Let's be honest; time is money. And if you're adding anything new into your routine, it needs to make an impact immediately and get the job done faster and more efficiently than before.

Video personalization
Video Personalization

As a salesperson with limited hours each day, you need ways to enhance your efficiency without sacrificing effectiveness.

This is where 1-1 video emails come into play and change the way you send routine emails.

Let's dive in to find out what is 1-1 video email is in detail...

Definition & How to Use

A video created for one specific person is called a 1-1 video email.

Usually, the same video cannot be used for multiple prospects as you have recorded it for one particular prospect. However, it helps you build a personal rapport with prospects faster than ever.  

Video Email
1-1 Video Email

This is because the face-to-face interaction happening between a salesperson and potential customers is interactive.

It is in human nature to trust one-on-one interaction rather than boring text emails.

Video emails are more personal than a text or video messages because they're delivered in real-time as you speak.

This will give your recipient a sense of urgency and make them feel like they have the opportunity to ask questions while they're watching.

As video becomes more popular, it's no wonder salespeople are opting for the added boost of this media in outreach campaigns.

One of the best examples is using 1-1 video content for prospecting, which becomes a powerful tool for your sales process.

When someone sees 1-1 video content on a screen and then takes action by clicking or taking an email link further to learn more about what they saw, that is called "open rates."

  • You can utilize 1:1 video to follow up
  • For introducing yourself & your product
  • Marketing to high value individuals
  • Stalled opportunity sequences

The best way to approach video prospecting is to start using VideoForm. You can recording videos from inside the tools you already use.

Using video in your sales process makes your job easier because it allows you to stand out and build trust faster. It also allows you to build a process in a remote environment and increases revenue opportunities.