A product demo video basically shows your audience how your product works. It lets people understand exactly what you're offering them, but even more importantly it attempts to convince people that they absolutely need what you have.

That sounds fairly straightforward, doesn't it? But especially when you have a product that is too innovative or has too many functionalities, you may not be able to get your point across to your prospect in the limited attention span they've decided to devote to you.

So what do you do then? Interactive video marketing can be a lifesaver here.

Here is our interactive product demo made with Supademo

VideForm is a tool that can help you out in all your marketing needs and help you build a watertight marketing funnel. It can do so much for you- make video sales emails, video testimonials, contact forms, recruitment videos, collect video feedback, automate lead qualification, or just create random fun stuff.

And it can also help you create mind-blowing, jaw-dropping product demo videos.

Interactive video can bring life to your product demos.

Why Create Interactive Product Demos

So why exactly is creating an amazing product video important? A good product video should be-

  • Helping your audience understand how your product works.
  • Introducing and explaining new or innovative products to the market.
  • Detailing the benefits of your product.
  • Listing the advantages it has over similar products in the market.
  • Answering common customer queries.
  • Drawing people deeper into your marketing funnel, especially at the consideration stage.
  • And ultimately driving sales.

So there is so much that you need to do with a product video. You may find it difficult to cram all of this into a conventional video.

A product video is generally aimed at driving new sales, but it also needs to think about the needs of existing customers and answer potential questions they may have. Your audience is varied. You may be confused as to what particular aspect of the product to put first and highlight.

A good product demo video details the benefits of your product in a fun, light hearted manner.

VideoForm is a solution that cuts through all this confusion to create personalized video compilation that is capable of catering to a wide range of audiences.

With VideoForm, you can create a product demo video that is so much more than a product demo video. An interactive product demo video created on VideoForm-

  • Serves as a comprehensive guide to your product that tells your customer about all the features of your product in detail.
  • Lets the viewer curate the content and choose what and how much they want to know about.
  • Can cater to the needs of all viewers at all stages of your marketing funnel- existing customers and new prospects.
  • Enables you to stop worrying about the length of the video, viewer attention spans, and prioritizing features.
  • Opens up an active line of communication between you and your prospects and customers.
  • Answers customer questions effectively.
  • Keeps viewers entertained and coming back for more.

What To Do When Creating Your Product Demo On VideoForm

VideoForm is a unique platform for creating interactive and dynamic personalized videos, and there is so much you can get out of this tool.

But even before you get to incorporating the specific features of VideoForm as well as bringing in the interactive element to your product videos, it is important to have a good idea of what you're making.

When creating any product demo video, there are a couple of things you need to consider- you need to have a clear goal in mind, be perfectly aware of who your target audience is and what they want, and consider exactly how your video is going to be made- animation or live-action produced in-house or via an external agency.

For instance, if you're creating a demo for a physical product, say an appliance or equipment, you definitely need a live, professional demonstration of its features and working.

Once you've got your plan in place, you're ready to upgrade it and turn your mundane product video into an interactive video.

1. Split Your Product Features

The first thing you need to do is split all the functionality of your product into bite-sized features. Each feature must be distinct and have a separate significance of its own.

The goal is to make it so that a viewer searching for a particular feature can access that particular one easily. They don’t need to fast forward through a pile of stuff they don’t want to get to what they do.

You're giving the viewers the power of choice, which makes it easier for them to control the video, and thus makes it more likely that they’ll watch, and pay attention to it.

2. Go In-depth About Each Feature

You have your features all split and sorted. In your run-of-the-mill product video, your entire video is generally around five minutes, and you have to cram all your explanations into those few minutes.

But the thing about breaking up your demo is that you get to really go into in-depth explanations of each feature, without worrying that your video is going to appear too long.

Your audience is getting to choose exactly what they want to watch, so it is safe to take up a decent amount of their time talking about it.

When your viewer clicks on the link that takes them to the video that talks about the camera in your smartphone, you better make sure you're saying all you can say about the camera on your smartphone.

Explain how each feature on your product works.

It doesn’t matter how long the entire video adds up to; an hour, two, whatever. You just need to be careful to not go over the attention span of the viewer during each individual part, which explains each individual feature.

The viewer can watch one or two parts that interest them, or they may end up watching it all. There is a reason why you can binge-watch five 50-minute episodes of a TV series, but can’t even think of making it through a movie that’s longer than three hours. When you break down something into bite-sized pieces they simply go down easier.

3. Showcase Your Product’s Benefits

A product demo video isn’t just about making a how-it-works video. You also need to tackle the why. Why does your viewer need this product? And why do they need this one, and not the next thing two websites over?

Devote enough time to explaining out the benefits that your product can provide the customer.

4. Use Relevant Scenarios

In order to properly make your customer understand the how’s and whys of your product, you need to give them context. Provide them with depictions of relatable scenarios to fully illustrate the capabilities of your product.

Don’t underestimate the power of storytelling. A good story always sells.

5. Create A Chain Of Interactions

Put yourself into your viewer’s shoes. Think like them. Imagine what they want to watch next when they’re done with one particular segment. Would they want to explore a different feature? See a customer testimonial? Or are they at the brink needing just a little push, and you need something with enough force to close the deal?

Creating a chain of interactions gives the viewer control over the video and keeps things flowing.

The goal is to keep them informed and entertained enough so they keep on interacting with your video. Do not let a viewer finish a part and feel confused about where to go next. Keep them in the chain, going from one point of interest to another. Also, let the chain flow naturally and not feel forced.

6. Loopback To The Product Features

This is an important point to take note of, and one many miss. The viewers are offered a choice in the beginning with regard to what part of the VideoForm they want to watch.

But once they’re finished with that, they need to be led back to the menu so they can choose to watch something about another feature if they want. It’s the same as placing a Home button on every screen of an application.

7. Add Your CTA

Including a Call to Action in the video is necessary to convert prospects into a potential customer for the company. So at the end of the video, provide a clear and specific next step or the call to action, like download a trial, request more information, or maybe buy now.

The CTA is what the whole video is aimed toward. The entire video is about making sure the prospect doesn’t leave ignoring the CTA.

8. Use It As A Contact Form

The purpose of a product demo video is to explain your product to the viewers but don’t let it be just that. Even if you can’t convince your viewer to click on the “Buy Now” CTA, they’re not out of your reach. If you manage to get their contact details, they become a lead, they’re part of your sales funnel, and you can work from there.

You can include a contact form at the beginning of the video, in the end, or at any point when your viewer decides to leave. But what’s important is to make sure you don’t let them slip away without putting it in front of them.

9. Keep Your Brand’s Personality In Mind

Building a loyal customer base is about keeping consistency in all of your marketing material.

You need to have a clear idea of what your brand values are, what is the energy you want to showcase, what you as a brand is all about. So when making any video set the tone of the video in accordance with your brand personality.

This helps build that positive association with your brand in your viewers’ minds. It shows consistency in your videos and your user subconsciously recognizes your brand in each frame.

Keep your branding guidelines in mind.

Branding is also about including your logo and showcasing your brand colors throughout all the videos in your videos.


Are you looking for a way to make your videos more interactive and engaging? Personalized video may be the answer.

By incorporating some of the strategies we’ve discussed in this blog post, you can create videos that keep viewers hooked until the very end.

Ready to see how it works? Book a demo with our team today and let us show you how personalized video can take your marketing strategy to the next level.

So hop on board and start making amazing product demo videos and you’ll soon begin wondering how you ever did these any other way.