If you're a salesperson, you know the feeling of dread when your prospect won't give you the time of day. The one where they say, "we'll get back to you,"  it does seem familiar right?

But what if I tell you there is a way to reduce this?

What if you start prospecting with videos? in a matter of minutes?

We've created some ideas for you to start with Video Prospecting. These tips and tricks will help you pitch face to face in the virtual world and close more deals on your next cold outreach!  

5 Video Prospecting Ideas (With Video Scripts) Using Videoform

1. The secret to getting your targeted account

Use this for your next Videoform if you have a target account in mind. With some flashes of creativity, humor, subject line, and cartoon images to express your emotions, this can be a masterpiece.

Hey Ben,

I was planning on giving you a call, but it seems like your schedule is too full. That's why I recorded this video for you!

I have been watching you, but not in a weird way. I work for IMPACT, dedicated to helping brands grow.

That’s why I think we are a good fit to work together.

I know you just got a round of funding and your product is doing well. The only thing left to do before success is to increase your reach in Germany, which seems like it's going well!

I understand that you're excited about the new updates to your website. However, I noticed there was no call-to-action in place, and it doesn't look like it will bring any more visitors on board!

I believe there is a better way, and I would like the opportunity to talk about it with you over a virtual coffee.

I want to talk about helping you achieve customer success more functionally and cost-effectively. If you are interested, click on the book meeting link and schedule a time that works for you!

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2. Grab Your Prospect’s Attention

Instead of talking about you, make it about your prospect with this video prospecting idea.

Hey Jane, (With her name on a white paper and wave enthusiastically)

Your TED talk on "The future of flying" has been all over the web for me to watch once again in awe - it was electrifying! I sent this video to grab your attention just like how you grabbed everyone's attention in your recent TED talk.

Never in a million years could I have executed that talk perfectly like you, and it became viral overnight.

And that’s exactly what I’m trying to do with you—trying to grab your attention. The reason for this video is that I recently found that you're looking for a dedicated shipping company to ship your equipment safely overseas.

I want to get in touch via phone and talk about this opportunity with you. So please click on the book meeting button or give me a call back to this number if you want to take it further!

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3. Use Webcam + Screen Capture to Attract Your Audience

Show what your product can do by sharing your screen along with a webcam to attract the target audience for best results.

Hey John,

It’s Jane from CoffeSip. I wanted to send you a text message but I sent you a personalized video instead. I understand that you are using this new recipe of coffee at your franchise which was a hit.

I would love to tell you about my new coffee machine that does wonders! (Screen share your product and show pictures of customers having their fill, or social media success)

After speaking with your secretary, I've sent over a free sample for your team to taste. I would love to hear your feedback and talk about the next steps.

Let me know the best time that works for your team on the calendar to get on a phone call, maybe this week or next week. All the best! Take care!

4. Use Mutual Interest to Pop a Video

Do you and your potential customers have the same interest? Then sending this type of recorded video is the best way to capture interest with a great first impression.

Hey Matt,

Thanks for clicking this video. You probably know why I am sending this video because yesterday I met with your sales representative - Dave in a football match.

(Share screen of the prospect; LinkedIn profile) I’m Lisa from VideoForm, who loves to get in touch with impactful companies and help them add a humanized touch to their sales process with videos.

As a social advocate since childhood, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you. With my experience in nonprofit organizations and making an impact for others through volunteering, I hope to make great strides together!

VideoForm will help you book more meetings or calls with investors and raise funds to support your cause through video sales outreach.

Let me know if you are interested, and we can talk about the real-time growth strategy in detail.

All the best Matt!

5. Pre-Meeting Video Prospecting Idea

Record a VideoForm instead of sales emails and send this personalized video before the meeting. This reduces the cancellation rate significantly.

Heyy Josh, [Hold a board saying “Today’s Meeting” with funny drawings near your face]

We have a meeting today at 3 pm, and I’m very excited to share our product’s demo and explain our value proposition.

I won’t bore you with details, but today we’ll be talking about how video email works and how it can help you book more meetings.

My team and I are looking forward to meeting you. Please feel free to reschedule the meeting if you are busy but otherwise, see you @3.

Bonus Prospecting Video Examples to Add Your Brand Flavour

You can expect higher click through rate and prospects watching the entire video once you have video prospecting in place. Here is a list of some more fun ideas:

  1. Show a sophisticated and fun demo of your product and differentiate between the competition
  2. If your prospect likes listening to Beyonce, use that as an opportunity to connect and send a personalized video with Beyonce's music in the background.
  3. Send a personalized thank you video once the appointment is set
  4. Deliver a strong sales pitch in under 60 seconds
  5. Send some documents or other resources before the meeting with a video message
  6. Say hello to a new LinkedIn connection with a video
  7. Create a Christmas themed video with costumes and send a hearty wish
  8. Use fun props like a party popper, lunch box, or even your pet dog as thumbnail
  9. Start the video with funny poses or serious athletic poses if the prospect is interested in that sport
  10. Record a video from outdoor with a juice in hand to show a genuine and casual side of you
  11. Send a happy birthday video to surprise your prospect

Videoform is the perfect tool to get your message across in a more creative and engaging way.

It's not just for video emails either-- you can use it as an all-inclusive platform to create stunning videos that are sure to wow prospects!

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