When it comes to video, two heavy hitters come up in the conversation: Vimeo and YouTube. While both platforms have their pros and cons, which one is best for your business?

Video is a powerful tool for marketers to use in their long-term strategy. It can get your message across and connect you with people, making it an excellent way to get new clients (especially millennials). So now's the time to take it seriously!

Let's dive in.....

Vimeo Vs YouTube

For most companies, YouTube will be the superior option. With YouTube's free service and better performance in search, the platform is a no-brainer for most businesses.

Vimeo is another option for video hosting; however, it may not be a great option if you need precise branding or sophisticated assistance.

The Benefits of YouTube


1. YouTube has a Huge Growing Audience

YouTube is a platform with the potential to reach an audience of over one billion people.

YouTube offers an incomparable suite of powerful tools for creators, such as free video editing apps, community-building initiatives like Gaming Creator Studio, and the ability to sell merchandise via crowdsourced products.

It is popular among 18-49-year-old adults.

2. Marketing on YouTube Can Assist You in Getting Found on Google

Marketing your business by uploading videos to YouTube appears to be a good decision because this way, not only do people who use YouTube see your video, but so does Google and other search engines that have a partnership with the site.

As long as your content is SEO-friendly and you put keywords in the best spots, including an H1 header, a page title, meta tags, links to a website page throughout video descriptions and transcripts; you're well on track to positively affect which pages show up when there are searches.

Vimeo vs YouTube

That means when potential customers are searching for companies relevant to yours, the chances of them stumbling upon your brand increases significantly.

3. Build Your Email List in YouTube

If you have a useful video series about how to do something, be it cooking or knitting or anything, embed a link in your description so people can check out other videos in the series and subscribe to a notification when you publish a new one!

Build your email list

It's super easy, and it could bring more revenue-generating opportunities. Just have viewers subscribe with their email address to hear from you again.

4. YouTube is Free to Use

YouTube is a free internet video portal, which allows users to upload videos and share them with other channels.

No software needs to be purchased, and it comes with advertising capabilities already built-in. In addition, it's the world's second-largest search engine (second only to Google).

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5. Drives Revenue

YouTube is more than just a social media site for cat videos. It can be an effective marketing platform that can produce positive ROI over time.

YouTube is one of the top 5 channels with e-commerce conversion rates, driving up to 3X as many conversions.

YouTube Drives Revenue

Drive revenue with YouTube for business by posting videos frequently. And it's not what you post that can make or break your success; it's how frequently you update your channel.

Uploading new content over time builds an audience of viewers and potential customers.

Disadvantages of YouTube for Business

1. Viewers Must Sit Through an Ad Before Watching the Video

Your video may be skipped before it plays because your viewers must sit through an ad. It all depends on the format, but most ads can usually be skipped after five seconds.

The maximum length for a compulsory advertising viewing might be up to 30 seconds.

However, despite the fact that the ad-free YouTube Premium version has 50 million subscribers it hasn't exploded in popularity.

YouTube ads

The main issue is if the pre-roll ad comes from one of your rivals or another undesirable source.

Also, if the advertisement has been targeted to the features of your viewer: age, gender, location, hobbies, and so on., it may appear in front of your video.

2. It is Easier to Lose Prospects to Your Competition

When it comes to relevant content tags that are utilized, there's a good chance your competition is using the same ones as you.

This implies that if prospects watch your video, they will be exposed to your competition.

Lose to your competitors

If you and your competition both offer comparable services or products to a potential prospect, they may like the value proposition of your competitor more than yours.

Of course, as a bonus, you get this in return, but stealing prospects is a less reliable source of income than building your own.

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3. You May Cannibalize Traffic to Your Website

You want people to come to your site, but YouTube wants them to stick around. They're also very skilled at executing it.

Who hasn't gotten lost in the attraction of suggested videos?

To encourage people to visit your site, make a plausible argument for them to do so, and utilize those clickable annotations.

Benefits of Vimeo For Business


1. No Pre-Roll Ads

Vimeo is a site with no video ads. All of the videos on Vimeo are ad-free, so prospects can focus on watching content, not working around or sitting through ads.

