the viewer must understand your subject before watching the video.

In this case, having text overlay helps show information because language and images work to teach people about the video they're looking into.

Setting up a Video Sales Landing Page (After Click)

Video landing pages are an effective way of driving conversions. For example, if you try to get a new user to try out your service, a video sales landing page can break through the process.

Your visitors will get an amazing idea of what your product is now. Let's see what a video landing page is and how it helps.

  • Forbes reports that 90% of customers say a product video influences their buying decisions.
  • Over 97% of marketers say video has helped their customers understand their service better.
  • Websites with video content are up to 53x more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results (Forrester).
  • 72% of people would rather use video to learn about a product than text

Incorporate Video Emails in Your Sales Process

If your video emails are personalized, it makes them even more effective. It urges prospects to easily contact you via phone call, text message, or email if they would like further information on the project.

The goal is to communicate that this process has not ended at any point for personalization throughout the sales process.

8 Best Practices To Create Amazing Video Emails

The basic rule of thumb to create an impactful video email is to ensure the content concise, informative, and effective. Concrete demonstrations are great for these things.

Your video email should do one thing and do it well - ideally demonstrating how the viewer can use your product or service and start a conversation.

Keep your video short and sweet, no more than 60 seconds at most, and add subtitles so that viewers who don't speak your language can follow along too! The goal here isn't to bore them with a lecture about sales data or barely applicable abstractions but rather invite them into your world while giving information.

1. Spend Time & Craft Witty Subject Lines

Humorous subject lines can be a great way to get prospects' attention. The tone of voice should always remain professional, though, so don't go overboard with the joking.

It may come off as unprofessional and make your prospects less likely to open your email in the future.

2. Keep Your Videos Short

People are busy with their hectic schedules to indulge in long-winded conversations or presentations for unimportant things. Instead, they need something quick and informative.

If there's one thing we know about selling in the 21st century is that brevity sells.

So, keep your videos brief to make them appealing to the audience. The sound of one's voice can make or break a video in terms of professionalism--so keep it short!

3. Send a Video that Suits a Situation

Be sure to send the appropriate video depending on who you're speaking with.

When talking about business, be formal and use a more professional tone of voice. If you are into a new service, urge the prospects to sign up.

4. Add Call to Action Inside Videos

Call to Action inside videos are a great way for your company's products and services to get more exposure on social media.

This is especially true if you create an engaging video with Videoform that stands out from the rest of them in quality, design, or value.

Video sales page with call to action (CTA)

The CTA's will be highlighted by default when people watch these types of videos instead of others who would not highlight this at all.

5. Add a Personal Touch

Add a personal touch to the email by highlighting a matter that is special to the viewer.

For example, if the person is into certain hobbies or workshops, you can include that to add a personal touch.

6. Use a Static Image With a Play Button

After uploading your video email, make sure it has a play button with a static image.

Make the play button look like it's clickable

Static Image With Play Button

7. Use a GIF of the Video

Nowadays, animated GIFS are popular on the web as thumbnail. It is better to add GIFs rather than images as it engages prospects on a personal level.

8. Email Videos With Your Viewer in Mind

Add a personalized hook in the thumbnail so that users will appreciate your efforts.

For instance, you can hold a whiteboard with the prospect's name on it to capture their interest.

Who is Video Email Ideal For?

Video email is especially ideal for businesses or organizations that want to make their message more memorable.

Video emails are ideally best used when you have a more extensive message, whether it's an introduction or how-to, something like a testimonial about your company's products, or any other company information where the video is better than text. But here’s the kicker on who can benefit from video email:

1. Sales Teams

The Sales team can craft personalized video emails to improve sales prospecting and email outreach strategy. As a salesperson, you can convert prospects into customers with a personalized, face-to-face conversation.

2. Remote Teams

Remote teams can create interactive video content to engage prospects as if meeting face to face. Videoform also offers a new opportunity for communication and collaboration among team members working from different times zones.

3. SDR's

Video emails are the perfect solution for SDR's to reach out to people who can potentially be interested in the offer.

This level of multi-sensory engagement will allow Sales Development Representatives more connected to prospects than any other form of communication.

4. Sales Reps

Successful sales reps have excellent communication skills and expertise in persuasive presentation techniques.

You can leverage your communication skills on video email and impress the prospects.

5. Sales Managers

Videoform offers an excellent way for sales managers to get an idea across to potential customers living in different regions & track SDR's team performance on a single dashboard.

The Bottom Line

Overall, video email is a great way to communicate with your customers and potential new leads. They offer a more personal touch, plus they're easier for the recipient to digest than an email that's only written text!

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