VideoForm is capable of giving you never before seen levels of interaction with your customers, prospects, employees and trainees, allowing you to push your brand’s core message and values into the spotlight and create memorable experiences at the same time.

When you have the power to create engaging interactive video content from the comfort of your couch, the natural question arises - what is the best way to use this platform?

The answer? - Any way you like.

VideoForm is incredibly versatile for a video marketing tool - you can use it to create video content for practically any stage in the marketing funnel.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can use VideoForm to further oil up your marketing funnel and create a consistent brand experience for all your stakeholders - from inquisitive prospective customers who just heard of your services to loyal customers who have been associated with your business for years.

Grab a pen and paper.

It’s time to dive in.

What Is A Marketing Funnel?

A marketing funnel (also known as the sales funnel) is a visual representation of the buyer’s journey from prospect to paying customer. It’s called a funnel because, well, it looks like a funnel - wider at the top, representing how more prospects are captured at the beginning of your marketing strategy, then getting narrower as fewer prospects trickle down the stages until you’re finally left with a few paying customers.

There are 4 stages in the marketing funnel:

  1. Awareness Stage
  2. Consideration Stage
  3. Decision Stage
  4. Action Stage

As a business, you’ve no doubt been trying to tweak your marketing strategy to maximize the number of prospects who make it down your marketing funnel to the action stage.

Well, I’ve got some good news for you.

With VideoForm, you can use the power of interactive video marketing in every single step of the funnel, ensuring that engagement rates go up drastically and more of your prospects are convinced that your product is the right fit for them.

Here’s how.

How To Use VideoForm In The Marketing Funnel?

We’ve already shown you how you can create an effective video marketing sales funnel  that converts prospects into customers using nothing but video content.

With VideoForm, you can take this a step further - by bringing in video content that your target audience can actually interact with.

With a brilliant interactive video concept, record your video and talk directly to the prospects face-to-face to introduce your brand and improve trust, allow them to interact with your products in the consideration stage, help them view customer testimonials and feedback in the decision stage and finally create an interactive spectacle to welcome them into your family in the action stage.

All this while ensuring that you create an experience that is unique to your brand!

After all, your marketing strategy should reflect all the brand messaging that you have created till now.

Let’s dive into each stage of the sales funnel and give you some ideas and examples of VideoForms that you can use to convert customers more efficiently.

1. VideoForm in The Awareness Stage

In this stage of the marketing funnel, your potential customer is looking for a  solution to their problem. A solution you have! You need to let them know that you have exactly the product or service they’re looking for.

Use the power of videos to enhance your strategy. Brand Videos and awareness videos at this stage can help you make a great first impression.

And as any marketer knows, making good use of that first impression can help brands open up prospects better, and get them to listen to your messaging more closely.

As you can imagine, using an interactive video for your first handshake with the prospect is bound to make your future customers sit up and take notice.

Here’s a couple of ideas for VideoForms that you can make use of at this stage.

a) Interactive Brand Videos

Let your brand cut through the clutter with an Interactive Brand Video that is designed to stand out. You could record yourself, the face of your brand, welcoming viewers to your brand and introducing your brand’s products and mission.

Using the multiple choice feature, you can get viewers to check out your catalogue, get to know your brand history, understand your values, take them to your company video and so much more - creating a well rounded VideoForm that truly introduces prospects to your brand.

b) Landing Page Videos

When it comes to attracting prospects to your business, landing pages are a force to be reckoned. A lot of your prospects will end up visiting your landing page when they’re looking for the solution you have to offer.

You’ve probably already been spending time polishing your landing page, making it brighter and poppier to get the prospect to hit that all important CTA button.

Maybe you’ve even used video content on the landing page to decrease website bounce rates and keep visitors on the webpage.

Well, it’s time to take this a step further - with a VideoForm landing page.

Embedding VideoForms in your landing page is a sure shot way to really grab your prospect’s attention and keep them on the landing page. The human element of you speaking directly to the viewer, and the multiple interactions that you can create using VideoForm’s features are bound to make a bigger impact on the prospect than any amount of dazzling text ever could.

Long story short, the viewer is actively engaged in your narrative to the point where they are more than happy to click on your CTA and become a customer.

If you're looking for some inspiration to create your own landing page videos, check out our blog on the best landing page video examples today.

c) VideoForm Explainer

You already know how effective explainer videos can be when introducing a product or service to a prospect for the first time. With dazzling animation and simplified narration, you get the technical terms out and tell your prospect why they should opt for your product in under a minute.

