It's no secret that airlines are looking for ways to personalize the travel experience for their customers. After all, competition is fierce, and passengers have a lot of choices when it comes to booking their flights.

Targeting customers based on cookies and browsing history isn't working anymore. Not especially for the travel and airlines industry since customers search for different airlines and prices, routes, etc.

If you think about email marketing, sure, it works, but how can you go beyond your mail lying in spam or promotions box? How do you make sure your customers get your message and choose your brand instead of several others?

Personalization is your savior! Personalized videos, to be more precise. In this blog post, we'll take a look at some of the most innovative video personalization ideas for airlines to sell better and engage with customers better.

Why is Personalization Important in the Airline Industry?

Today's traveler is well aware and educated about their options and doesn't just care for unique travel experiences, cheap deals, and flying points. Yes, they do matter. But what matters more for them is how personalized their experience gets.

Video Personalization for Airlines
  • Personalization can help airlines improve personal experiences and can drive maximum loyalty, thereby driving revenue.
  • Personalization creates an opportunity to drive relevancy.
  • It differentiates the services from other brands
  • Creates scope for upselling

How to Provide Personalized Experiences With Videos?

Airlines are always looking for new and innovative ways to provide better experiences to their customers and passengers. It can't get any better than sharing a personalized video to share updated information and to showcase new products and services.

From personalized greetings to on-demand entertainment, airlines can use videos to create a unique and memorable travel experience for each passenger. Here are a few video ideas that could really enhance the flight experience for customers:

1. Thank-You Videos

Make a video to thank your customer for purchasing a ticket from your airline. Add their name and other personal details in the video. This is a small touch that can make a big difference.

Here is an example from our video personalization template:

Thank You Videos

2. Airline Safety Videos

Use videos to show passengers what to do in case of an emergency. This can help ease any fears or concerns they may have. Address your customers by name and assure them that your airlines take every precaution to ensure their safe travel.

Airline Safety Video

3. Introduce Staff

You might have heard the pilot introducing himself before flying and making a joke or two. You can also go one step further, make a video introducing the pilot and the attendants, the flight's host or hostess, and share the video individually with all your passengers.

Airline staff

4. Upselling Videos

Based on the CRM data points provided, you can personalize your passenger's experiences by recommending newly added services to your passenger's preference.

5. Video Menu for Food & Beverages

You can make a video of the food and beverages available and let your passengers know or choose what they want to eat or drink beforehand.

Video Menu

6. Brand Message Videos

Use video to provide information about the airline's history, philosophy, and goals. Then, share the brand videos with your customers with their names displayed in every video.

Here is an example from our video personalization template:

Add Brand Message

You might also ask: But how do I create 100's videos personalized for every user? VideoForm can help you create not just 100 but 1000's personalized videos for every user/passenger with all the personal elements you want to add.

9 Video Personalization Ideas For Airlines

Here are 10 ideas that airlines can use to increase engagement and pique interest from their passengers:

  1. Airlines can use video personalization to show a passenger's name and flight information on the screen before check-in & take off.
  2. Personalized video messages can be used to welcome passengers on board the plane.
  3. Videos can be used to improve the airport experience too. Send information about the airport or city that the passenger is visiting. Airlines can create Personalized videos featuring popular tourist destinations and attractions. Show videos about local attractions near their destination and how to get there from the airport upon arrival.
  4. Send information about car rentals in the destination city.
  5. Share a virtual tour of the plane before takeoff and share their name in the video with your passenger.
  6. Provide weather information specific to each destination airport instead of just one general forecast across all regions where flights are landing at any given time. Make a personalized video of this information.
  7. Send a video' boarding pass' to passengers' smartphones that include their seat number and other important information about the flight (e.g., drink and snack menu, estimated time of arrival/departure, etc.) as well as a link to an in-flight map so they can track the plane's progress in real-time.
  8. Share a video talking about personalized offers and special deals on hotels. Share relevant offers for every individual.
  9. Share wi-fi access details in the form of a video and share information about wi-fi access points throughout all sections of a plane, not just one area near where most people sit when flying with the airline.

Along with these, you can also use video interviews to gather information from your passengers and ask for explicit feedback. You can ask them to share their feedback on the overall flying experience airport experience to create a feedback loop.

Example of Video Personalization by an Airline Services

British Airways

British Airways used a one-to-one engagement strategy to provide an individualized experience to their passengers, to build loyalty. They have about 400 million customer interactions per year.

British Airways has made it a priority to personalize its services for every customer. This includes an omni-channel approach, central decision platform, and new metrics that focus on uplift created through customization.

Iberia Airlines

When customers received emails from Iberia Airlines during the 2016 holiday season, they were asked: "If you could visit any vacation destination, what would it be and who would you go with?" To answer this question efficiently, all users need to do is fill in their responses.

Once completed, redirect them back towards a microsite where there's an option for finding someone special or just checking off some choices from a list like 'Favorite Memories,' which can lead one up on portals about different destinations; including New York City!

For example, I sent one of these cards to a friend. She might subsequently see several ads while browsing that said things like, "It's never too late to fulfill Christine's dream. Do it with a trip to Paris."

Take Off With Personalization

You have learned how brands are using personalization and how you can use personalization techniques to drive sales and increase revenue.

Talk to us to implement personalized video strategies into your marketing!