Not long ago, it was enough to put together a well-produced video and hope for the best. But today, thanks to ever-evolving technology and increasing viewer attention spans, slapping together a video and uploading it isn't going to cut it.

If you want your brand's videos to be seen and shared, you need to personalize them for each viewer.

That's where dynamic video personalization comes in. Creating a dynamic video requires a lot of data analysis and processing.

Keep reading to find out how this cutting-edge technology can help you create engaging, personalized videos that connect with viewers on a deeper level with Videoform.

What is Dynamic Video Personalization? Why is it Important?

The corporate world more frequently employs words like 'dynamic' to describe an approach or solution. These are often catchall compliments, and the implication is that the approach or solution is effective.

Dynamic video material changes depending on who is viewing it. You've seen this before with your friend's posts and videos from Facebook that change based on preferences or other factors.

For example, Facebook's animated videos show you and a friend to commemorate their "friendiversary ." The social media company isn't generating an original video for every person on its 2.85 billion active user list, but it would take too long if they tried!

Facebook instead developed a handful of dynamic videos–animations with code that pull images from the internet. The animation remains constant for each video, but these sorts can be personalized and change depending on who views it.

The same way at Videoform, we use CRM data points to help you create personalized videos to wow your users, employees, and anyone else interested.

Our team can create thousands of personalized videos based on information like customer names and company logos in no time.

30+ Video Personalization Templates
Send a personalized video by weaving in customer information into a video. Choose from 30+ video personalization templates !

Performance at Scale

The future belongs to companies that can target consumers across various platforms with customized content, including video personalization.

Let's turn your videos into shareables by creating a personalized experience that customers love.

Videoform is up to 100x faster than traditional methods, making it easy for you to create thousands of asynchronous videos and unlock dynamic customer experiences!

How Does Dynamic Video Personalization Work?

Dynamic video personalization is creating an individual experience by which individuals watch videos on devices they use. The experience is based on the customer's previous behavior and demographic information you have from your CRM.

Customer name

This technology creates a personalized user experience, targeted marketing messages, and viewer engagement metrics at a powerfully precise level.

You can use it across all digital media channels, including websites, mobile apps, and social networks, because it harnesses data from content viewed to deliver relevant experiences.

A few examples of dynamic delivery can be seen on

YouTube's homepage, where they show you videos similar to ones you've already watched.

Amazon does this with their recommendations engine; often, the first site people go shopping for something they want.

Netflix also recommends movies or TV shows for viewing based on the user's preferences and what other users have viewed related to them.

Dynamic personalization impacts revenue by increasing the quality of a visitor's experience. Their engagement increases which correlate with increased time on site, conversion rate and overall sales.

When dynamic personalization processes are integrated into a marketing strategy, it becomes easier for that business to generate leads and close prospects alike.

Finally, dynamic personalization can increase campaign tracking efficiency while boosting campaign performance on all accounts measurable results.

Here is how we personalize your videos:

Step 1: Create or submit a base video

Submit a video that has already been created or collaborate with us to produce a video with elements that may be implemented in post-production.

Base video

Step 2: Add User Data

Determine which personalization features, such as name and logo, should be included in the video.

Add data

Step 3: Generate Personalized Videos

For each user, we will generate a unique video file. Videos will be hosted and played on our server.

Generate personalized video

Example of our personalized video:

Why Should You Use Dynamic Personalized Videos?

  • Dynamic videos are personalized, and as a result, they generate significantly more engagement than traditional video content.
  • Dynamic videos are automatically generated, which means that there is no need for human input - meaning that you can create an unlimited number of videos in a very short period.
  • Dynamic videos are mobile-friendly, and as such, will be consumed by the majority of your audience.
  • Dynamic videos are affordable and can be used by businesses of all sizes.

It also helps in the following:

  • To increase web traffic and conversions
  • To create a connection with your customers
  • To engage customers on a deeper level
  • To improve brand awareness
  • To keep your customers interested and informed
  • To differentiate yourself from the competition

Example here: Video Financial Statement - Video Personalization Template

Move Your Prospects From Consideration To Decision Stage With Dynamic Video Personalization

The idea is that dynamic video content may enhance interaction. Which would you prefer: a generic product video or one that addresses your specific query?

There's no question that video is one of the most powerful tools you can use to engage and persuade your prospects. Using video can move them from the consideration stage to the decision stage, resulting in more sales and conversions.

But not all videos are created equal. To be truly effective, your videos need to be dynamic and engaging. They need to capture your prospect's attention and keep them watching until the end. Only then will they be persuaded by your message.

That's where we come in. Our experienced team understands what it takes to create persuasive videos that move people to action. We'll work with you to develop a creative strategy that meets your unique needs and objectives.

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Direct Benefits of Deep Video Personalization

1. Create Personalized Videos for Each User with their Data Points

The importance of creating personalized videos for each user with CRM data cannot be overstated. By leveraging CRM data to create individualized videos, businesses can increase engagement and conversions.

