Save time, accelerate sales, and improve service quality by booking sales appointments and scheduling calls with Calendly.

Calendly coupled with Videoform helps you in booking more and more meeting appointments without any hassle.

Staying busy is good for businesses. However, staying chaotic can cost you time and revenue. That is why, scheduling and planning your meetings and appointments is an important step.

By integrating your Videoform with Calendly, you can take your scheduling to a next level while giving your consumers a pleasant experience. Conferencing no longer needs to be complicated!

Why are Sales Calls Important?

Your stunning website and meticulously curated content might be working as a magnet for prospects. But without the personal connection and human assurance, these prospects will never get converted.

That is why sales calls are super important in navigating your leads through the sales funnel. And making these calls easily accessible, well-planned and hassle-free is even more important to give your prospect a pleasant experience.

After all, these sales calls are a glimpse of your actual service and its impact would reflect on your lead’s decision making graph.

With VideoForm’s Calendly integration in your arsenal, you can do this with precision and accuracy. Read on to know how.

What Is Calendly?

Calendly is one of the most popular and convenient digital calendars on the internet.  It lets you schedule your meetings by synchronizing with your calendar and locking dates for your meetings with your customers/clients.

The digital calendar tool lets you ditch the traditional way of emails, phone calls, etc by letting you book meeting appointments in just a couple of clicks.

You can now integrate Calendly with your Videoform to allow your visitors to book appointments, demos and schedule class with your sales team in just a few clicks. Let Calendly know your availability preferences and it’ll do the work for you.

How Can Videoform Help Schedule Calls ?

Videoform + Calendly = Hassle-free Interactions

Coupling your Videoform with Calendly gives you an interactive advantage over your competitors:

1. Integrate Your Videoform With Calendly

You can integrate Calendly with your Videoform account and add it as a call-to-action to your video.

This can be done in a dozen of scenarios. For example, you can add it at the end of a Videoform tutorial of your product or as a conclusion to your sales pitch of your service. It comes extremely handy for customer servicing too.

Adding Calendly to your Videoform is one great way of giving your visitors and clients an easy medium to reach you.

2. Set The Right Expectations

Videoform lets you exhibit your brand’s personality. This works brilliantly well in setting the tone and context for the meeting with your visitors and clients.

For instance, a frantic prospect who lands on to your website would be skeptical about scheduling a sales call or would need an extra push to do so.

With Videoform, you can capture the prospect and give prospects an insight into your way of working so that they warm up to you and request a demo.

This is just one example of incorporating Calendly to your sales marketing strategy.

There are a couple of ways through which you can use videos and set the right expectations for your prospect before they schedule a meeting.

3. Build A Personal Relationship Before The Call

Phone calls and online conferences do not have the personal touch of physical meetings. Subsequently, they are clouded with awkwardness for the first couple of minutes.

But with Videoform, you can build a personal connection with your visitor or customer before the actual meeting. You can warm the visitor up and give them the heads up of how the meeting would be.

This way they would feel more comfortable in phone calls and video conferences as they know who they are talking to and about what.

4. Answer Queries Face-To-Face Before Your Calendly Meeting

You can use a combination of pictures, videos, forms and questions to build a Videoform for your visitor’s sales queries or customer queries. The visitor can then ask their questions even before the scheduled meeting.

This way you can understand the prerequisites for the meeting or even answer a few queries before the meeting. And in case the issue/concern does not require a meeting session, then you can resolve it via the platform itself.

Besides, such face-to-face interaction can help you calm down angry customers and buy some extra time to retain your visitors.

5. Make Your Funnel More Fool-Proof

By adding Calendly as a call to action to each of your steps in your sales / marketing funnel, you are making the whole process a lot more transparent and conversational.

It is a beautiful reminder to your visitors, prospects, and clients that you are at their beck and call. It can be a great back up to all your sales pitches too.

How To Add Calendly To Your Videoform ?

Integrating Calendly with Videoform is pretty straightforward and would take just a couple of minutes for execution. Here’s how you can create a Videoform integrated with Calendly:

Step 1 :

When you log into Videoform again, you’ll see a “Create Videoform” option on the details page.

Clicking on this will provide you with everything you would need for getting started with recording your video. This is where you can add your videos, GIFs, and couple them with forms and questions to make a stellar Videoform.

Create Videoform

Step 2:

Once you are on the "Create Videoform" page, you can add your chosen video to the VideoForm.

You can do this in a couple of ways i.e. by uploading videos from your system or taking on the spot video via your webcam. You can also choose GIFs from the library.

Select The Type of Recording

Once that is done, click on continue.

Step 3:

In the next step you can add text to show on top of the video. This way you can add subtitles to your Videoform making it super easy for your visitors to view it anywhere, anytime.

Adding text on to your video would also work really well for GIFs or videos without vocals.

Add Subtitles

Step 4:

This is the step where you get to integrate a digital calendar into your Videoform. All you have to do is add click on "Change CTA" and select the “Calendar” option. Enter your Calendly link in the given space with a CTA label. For example,

Click on Change CTA
Select Calendar
Add Calendar Link

Step 5:

The video step will be added to the Videoform, and you will be redirected to the Videoform details page.

Click on ‘Preview’ to view the Videoform. You can also add more videos to your Videoform to make it a multi pathway video.


Step 6:‍

In this step, click on the "Book a Meeting" CTA button and you can check the Calendly link. Ensure that the link is functionable and working the way you want it to.

Check The Calendar

Now, your Videoform is integrated to Calendly and is all set to work for your sales and marketing efforts. Your customer can now book a meeting by selecting the date and time, in the Calendly widget.

And this is how your Videoform would look when you share your Calendly.

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