I remember when I first started working in content marketing.

The amount of content I needed to produce on a daily basis was overwhelming. And, as someone who likes to write "from the heart," finding ways to make my content feel personal and engaging was a constant challenge.

Thankfully, over the months I've learned a few tricks for creating personalized content at scale with my team.

Creative automation makes that dream come true. You can create amazing creatives and meet timelines and increase productivity.

So, whether you're struggling to come up with fresh ideas or simply don't have enough time in your day, these techniques will help you create images or videos that feels authentically you.

Let's get started!

What is Creative Automation?

Everyone knows the importance of content when it comes to marketing. Content drives engagement and generates leads.

So, it's imminent for companies and marketers to produce content at scale and in high volumes to keep the audience engaged. But how to produce large volumes of content with less effort? That's where creative automations with personalization comes into the picture.


Creative automation in play

Creative automation process involves changing certain aspects of your video or image content. For example, if you want to create high volumes of same content copy with small variations, you can do this using some tools. You don't have to vest too many resources in this process.

You can use creative automation to make small changes like the file size, format, banners, texts, CTAs,  graphic elements to your content copy.

In a nutshell, creative automation helps digital marketers, advertisers, and companies to create content in higher volumes and at scale to plan marketing campaigns ahead and drive engagement.

Take a look at this video template for example:

Mortgage Loans - Video Personalization Template
Send personalized videos to customers who need mortgage loans. See an example and explanation below!

Why Use Creative Automation!

Creative automation offers many benefits for companies and marketing teams. Here are the top reasons why brands should use it in content production strategy and the benefits of using creative automation.

  • Creates content in large volumes and at scale
  • Increases productivity by eliminating time-taking tasks from creatives' workflow
  • Creative automation helps you scale your production
  • Reduces overall costs to manage & optimize marketing campaigns
  • Reduces the processes of continuous edits in your master copy by automating changes in your content copy.
  • Help increase brand engagement and maintain brand consistency
  • Creates scope for collaborative workflows
  • Creates personalized and customized campaigns in real-time
  • Reaches your audience quicker and provides for faster brand recall
  • A very cost-effective solution that is easier to implement by using in house design to make multiple creatives
  • Automation solutions for your ad campaigns
  • Drives better conversations in the team and creates collaborative workflows

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How to Use Creative Automation?

There are multiple tools available in the market to implement creative automation in your workflow.

For example:

Base templates

Let's say you have a product launch coming up, and you have planned the launch on digital mediums and platforms. You'll need an advertising campaign across channels to reach your target audience.

Your campaign content and digital assets need to be consistent to maintain a brand image and follow a unified theme. But, you'll also have to make micro changes to suit different geographies and personas. No one size fits them all.

So, now you have a lot of minor edits that consume a lot of your resources, time, and energy on your content. To increase resources productivity, you can either use tools to create automatic workflows or outsource the edits to companies that create personalized content for you with specifications you provided.

With such an exercise, now you have a high volume of content to distribute across channels to run a hassle-free campaign and drive results.

All these tools do is make minor edits or changes like change the size/format of your content add text or personalized elements to your content.

Step by Step Process of Creating Content Using Creative Automation:

Step 1:

Add your base creative/ content like an image or a video.

Creative template

Step 2:

Upload your CSV data sheet with data on specifications you require on your creatives/content and about key aspects of your campaign.

You need to provide data you want on your personalized content in like names, logo, overlays, CTAs, language, etc., to each asset or content.

Step 3:

Get dynamic content at scale with specifications implemented.

Image personalization

Your message is now generated on your content, which you can readily use for your personalized campaigns.

You can add any elements to your images or videos like logos, names, etc., and build on-brand custom content.

Image Personalization

Concluding word!

Nowadays, marketers are using personalized and micro-targeted content to reach  potential customers . The only way to sustain in a highly competitive business environment and make a sale is by continuous engagement.

To boost engagement rates, you need to interact with your customer base by producing content continuously and at scale.

So, changing your approach in producing creatives gives you an advantage over your competition who might still be stuck with age-old methods of generating content.

Switch to automated processes and save time on menial jobs. Cut down the cost of production and increase productivity with creative automation.

Creative automation is not here to replace your resources.

Instead, it empowers your employees to produce better content.

Talk to us on how to implement creative automation in your workflow!