Did you know that video is a powerful sales tool? It's been proven to increase conversion rates, which means you can close more deals and more revenue for your business!

We are not making this up!

A survey conducted to test the efficacy of “Video” found that the number of businesses using video as a sales tool has increased by 41% since 2016. The businesses confirm that video is an important aspect of their sales strategy

If you're looking for ways to increase conversion rates for your B2B Business, then it's time to consider investing in video. Videos are not only engaging and entertaining but also provide information in an easy-to-understand format.

They engage with prospects on a personal level and bring them one step closer to conversions. In this blog post, we will talk about how video can help you with B2B sales!

What is B2B Video?

B2B Video

B2B video is a business to business video solution that lets one brand tell stories, present product demonstrations, and connect with prospects on a personal level. They are specific and made to create a high impact and influence decision-making.

You might wonder what the difference between a B2B video and a B2C video is. B2B videos are more focused on educating the prospect about the service/product and on driving conversion rates.

B2C videos are fairly entertaining, light-hearted, and aimed at creating brand awareness. They are mainly focused on driving conversations.

Any video content can be used as a great sales tool to connect with prospects when done correctly.

Should You Use Video For Your Business?

It's a question that's been on the mind of many founders and CEOs. The answer is yes! Here are the top 7 reasons why!

  1. Video improves search ranking
  2. Makes a strong personal connection with prospects
  3. Cut through the clutter and get more eyeballs on your message, products, or services
  4. Creates new opportunities for trade shows, event sponsorship, and other corporate initiatives
  5. Generates higher conversion rates than any other form of content or lead generation tool
  6. Humanizes your brand by showing customers what you're truly about
  7. Optimizes customer experiences and strengthens relationships by building trust with your prospects

Type Of B2B Videos

1. Promotional and Explainer videos

This type of video format is used to promote a product or service that you offer. It's often characterized by animated graphics, bright colors, catchy music, rapid cuts from one idea or person to the next.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are usually backed up with bullet points and a logical order, which makes them ideal for teaching people what your company does. These videos are often educational.

2. Sales Videos

Popularly known as 1-1 videos, sales videos are intended to help the sales team with  converting leads. These videos are created by the salespeople to build rapport with prospects and to establish a personal connection.

Sales Videos

Sales videos are different from promotional videos and don’t involve high production costs. They can be highly personalized to a prospect. It is interactive and includes a call to action that allows your prospect to reply to the video, book a meeting with you or even sign a contract.

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3. Instructional Videos

Popularly known as "How-to" videos, this type of video is used to instruct viewers on how to do something. The tone and style can be anything from serious (think: tutorials) to entertaining or amusing.

Example: How to make a product demo video?

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4. Testimonial Video

This type is used when you want to show your customers or prospects talking about how satisfied they are with the product/service. Customer testimonials are helpful for businesses to prove credibility to a prospect.

5. Product Demonstration

This type is used when you want to show prospects your product/service in action, and teach them what it does while they're watching. It's often interactive and helpful for companies with very complex products where descriptive explanations can't do the trick.

6. Live Video

With an increasing number of businesses using social media as a promotional & lead-generating tool, streaming live videos are catching up and gaining huge popularity in the business world.

Live Video

Live streaming is real-time and drives 2-way conversations, establishes a personal connection and builds trust. They create real engagement and are easier to produce and are cost-effective.

Where To Publish B2B Videos?

The platform you choose to publish your B2B video depends on your strategy to reach prospects and your end goal.  

You can always publish on your website homepage, to begin with. Going omnichannel is always recommended.

  • Promotional videos can go on Social media platforms like Linkedin and youtube channel
  • Testimonial videos and Case Study videos should go on the website pages dedicated to your clients. Use your videos wisely to build trust with your prospects.
  • Sales videos can be included in emails to engage more efficiently with your prospects
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Should I Invest In B2B Video?

If I were you, I would!

If you're looking to generate more leads and conversions, then it's time to start incorporating video content into your sales strategy.

Videos can be used at every stage of the sales cycle from product demonstrations to sales presentations, or inviting sign-ups from social media platforms.

At this point, with more people watching videos online than ever before, if you’re not using video as part of your sales strategy, you are definitely missing out on catching up with the competition.

But, what if you don’t have any experience making videos? No problem! You can do better!

We offer personalized video services that can cater to your prospect anytime. Book a demo to know more.