Personalizing video content is 6X more effective than non-personalized content.

So why is it so important? Because people love content that is relevant and tailored specifically for them.

When a business takes the time to create individualized videos for each of its customers, it shows that they care about them and their needs. And this personal touch goes a long way in building customer loyalty and driving conversions.

For example, you could create a video campaign that shows how much your users like and don't like with their name and company logo.

You could even add animations and fun music to make the video engaging with Videoform video personalization.

Customer name

2. Personalize Video Thumbnails Instantly

Yes! It's important to be dynamic with video thumbnails because your thumbnail is an extension of your video.

A good personalized thumbnail will help draw in the viewer and entice more interactions than just simply showing a picture of your face.

Image or GIF Thumbnail

It's worth considering the case for including personalized video thumbnails in your marketing strategies. With Videoform, you can instantly create personalized thumbnails with individual data points like name and company.

3. Simple to Create

You can create a personalized video with Videoform in 3 simple steps:

  1. Submit a video that has previously been produced.
  2. Determine how you want the video to be personalized by choosing design elements
  3. We'll generate a personalized video file for each user.
Generate personalized video file

4. Craft Your Video Story & Create a base video

When it comes to video marketing, storytelling is key. You want to create a video that engages your viewers and tells a story that draws them in. But first, you need to craft your story.

To do this, start by considering your target audience. What are their interests? What motivates them? What are they curious about? Once you understand your target audience well, you can begin to craft a story that speaks to them.

Your story should be relatable and engaging, and it should offer viewers a glimpse into what your company is all about. Be sure to focus on the benefits of your product or service, and make sure your video is high quality and visually appealing.

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Personalized Video Across the Customer Lifecycle

1. Engage Users Personally

Data-driven marketing is all the rage, and for a good reason. It provides a personal touch you can bank on! Send videos with customer data (name, usage etc.) to make your message personal.

Engage users with personalization

The more personalized video is, the more it brings a one-to-one human connection with your users.

2. User Onboarding

If you're looking to make a lasting impression on your customers, adding customized videos is an excellent way of doing so.

These powerful little clips can help impress the people who work with you. They'll be more likely than ever before to want to come back!

3. Celebrate Customer Wins

Know someone who deserves an award? Personalize a video to show your appreciation and celebrate their wins with them. Take the time to show your customers how much they mean or maybe even make it special with dynamic text and user data points.

Show customer wins on the video

4. Retention

Reaching out when it matters is a great way to keep your customers happy. So when you need to reach out, make it count. Renewals are opportunities for engagement, and video personalization will help reduce churn by over 35%.

5. Service

Imagine a world where you can serve your customers one on a scale. Imagine being able to add interactivity so they are self-sufficient and always have access, even if it's just for simple things like opening a new account. Creating a simple screen recorder video can help users navigate your tool better.

What Data Can Be Used For Video Personalization?

Many types of data can be used for video personalization, including where they're located geographically at any given time, age, and gender.

Here is a list of data from CRM that can be used for video personalization:

  • Location
  • Contact name
  • Title
  • Email address
  • Social profiles
  • Contact history
  • Lead scoring
  • Order history
  • Recent news
  • Personality traits

You can take a few more personalization details from LinkedIn.

For example, a retail company could use data about a customer's location to serve them a local advertisement for a store they have previously visited.

Or an advertising agency could use data about a customer's interests to better target them with relevant advertisements.

Best Practices For Dynamic Personalization of Your Videos

Here are some best practices you need to keep in mind while recording a personalized video:

1. By Company Name

Personalization of the company name generally stands out and draws attention to a video. You may use it to contact current clients or make a powerful, initial impression on a possible new account.

Take a look at the example below, which demonstrates how a video's brand logo and client name is inserted dynamically. Doesn't this make you feel special?

Add customer name

2. Add CTAs

Add CTAs at the end of your marketing videos with a link. Ensure that your CTA is in line with the rest of the video and matches its goal (i.e., if you're selling something or trying to make an informative point, mention this in your call to action).

Some common and successful CTAs that our clients use are:

★ Schedule a 1-1 call

★ Visit our website

★Talk to our Founder

★ Sign up for free

★ Book a meeting

Take a look at this example where we have added a CTA option which is clickable:

Add CTA button on video

3. Eye-Catching Thumbnails

The thumbnail is the first thing your users see when they come across your video, so you want to make sure it's eye-catching!

You can choose an interesting or funny image and select a still moment before recording.

Videoform generates automatic thumbnails based on your viewer data while creating dynamic video campaigns. You can also include your image or GIF thumbnail to entice the audience.

4. Use the Data to Drive Real Personalization

True personalization is more than simply hearing your name or finding relevant, helpful information in a video. Every video has a narrative, and the story should vary based on the viewer.

Add personalization elements

Closing Thoughts

Ok, so personalized video sounds like a good idea. But how do you get started? Get your goals in order first, and then you'll know what videos to make.

We also provide personalized video templates for different audience segments to get you started in the right direction and increase customer engagement.