So you can rest easy knowing your target audience won't have to watch a distracting or irrelevant commercial.

2. High-Quality Content

Vimeo is a great place to go for high-quality videos. Basic and Pro both offer commercial-free playback of archived videos, no advertisements, enhanced privacy protection, faster-uploading speeds, unlimited downloads, and more than five times the storage space that YouTube provides.

Vimeo consists of independent filmmakers, documentarians, and videographers. The YouTube homepage displays what's popular; Vimeo offers just "Staff Picks," films with high production values.

3. Customizable Player and Embed Options

Vimeo offers customizable player and embed options that include changing one's default thumbnail, font size, coloration, and even making the video play by hovering over its respective thumbnail or clicking on a customized button.

4. Better Privacy Control

You may set your privacy settings to restrict who can view your videos.

You have many options, including as simple as password-protecting a video or allowing which accounts can watch it.

Only public, unlisted, and personal choices are available on YouTube.

5. Supportive Community

Vimeo also has a safe and supportive community, so it's a nice break from the expectations on other social media networks.

There are discussions, people sharing their day-to-day videos, movie trailers, and everything in between.

Supportive community

Visitors have noted that this platform feels much more personal than YouTube because there's much less trolling going on here.

Disadvantages of Vimeo For Business

  1. Vimeo for business is not free to use
  2. Vimeo has a limited number of video uploads compared to YouTube.
  3. Vimeo videos are less visible on social media platforms because their links are harder to share relative to YouTube.
  4. Vimeo lacks the audience and viewership numbers compared with YouTube.
  5. Vimeo cannot be used in conjunction with advertising campaigns due to its lack of an ad platform.

What Does Videoform Built for Businesses Offer?

YouTube and Vimeo are great for business purposes, but nothing beats a specific platform built for sending business videos.

Videoform is a video marketing platform that combines tools for both B2B and consumer businesses.

Record video

It aids in the tracking of revenue, pipeline activity and integrates well with other services such as HubSpot to satisfy all of a business's demands!

With Videoform's automated marketing solution, brands can adapt their messaging to be more personal and creative, resulting in a better message.

In addition, with a rapidly developing digital environment in which consumers are unsure who is behind the screen, with this technology, you may incorporate human touch points across your prospect experience without having them concerned about that!

Most experts consider video metrics information to be significant and useful in qualifying prospects, engaging the prospects, and influencing deals that will enable salespeople to close more business and Videoform offers that!

Video Analytics

This is why Videoform is the best alternative to YouTube or Vimeo for you to create videos.

It is the perfect tool to turn your one-way message into an engaging two-way conversation.

The interface of this app will make video creation quick, painless, and very easy on you and leave your prospects feeling like they are building genuine relationships by witty interactions!

Videoform allows you to go above and beyond with video analytics that help you track video engagement, understand your audience, and convert views into outcomes.

Create Videos Online | Webcam, Screen & Audio Recorder
Record videos directly in your browser & automatically save to cloud. Record screen & webcam, webcam, & screen capture online with Videoform. Try for free!

It may be used as a communications tool across your whole organization, in addition to hosting your marketing content.

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Benefits of Using Videoform For Business Videos

  1. Take the customer from a passive watcher to an active participant by creating one-to-one videos that bring some of your brand's offline experience and personality online.
  2. Guide your customers through your product's features and help them find the answer with screen recording videos.
  3. Create custom video landing pages with your logo & brand colors
  4. See who's viewing your videos, CTA clicks with detailed video analytics
  5. Personalize videos with CRM data
  6. Get customer feedback & collect video testimonials.
  7. Automate your marketing activities with video automation
  8. Send video emails at scale
  9. Add personalized thumbnails with your customers’ name, company, logo etc.
  10. Embed videos on the website
  11. Send video emails directly from Gmail, outlook or HubSpot CRM
  12. Video API - Add video recording inside your application
  13. Video Stories - Create a video bot with if-this then that conditional logic

With so many features available, it is up to you to decide and choose the right video marketing platform.

If you are interested, sign up for Videoform and see whether it fits your business.