With VideoForm, you can turn your audience from passive listeners into active participants with an interactive explainer video.

Break down your video into multiple parts and use the multiple option feature to help your audience navigate around them. Add a link to the sign up page in the end screen, and you’ve got an explainer video that converts - literally!

d) Video Emails to prospects

Email Marketing goes hand in hand with lead generation. You could go the old route and send your email list a VideoForm link that takes them to a separate webpage where they can interact with your VideoForm. Or, you could download the VideoForm extension from the Chrome Store and embed or record a VideoForm, directly from your inbox!

Emails have just become a whole lot more personal.

2. Video Forms at Consideration Stage

Alright, so now your prospect knows about you, and they’re trying to make up their mind on what they feel about your products. They need to see more of your product and understand more about your brand to really make up their mind as to whether or not your offering has any value to them.

With VideoForm, you can create an interactive conversational experience where your brand talks to the customer and answers their queries, helping boost their confidence in your products by a lightyears.

Here’s a couple of ideas for VideoForms that will work well in this stage of the marketing funnel:

a) VideoForm Testimonials

“Assurance” at this stage plays an instrumental role. And what's a better form of assurance than the ultimate social proof of your product’s capabilities - Customer testimonials.

There’s nothing like a testimonial video of your customers explaining to prospects just how your brand solved their problems and helped them achieve better results for less effort. The impact of having a real person talking to you about a real experience they had with a product is huge and can easily shape the way you perceive the brand or product.

VideoForm is a great way to present your customer testimonials.

You could have multiple testimonials in a single VideoForm, and allow users to navigate between them with the multiple option feature. You could even add a button that redirects the viewer to your website to know more about the product, helping you to slide more prospects down the sales funnel.

And that’s not all.

VideoForm is a great way to ask your existing customers for their testimonials as well!

Asking customers to take out the time to record a testimonial for your brand can be difficult. It’s a big ask, after all.

VideoForm helps you make that ask a lot more effective, by letting you record a message for the customer, personally asking them to take a few minutes to record a testimonial.

By using the video response feature, you can make it all the more easier for customers to send in their testimonials after they see your video.

b) ‘About Us’ Chatbots

VideoForm gives you the unique ability to be your own chatbot - in a way. Your usual chatbot would be just a messaging box in the corner of the screen that users can chat with to get information about your products.

It’s uninspired and honestly, boring.

Customers know they’re chatting with a bot, making your brand seem colder and more distant to them.

VideoForm solves that issue straight away.

Record yourself talking directly to your website visitors and talk to them about your brand and products. Offer them options to choose from - do they want to go through your catalogue? Do they need product support? Do they have specific questions? You can create video content for each of these questions and create pathways between them to build a more effective, warmer and friendlier chatbot experience that your visitors are sure to enjoy.

Add in some cool sections that help the customer know more about your brand - ‘About Us’, ‘Our Team’, ‘Brand History’ etc - stuff that helps them understand your name and your values better.

I know what you’re thinking - there’s no way to know and prepare a VideoForm for every question that the viewer’s will have in the future. That’s where the response option comes in handy.  Add in the option for your viewer to respond to your VideoForm via text, audio or video, and your sales team can then respond to these questions themselves. Remember - these queries need to be addressed immediately, so be on your toes!

c) Interactive Demo Videos

Product demo videos are a staple in the consideration stage of the sales funnel. These videos break down the features of the product and help viewers better understand the benefits of purchasing it.

When it comes to converting customers, demo videos have proven time and time again to be high performing video content.

It’s time to take this up a notch.

Create an interactive product demo video with VideoForm, one that’ll help viewers go through the product’s features on their own terms.

Split your product demo based on the features that you are showcasing and create video content for each feature, then stitch them up into a single VideoForm using the multiple options feature.

The best part? Since the demo is interactive and viewers can select the features they want to know the most about, you can create lengthier, more in-depth content for each feature to help viewers understand the benefits completely.

It’s a great way of giving your viewers more content, without having to worry about the length of the video - your viewers want to see more!

Add the CTA button at the end to direct viewers to a free trial, or start a conversation by adding a video response option to help them ask you any questions they may have.

The better the conversation, the more chances of converting!

3. VideoForms for Decision Stage

At this point, your prospects have been convinced that your product does suit their needs. They have compared your product to other solutions on the market and are aware that yours is the best among the lot. But they are still trying to figure out whether or not to commit to your brand and make that final purchasing decision. Your lead needs a little nudge.

