You may be wondering who is using sales videos for their business? Surprisingly, very few industries are using videos to stay engaged with potential prospects. For example, online education instructors share their expertise in videos to showcase their credibility.

  • What can you do to use this incredible asset for your business?
  • How would videos benefit a sales person and Industries?

Let's take a look at some examples to find out more about how sales videos work!

A recent study revealed that videos are 10x more likely to be read than a standard text-only email. This is good news for sales teams who want their message to stand out in the inbox.  

List Of Industries Using Sales Videos

Here is a list of industries that use sales videos:

1. B2B SaaS Companies

Video has changed the game for B2B SaaS companies. Industries are using Videos to stay engaged with prospects.

B2B SaaS Companies

Videos have become a tool to communicate with prospects nowadays. Personalized videos are an effective way to humanize communications with buyers because they create real connections between you and your potential customers.

A survey reported that 51% of people had watched an online video on a mobile device in just one day! Furthermore, of those who viewed these videos, 55% took some action after viewing videos.

2. Healthcare (Selling To Healthcare Organizations)

Healthcare sales videos are a great way to share important information with potential clients; videos have the power to convey messages.

Videos In Healthcare

In addition, these videos can also help educate and inform your current customers about new products as well as assist in patient care.

The use of B2B healthcare video marketing is being used more today because there's so much competition out there trying to get their product noticed on social media platforms.

Also, personal care brands have had to get more intimate with their prospects over time due to developing self-care trends that emphasize individual diets and exercise regimens.

3. Real Estate

As the housing market has been in a consistent state of flux over the last decade, so have real estate agents.

Real Estate

As a result, many are turning towards newer processes like video emails to improve engagement to keep up with changes and stay competitive while attracting potential buyers.

Videos offer a great opportunity for personalization and helps to build relationships with prospects because it conveys messages much better through visuals rather than just words alone.

These advantages make using video email over text chats a no-brainer choice!

4. EPC Construction

EPC Construction companies are increasing their use of sales videos for several reasons.

EPC Construction

The first is that videos allow you to show the scope and depth of your work in a way text cannot because it instantly gives people an idea of what's involved with renovation or construction projects before realizing how much it will cost.  

This gives potential clients more information about EPC Construction services without filling out any forms on websites or anything like that—it saves both parties time!

5. Logistics

Videos are a great way to engage with potential customers. You can show them your company in action, demonstrate the service you offer or just have fun and be creative since videos don't need to make sense all the time!


There are many different reasons why Logistics companies should use video as their sales tool:

I) Create more engagement - One way to do so would be by using sales videos - they are an innovative sales tool. Using videos, sales teams can build trust with potential customers, and understand their needs before going into business directly.

II) Be able to pitch better- This is important because now we're dealing with millennials who want everything quickly before deciding anything. So being able to deliver what they want will increase conversion rates significantly.

6. Banking Services

In the banking industry, videos are being used more and more to break down complicated financial information to attract users.

Banking Services

It can be interactive, tailored specifically for each prospect's needs based on personal data points so that the video content is most relevant.

But most people no longer read their inboxes from top to bottom because they get so many messages daily that prioritizing them becomes overwhelming.

In addition, videos have been shown to become more effective at grabbing attention than either audio or pictures alone.

7. Financial Services

Video has become an invaluable part of conversations between financial service professionals and their potential customers. As a result, video is now utilized in email form as well to help provide information with a personal touch.

Financial Services

Prospects are more likely to be interested or engaged if they receive video content from finance companies with valuable information about products.

There's also evidence demonstrating how much faster videos can convey data than text alone, making it easier for prospects to understand complicated topics at a glance without having to spend time reading through lengthy texts filled with technical jargon!

8. Automotive

Nowadays, it's not enough that a car has four wheels or an engine: consumers need more information to decide what they will buy. This is why car dealerships are using videos to show how their product looks and functions.

Automotive Industry

Not only does video allow potential customers to see and feel your car in action, but it also allows you the chance to human driven interactions.

Video emails are more engaging than text messages because of their dynamic visual elements. This helps catch people's attention as opposed to just reading one through email.

9. Online Education

Videos are a great way to show off an instructor’s expertise and differentiate from other course providers.

Online Education

In addition, it helps encourage students who purchase courses by letting them know about the benefits they'll get and what's in it for them if they sign up.

Here are five ways that educators can use this technology to improve their instruction:

  • Use video messages as a way of attracting new students to sign up
  • Send 1-1 video messages students
  • Send out announcements about upcoming events through videos

How Do Industries Benefit From Sales Videos?

Sales video is a powerful tool for salespeople in all industries. It adds a human touch into your virtual sales process.

Sales videos, also called promotional videos, commercial videos, or product demos are a great way to get the word out about what you do without speaking a single word.

You can broadcast your message confidently and clearly to one of the most diverse audiences on the planet.

Plus, using video will give you an edge over your competition by being able to convey information in more detail than with words alone due to the power of visual communication.

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It is a given that sales videos are used to present information about the company, product, and services. But it's also important for video emails to be personalized with your prospect in mind.

Sales Videos Best Practices

If you are part of an industry or a small business in need of more customers, B2B sales videos might be your answer. The following list will show you the best practices of this strategy:

  1. Sales videos make things easier for potential prospects to find what they're looking for (search engine optimization)
  2. Salespeople don't have as many objections when companies provide video content with their products and services on display
  3. Generates interest as prospects tend to watch things that move
  4. You can test out different messages without having a long-term commitment
  5. You'll close more deals when prospects view them!
  6. Videos are more engaging, as they're a newer form of media than the traditional email or phone call
  7. Video allows you to showcase your products in action for potential customers, which will lend credibility that what is being sold by this company works

How Do You Personalize Video Emails

Personalized video emails are an excellent way for sales organizations to connect with past, current, and potential customers. Focusing on the value of a one-on-one connection with prospects, You can come up with new ways to promote their own unique messaging.

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