Video email is a new way to send and receive an email while sharing a personal message.

It is better to send an informative & engaging video message to prospects than boring old wall of text messages.

Video email

For example, if you are trying to sell your product by sending mailings or instant messages, video emails will be perfect for helping the prospect visualize what it looks like when they buy from you.

Video emails add even more information than just text alone, with you introducing yourself face-to-face and building a connection with the recipients. For example, prospects would quickly get to know how your products would look in real life and how good their purchase could make them feel.

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Benefits of Using Video Email (With VideoForm)

One thing prospects like about video emails is that it is much easier to see your face and feelings on the screen.

As a salesperson or marketer, you also get more time in front of their eyes, and there's no need for them to scan over words quickly. Instead, all focus remains on your video message at once.

1. Your Message Looks Authentic & Builds Trust

The most effective way to build a prospect's trust is by using your charm and personality, which can be enhanced with video emails.

With VideoForm, you can get your prospects hooked to book a call or reply to you by building trust over a video message. All you need to do is smile at the webcam or video camera and show your genuine personality.

2. Engage Audience with Call To Actions

You don’t need to record different videos to send them to your prospects every time. Instead, you can use pre-recorded videos to start your conversation with simple steps.

Video Sales Pages

Not only that, you can also add CTA buttons to encourage users to respond with a single click and then send it across right from your Gmail or HubSpot.

3. Personalize Your Video Message at Scale

Personalized Video Emails at Scale

Every individual has their personal quirks and unique personality. Research these things about your potential customer and create personalized videos to engage them. It gives a possible chance to break through to your prospects and incite a video, audio, or text response.

4. Adds Rocket Fuel to Your Email Marketing

Adding video to your email improves open email rates, conversions, and click-through rapidly.

Moreover, you get the video metrics to measure whether it captures the recipient's attention. This will also help you improve your video message until you find the right balance that works best for your brand

5. Makes Complex Pitches Simple to Explain

Do you want to build a connection that leads to long term loyalty with your prospects? Then video in email is the best possible way to break through your tough audience.

It is useful, especially in B2B, where prospects can get easily confused by the complexity of your product. Pitch remotely in an  interesting and engaging manner with Videoform.

When recipients watch your video email among horde’s of text in their inbox, it builds trust & a long term connection.

Just practice with a few videos, and you will get the hang of personalized video emails.