There is no doubt that video is a top-rated marketing tool. Looking at the statistics, you'll agree too. Videos are used everywhere to improve sales and brand awareness.

There is no wonder that the YouTube app is the default app on most smartphones. It also makes sense for businesses to have a YouTube channel of their own.

Video in emails isn't anything new. It's proven to be effective and useful. For example, emails including a video have been found to have a 96% higher click-through rate than those without. Such is the power of video.

Video is omnipresent and is used across channels. So why not make use of it in a specific sector? Let's talk about how real estate video marketing can increase sales in this blog post.

Video in Real Estate!

In real estate marketing & sales, the video acts as an essential tool or an asset to drive sales and captivate the attention of buyers. Video marketing for realtors can be a huge advantage to sell, rent, auction a house, or a property.

Real estate listings videos receive 403% more inquiries than those without.
Real estate video marketing

Real estate agent video provides a first movers advantage. It provides an edge over your competition in making a sale by delivering quality pitches and tours of the property to your clients or prospects.

You can include video in your email for all types of listings like Commercial and Residential and share with potential buyers.

Whether renting or leasing the property, a video pitch makes you stand out from the other agents in your marketplace and highlights your profile.

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New Era Selling of Real Estate Property via Video

Did you know that 85% of homebuyers want to work with an agent who uses videos in real estate sales?

With video, you can record personalized home tours & proposals that help potential buyers make decisions quicker.

Video marketing for real estate

The traditional way of selling a real estate property includes a long and tiresome process of convincing your prospects to visit the property, which means working around their time and waiting for their response.

With video tour recording, you can dodge the waiting period, record a virtual tour of the property, and send it across via email to potential buyers.

Your buyers can schedule a follow-up meeting via CTA that you have included in the email. It's convenient for everyone, especially during these pandemic times.

Tips & Tricks To Increase Real Estate Sales Using Videos

1. Send 1-1 Personal Intros to Connect With Buyers

Get higher response rates & guaranteed meetings or facetime with your potential buyer by recording a personalized introduction about yourself and your experience in the industry. Highlight your realtor profile and the sales you have done over the years.

Send personalized intros

Make exclusive video prospecting pitches with real estate listing videos and add pointers on why you think that the property makes the best fit for your prospect. Share your video via email or as a private message.

You can also share it on LinkedIn to make you sound rather professional. Your attempt will help you stand out in the crowd, which is much needed in the competitive world of real estate sales.

2. Give Personalized Home Tours

Show off your property's best features by taking a video tour inside. You can show each bedroom and bathroom in detail as well!

Next, talk about the square footage of the property. If possible, invest in drone videography to capture the property in & out. Make sure you are capturing the property during daylight and at night.

Personalized home tours

Make sure you are making an engaging video for your buyers. You can also ask your prospecting buyers to respond with a CTA added to your email for a quick rundown and chat about the property.

3. Educate Buyers With Explainer Videos

Real estate is full of paperwork. So why not make it easy for buyers by understanding the rules and regulations and documenting with video descriptions!

Explainer videos

You're an expert in your field, so why not share some of that knowledge with prospects?

A great way to start teaching is by describing the nitty-gritty of owning a property, the land law, and other useful information along their buying journey. This gives them insight into important concepts about owning or renting a property.

4. Know Who Watched Your Videos

It is crucial to understand how your videos are consumed more than ever. By monitoring and analyzing video analytics from the Analytics tab in Videoform, you can know which email generated the most engagement and prepare for a follow-up pitch accordingly.

Video analytics

The key here is: don't spam your prospects! Be mindful about targeting potential buyers based on previous patterns rather than hitting "everybody."

Instead, focus solely upon those viewers similar enough to be worth reaching out to. Refine your video pitches & boost performance.

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5. Customer Testimonial Videos

Word of mouth is a powerful sales tool. Ask the happy customers about the benefits they experienced when working with you.

Testimonial video

Make sure it resonates well enough so that their message can convince potential new clients why they should choose you instead of someone else in this industry!

Get a couple of similar testimonial videos and share them with your listing videos.

6. Neighborhood Video Tours

The more information you can share about the community around your home, the better chance one of those potential new residents has of choosing to buy it!

Neighborhood video tours

Highlight parks and schools and restaurants in this area so that buyers know what they're getting themselves into when moving into any neighborhood. Add a piece of nice background music to your videos to appeal to your audience.

7. Property Contract Walkthrough Videos

Property Contract Walkthrough Videos are a great way to make sure you understand every part of your prospective purchase before signing on the dotted line.

Property contract walkthrough videos

This is a great way to ensure that you and your clients understand every part of the property's purchase, sale, or contract.

The Property Contract Walkthrough Video includes:

  • Introduction about yourself (10 seconds)
  • A general overview presentation on what we will cover today
  • Specifics/Features
  • Next steps after signing off at the end

These Property Contract Walkthrough Videos will give you a clear understanding of the process and terms involved in buying or selling property. They can be especially useful for those new to this type of transaction, as they demonstrate how everything works clearly from start to finish!

8. Open House Live Streaming

Open houses are a great way to get people excited about your home. Just think of how many open houses you've been to where the homeowners' agent constantly films themselves as they show off their property?

This is because it creates an "exclusive" feeling in our minds, which leads us closer and makes us want that new place even more!

You can also live-stream your open house and post it on social media. Or share the recorded video with clients who have missed watching it live.

Benefits of Videoform for Real Estate Agents

1. Integrate CRM Tools

Leveraging videos in your email campaigns is simple with the right technology and marketing tools. Take advantage of your CRM's tools to integrate video emails into all aspects of real estate marketing today.

With Videoform, you can record new videos directly from your email client with a small plugin installation and record videos directly from your laptop/mobile devices.

Share the videos in emails with just one click.

2. Record & share videos quickly anywhere

Virtual tour videos are very easy to make. You need a smartphone or a digital camera and an eye for detail.

Then, you can record the videos anytime and share them with prospects anywhere. All you need is a tool that supports video emails with features like CTA and analytics.

3. Record & send videos from any screen (Chrome)

With the new feature in Google Chrome, you can now record and send videos from any screen.

The ability to save a video on your computer or mobile device will make it much easier for people who cannot use their arms comfortably while typing up an email - all they have to do is open up one window!

You can also send videos on LinkedIn.

Bonus tip: Don't forget to record every little detail of every nook and corner to impress your buyers.

Track Video Analytics and Prioritize Buyers

Video prospecting is a lot more than just putting up some videos and sharing information. You should analyze the performance of your videos and make a pitch accordingly or prioritize your buyers accordingly.

Analytics gives real estate agents the information they need about what videos are most popular, so when potential buyers come looking for homes or condos, there's no way we can't show them some love!

With Analytics, you can analyze your video campaign engagement levels

You can also know who opened your email and how many times they've watched the video. You'll be able to see a breakdown of all those viewing statistics from open rate to click-through rate and which countries are the biggest consumers in terms of clicks per view!

Closing Thoughts

As video email marketing becomes more and more popular, real estate agents need to take advantage of this opportunity. Videography is an invaluable tool for realtors looking to stand out in the listing process.

With less than 1% of agents using video marketing, it's time you took advantage!

The National Association Of Realtors says that not using video will lead potential buyers to slip through your fingers because they won't have an opportunity to tour all properties available. With video, it's much easier to tour them all.

So, hurry up! Make the most of the video today!