It's no secret that attention spans are short these days, and reading lengthy writing pieces is difficult.

As prospects are constantly assaulted with information, they don't have the time or patience to read emails anymore!

On top of that, it is difficult to stand out and connect with target audience with text only.

That's why videos are important for small businesses to pull through the noise. You don't have to be a big tech company to share your knowledge with the world.

Share your expertise with the world and make yourself known with Videoform which is better than YouTube videos for business.

There are many ways to share what you know, whether it's information on how best to automate marketing strategy or interior decorating tips. Here are some examples of videos for small business you can use it your next campaign!

8 Examples of Videos For Small Businesses

1. Introduce Yourself

Introducing yourself and explaining what your company does with a video is important for any professional service or product offered today!

A video is a perfect way to make your business more personal and engaging.

The best small businesses use videos as an extension of themselves, adding them onto their homepage or social media pages for target audience's convenience in understanding what they offer with just a few seconds on camera!

2. Video On Your Landing Page

Landing pages are important because they allow users to enter information about their preferences and expectations.

It is essential for sellers of products or services to have a product explainer video on the landing page. Therefore video can be used as an effective tool to lead prospects into becoming customers by providing valuable product data before the conversion occurs.

Videoform can be used to add videos and personal messages on landing pages. This is more powerful than a text-based contact form because it makes prospects feel like they're being spoken with instead of promotional videos, thus increasing conversions by up to 300%.

3. Highlight Social Proof

Your products will not sell themselves, so it is important to get your audience's attention and increase brand awareness. One way you can do this is by sending customer testimonial videos as evidence that other people are already buying your product or service- which means they will buy too if given enough opportunity!

Highlighting examples of satisfied customers gives potential buyers confidence in what you offer them - knowing there's an actual human being on hand willing to answer any questions makes all the difference.

4. Repurpose Blog Posts into Videos

Repurposing blog content into videos not only allows you to reach a wider audience but also enables your company's main website to properly serve as a landing page for those who've shared the video on social media.

The first step is to convert the visual text and images from your blog post into an animation or video by adding captions and explanations (sometimes in voice-over).

Posting these videos on YouTube or your blog post allows people to watch with ease via their phone/tablet app, thus saving time and strengthen your marketing strategy.

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5. Share Your Origin Story

A company origin or a company story video showcases your brand and ensures potential customers know what to expect from it.

It can also help you recruit new talent, generate buzz for events or products in the development stages of release - all the while being an engaging watchable content piece that generates excitement about working at one's own company!

It should be created with a professional tone of voice and provide accurate information about its product or service and show how it can benefit customers somehow.  

A good example would be establishing your brand's credibility by showing off what makes you unique from other companies competing within the same industry, as well as highlighting customer testimonials.

6. Record Your Screen For Tutorials

Creating screen recording videos is important. These short, informative clips will allow you to better satisfy and engage with your prospects and customers on the fly and solve their problems.

For instance, if your company posts a lot of written tutorials on how to use the software with great descriptions and examples for users, you can boost engagement by providing video tutorials that are just as engaging. Many people find small business videos much easier than reading text all day long!

Screen Recording Videos For Marketing & Sales
Send screen recorded videos to market your product, attract new customers, and increase sales.

7. Thank Your Customers with Videos

Loyal customers are a goldmine for your business. Make them feel appreciated by sending the occasional reminder that you care and a simple thank you by recording a personal video.

Sending a video thank you to your customers makes them feel special and boosts their faith in the brand.

8. Teaser Videos

Bored? Why not spice up your company's social media with some mystery and excitement to keep the audience interested. Shoot short teaser videos about a new product you're releasing or an event coming soon.

A 30-second video is all it takes to get your audience engaged. For instance, if you are launching a new feature for a software company and want more people on board with what's going on in the tech space, then maybe showing off some clips would do just that!

This means you need an engaging intro where they can see how wonderful your product is.

All in All

As you've just seen, these are some examples of video for small business which helps improve how people view your company.

With creative video marketing ideas for small businesses like yours, it's time to get out there and start filming content.

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