A video prospecting script is a short, sales-oriented pitch delivered via video message. The goal of a video prospecting script is usually to generate leads or interest in a product or service.

It begins with the first contact, continues through to the close, and includes all the information you can gather about your leads.

The ability to convert prospects directly into customers without ever invading their inbox depends on:

1) Identifying high-quality prospects - You know those people who, by definition, are most likely to buy from you. If they're not the ones already approaching you for help, you need to start looking in different places.

2) Crafting a great message - A message that moves your prospect toward the next step in the sales process. Next, you need to script how you will get this person, who is likely sitting on the fence right now, moving forward with your program.

3) Script - Scripting when and what to say for each contact opportunity by type of lead. This includes cold emails, welcome messages, fast follow-up calls, and Skype chats, all scripted by day and weekly or monthly meetings for face-to-face closings.

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Video Prospecting Scripts That Actually Work

If you are already using VideoForm (kudos for making your sales prospecting easier), here are some scripts you can use to personalize your videos and send it to your prospects.

1. New Client Prospecting - Video Script

Jacob is the founder of a new recruitment app that specializes in simplifying the workforce. He assigned his SDR John to reach out to prospective customers to try out their services and find new employees.

Jacob is an intelligent guy; to simplify his sales department's efforts, he introduced video emails to find new clients. Let's see an example below of the script he used that bought 70% success rate in video prospecting like never before:

Hello there,

I saw your article on LinkedIn, pretty impressive!

I also noticed that you were on the lookout for new employees through LinkedIn.

My company is working on a new recruitment and workforce solution that will help people like you find more talent.

Recently [comany name] got featured in the New York Times for the innovative idea for our different approach.

If that is something you are looking for, I believe this app would be the perfect solution.

However, I would love to tell you a bit more about the solution.

Would you please book an appointment by clicking on the button to explore our solutions, like Google analytics and the talent industry?

Thank you, talk soon!

This video message script is designed as a give-and-take between you and the potential buyer.

By empathizing and making their problems his own, John has been able to get past people's immediate negative responses when they talk with sales reps and improve open email rates with real time almost face-to-face conversation.

2. Getting Past Gatekeeper - Video Script

Finding an important person's phone number or email is not that easy. You need to climb up the ladder by talking to assistants or office managers first or connect to a social media platform.

Many sales teams get discouraged by this, but VideoForm's innovative way can help you work effectively with gatekeepers instead of against them.

Hey [Company Name], I'm Jane.

It's nice to meet you. I'm from VideoForm; I recently found that you are looking for a new solution to increase sales, and we have got the right solution for you.

I would hate to interrupt your boss during business hours, but could you connect me to the right person to discuss my product.

It would be great to speak with Mr. CEO first.

Thank you for your time.

3. Pitch to Referrals - Video Script

LinkedIn proves to be a best friend in many cases when you are constantly looking for interested prospects online. A couple of referrals from past clients is all you need to send a prospecting video email to a big potential client. Let's see an example:

Ryan wanted to invite many CEOs and Founders to an event that their company is planning to host. By reaching out to local firms, he also asks them for a referral through a phone call.

Hello John, I'm Ryan from Quickbytes.

Mr. White was kind enough to give me your email ID.

Let me get straight to the point- you may have gotten an invitation to attend one of our upcoming prospecting strategy events (or free franchise information sessions).

We invite interested and qualified individuals or couples to introduce them to franchising and show them what it is like in person.

I know you're interested in these kinds of events as I have been following up with your contribution to the last event [name].

We target business owners, in general, making $500,000 or more in annual revenue, and you, Mr. White, top the list.

We have a unique program to assist you with financing and the turn-key aspect of getting started with your very own outsourced team.

Please book a meeting by clicking on the "book meeting" button.

I am more than happy to answer your concerns.


How to Write a Great Video Prospecting Script?

A video prospecting script is a conversation between you and the person on the other end of your video. It's what sets up the first meeting in sales.

These tips will help you talk to your prospects about their challenges and goals while also giving them an idea of why they should hire you for best results.

Having this script ready for recording a personal video is one of the best practices that allow you to be confident as there's no need to think of things to say.

1. Treat Your Prospect Like a VIP

This is an opportunity for you both to get acquainted before sending a quick video via email. It will help build rapport which might be valuable in later stages of the sales process.

Personalized Video Email

In addition, it helps in increasing the value of the deal being negotiated.

Finally, it's always helpful when customers feel appreciated, heard, and respected, unlike the experience received of plain, bland text messages.

2. Come up with an Ice-Breaker  

You don't have to ask traditional "ice-breaker" questions, but it's always nice to get a bit acquainted with your prospect before diving into specifics about their business and challenges.

Sales Video Prospecting
Think about what would be appropriate for you: ask how the prospect is doing; if they are satisfied with results so far; mention something funny happening or going on at your end in the video recording.

3. Ask Open-Ended Questions

This type of content will help you gain more insight into their challenges.

Asking too specific close-ended questions will keep the conversation only on one topic while asking open-ended ones will provide a much broader view and allow you to discuss the next steps that are important to prospects.

4. Personalize your Video

Research & use the words your customer has used on Social Media, presentations, Awards shows, etc. By repeating a customer's own words back to them, you can show your interest in what they have to say about themselves or their business.

It also serves as an excellent way for you to ask follow-up qualifying questions, such as "why?", "how?", "what else do you think?" "try today," etc., even when those are not directly related to the original topic or audience personas at hand.

This little trick will give a much richer view of the prospect's challenges.

The Bottom Line

If you're looking for some video prospecting scripts that work, use the list above. These are templates that can be used with any company and in any industry!

So whether you need to create videos for your business- these will do the trick.If you're ready to start video prospecting, sign up at Videoform. Videoform is a video personalization software that takes your prospecting video & personalizes it to every user. Before you ask, it integrates with the tools you use