Do you want to engage with prospects better? If so, then you should consider adding video content to your sales suite.

It turns out that the human brain is drawn to motion and visuals more than to text.

Video is 100% More Efficient Than Text

Studies show that viewers remember 95% of a message when watching a video than when they read a text. So what does this mean for your business? It means if you have videos on your side, you are undefeatable.

In this blog post, we'll discuss 10 reasons why adding videos can help you increase engagement rates and how it can help you in your email marketing.  

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10 Reasons Why Video Is Better For Business

1. Provides More Immersive Experience for the Viewer

Videos can be used to highlight features of products or services in addition to just providing information. For example, you could show someone how to use your product with a video that explains the usage much better than plain text. Thus, a short video can create a big impact.

2. Videos Are Less Likely to Get Skipped or Ignored

Video is an engaging way of explaining complex messages because it allows the prospect to see what is being said rather than just reading. Also, video can be used in conjunction with other content on your websites, such as text and images, to provide a well-rounded experience to your prospects.

Text vs Video

3. Gets Higher Click Rates Over a Text

Video is a powerful sales weapon. It is more likely to get picked up by search engines. It can increase your open rates, engagement rates, and conversion rates over text at any given point in time. A study found that video increased the clickthrough rate by 25% vs. a text message.

4. Improves Brand Image & Generates More Leads

84% of marketers said that video helped them generate more leads because it shows prospects what they will experience if they do business with you.

It's a good idea to use video testimonials from customers who have done business with you, which is a great way of showing off customer service and how easy things are to accomplish when doing work through your company.

5. Video Gives Content Creators More Freedom

Video is a content creator's best friend. Businesses are also embracing videos, and salespeople are making the most of videos in sending sales proposals and in following up with prospects.

Text has restrictions

Video provides more freedom of expression and gives an opportunity to make eye contact with just a click of the play button.

Text has too many restrictions like proper sentence formation, grammar, and keeping it simple is sometimes a big challenge. Also, text demands too much attention and time from the prospect.

6. Better at Communicating Tone and Personality

Video can be used to speak directly with prospects. Video's ability to communicate tone and personality makes it a great creative way to get your message out.

When sending out those cold emails, try to use video next time. It is sure to grab your prospect's attention and make them want to respond to you.

7. Establishes Human Connection With Prospects

With technology being at its peak in the modern era, it's difficult to know if one is conversing with a bot or a human. Video clarifies that dilemma.

Video vs Text

Video lets your prospect see your face, connect with your voice, thereby making a personal connection. It can be used to speak directly with your prospects and provides a human connection that text cannot. Video is better at engaging people than text and helps strengthen your relationship with prospects.

8. Video has the Power to Break Through The Inboxes

Video can establish trust with your prospects. Imagine your prospects watching a personalized video with you in it, with an attractive thumbnail image in your email explaining the benefits of doing business with you!

Don't you think this will pique the interest over a boring text email that a few more competitors of yours already sent out? You have a better opportunity over the competition with video.

9. Video Messaging Increases Conversion Rates

Video is a great creative way to get your message out to your prospects. Video emails are more likely to be opened than text email messages. In one study, for example, 98% of video recipients watched the video vs. 57% read the corresponding message in an email

10. Can Be Used as a Tool to Reach New Audiences

With video, you can take advantage of the diminishing attention span and media fragmentation. Meaning, people are looking for something that grabs their interest right away, not reading through blocks of text or scrolling past many images. As a result, the video is quick, entertaining, and engaging.

Build Better Business Relationships With Video Messaging

The New Era is Here.

Video emails are highly efficient and more engaging than text emails.

Video is better at explaining your message and emotion to your prospect and has the ability to extend your brand’s personality. In addition, video emails allow for more creativity than just text.

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