So what do we do? Make an offer. Personalisation is very important at this stage.

Explore the interactive video options of VideoForm to approach your leads on a more personal level.

a) 'Ask Us Anything' VideoForms

VideoForm is all about interacting with your viewers - something that’s all the more important when trying to push prospects into clicking that purchase button. Your leads are bound to have several questions about your products, services, delivery time, pricing, etc.

An ‘Ask Us Anything’ interactive video that lets users ask you questions via audio, video or text is just the sort of VideoForm you can create to help them get answers to these questions.

b) Interactive Case Studies

You can also make interactive videos that show the viewers successful cases where your products were deployed and used to solve a problem. You could create a video for each case study and use the multiple option feature to let the viewer navigate to the specific case that they’re interested in.

c) Company Culture VideoForm

Company culture videos are a great way of helping viewers better understand how your company functions. By showing off your work culture, you give the audience a taste of the values your brand stands for, and the mission that you are focussed on as a business. It’s great content for building your company’s reputation!

With VideoForm, you can create a company culture video that takes viewers around your organization, allowing them to navigate between different scenes and giving them an interactive behind the scenes of your business.

What’s more, this sort of video doesn’t just attract more leads to your business, it also great for positioning your brand as a haven for employees - meaning, you’ll be attracting lots of fresh, talented individuals who relate to your values and are willing to work to help you achieve your mission for a smaller paycheck.

4. VideoForms In The Action Stage


You’ve successfully converted your leads into paying customers.

But now, you need to ensure that the experience you offer is equal to, if not above the expectations they have in mind.

Nobody likes a brand that oversells the experience.

If your new customer feels that your service isn’t as great as you had advertised, you’ll be building a bad reputation faster than you can say ‘marketing’.

In this stage, you need to focus on creating the brand experience for your new clients - giving them that special attention they deserve and assuring them that they have made the right choice.

This is how you make your new customers loyal to your brand, allowing you to cross sell better solutions to them and ensure that they spread positive reviews to their contacts on your behalf - after all, word of mouth, is the most effective form of marketing there is!

Retain them and let them know that you still value them. Keep them informed about your brand and new launches. Help them leverage your solution by sending them educational information, etc.

Again! What could have replaced the power of videos at this stage?

Statistics say, 54% of the consumers expect video content from a brand they are associated with. Don't stop yourself from exploiting this very insight.

Here’s a couple of ideas that you could try out:

a) Onboarding VideoForm

Your customers have placed a good deal of trust in your brand to have finally purchased your product or service. It’s time to show them that they made the right choice, with an interactive onboarding video.

The idea is simple - Pen a heartfelt message telling the customer just how much it means to you and your brand that they have chosen to put their confidence in your products and deliver this message yourself to your newfound customer on camera. Then ask them what they would like to do first - maybe go through FAQs, provide them with a video to set up and operate the product, show them how they can make the best use of the product… All this can be navigated between using the multiple choice option. If you have an online instruction manual for customers to check out, you could redirect them to it with a linked button. If your customer wants to upgrade their product, you could redirect them to your payments page. And of course, if they have any questions, the video response option is always available!

b) Feature And Launches Promotion VideoForms

Your customers should be the first priority for your brand. So when it comes to a new update, feature or product launch, you customers should be the first to know!

You could just write an email detailing the launch to your customers.

But we say you go the extra mile and create video content that can be made interactive with VideoForm.

Similar to the product demo VideoForm we mentioned above, use the multiple option feature to let audiences navigate between features on the new product, use the response feature to collect queries from your customers and have a cta button ready to whisk the viewer away to the purchase portal - all in one seamless interactive experience.

c) Customer Support VideoForms

This is basically the Chatbot VideoForm in the Consideration Stage, repurposed to help your customers get support for their queries.

Start off with a simple introduction that tells viewers that any of their queries will be answers, give multiple troubleshooting options for viewers to navigate through, and leave a response button that helps customers send in a query if it isn’t listed in the VideoForm.

To Finish Up

Well, those were just a couple of ideas that you can use when creating VideoForms. But remember, there’s a whole lot more that you can do with the interactive video creation platform - It’s all up to your creativity. Just how out of the box can you think?

The experience you give your stakeholders doesn’t have to be one sided.

That’s what VideoForm can help you do.

And that’s not all.

Add tracking codes to keep up with the progress of your VideoForms, level up your SEO game, embed videos to your websites and landing pages and connect with 1000+ apps through zapier - everything you need, is built right into the platform

So what are you waiting for? Try VideoForm for FREE today!