Creating a contact form for your website is the first step of any customer conversion strategy. It gives your customers an easy avenue to get in touch with you and eventually turn into a customer.

Of course, posting your phone number and other contact details on your website is an effective way of letting your visitors know where to knock. However, it cannot beat the efficiency of a contact form. The added convenience is just enough to persuade your visitors to take action more swiftly and almost immediately.

However, this very advantage of contact forms has been realised by Marketers all over the globe. Today, there are contact forms everywhere - on every website, at every nook and cranny of the world wide web. In such a situation, how can you create a Contact Form that catches the attention of a larger number of leads and boosts your conversion rates beyond those of your competitors?

It’s simple - By putting more thought into the design and presentation of your contact form.

In this article, we’re going to show you just how important it is to create a contact form design that’s unique to your brand, and what you can do to make your contact form feel all the more compelling.

The Importance Of A Contact Form

Contact forms are successful because they are simple and save you a hell lot of time. Here are some other benefits of having a Contact Form:

1. Keeps Spam Away

Contact forms let you keep Information safe and your inbox healthy. With contact forms, you will not have to let all the information out in the open and yet give your visitors an avenue to contact you. By adding the reCAPTCHA function, you will be able to push away any spam bots that come your way. This way you will only receive genuine messages and leads.

2. Better Conversions

A contact form helps you convert better by assisting you in a couple of ways.

Firstly the customers will be able to contact you at the comfort of the website. They will not have to switch tabs to send you a mail or pick up the phone to call you. They will also keep your inbox super organised.

In return, you will not miss out on messages and your team will be able to respond to each query personally. This will help you generate leads and pursue them effectively.

3.Get The Information You Need

With emails, phone calls and text messages you will most likely get a lot of information about the client that is not contributing productively to your process of lead qualification. With contact forms, you can ask the visitor only for the specific information you require. Besides, it is also easy for the visitors to enter the information as most of it can be through checkboxes and auto-filling.

4. Show Off Your Brand’s Personality

By designing your contact form creatively and aesthetically, you will allow yourself and your business to show off your personality to your prospects. By adding that tinge of uniqueness, you will also let your visit to know that you are worth their response.

That is why it is advisable to not keep your contact from basic.  Go ahead and make your contact form enticing for your visitor.

Why Create An Engaging Contact Form

Like I said before, having a contact form itself is a great add-on to a website but your competitors are doing the same thing.

That is why it’s important to put some thought into the experience that your contact form provides. Having an engaging contact form that matches your brand and website’s theme is extremely important.

The human eye tends to skip basic visuals. The moment you customise your contact form, your visitor is effortlessly attracted to it.

1. Get People To Trust You With Their Information

Contact forms are designed to get personal information from your website visitors. Your visitors aren’t going to part with their information so easily - they won’t tell you what you need to know if they don’t trust you. That’s why building trust is important. Creating a contact form with a personality that matches your brand, using a flavour of humour or professionalism is a great way to ease the mind of your prospective customers. A beautiful looking contact form will help your visitor decide in no time. By adding some extra information you will be reassuring your visitors that their information is safe and secure.

2. Maximize The Touchpoint

A lot of businesses don’t look at contact forms as an important part of the customer experience. Don’t make this mistake. Contact forms are often the first point of communication that a customer has with your brand. It needs to be treated like an event. Milk this first touchpoint for all that you can with an engaging contact form - one that your prospects will remember and relate with your brand.

3. Stand Out From The Crowd

Having a contact form is a great way to get visitors to give you the information you need to turn them into customers. However, keep in mind that your competitors are doing exactly the same thing. To make a real impact on the visitor, you need to set yourself apart. Make them realise that you are not just another brand. A great way to do this is to show off your brand personality in the contact form.

4. Add Value To The Customer Experience

Eventually, all of it boils down to one point and that is user experience. Adding a visually pleasing contact form will enhance the user experience. And No visitor has ever said no to some extra nice experience.

Why Create Beautiful Contact Forms?

A lot of websites have beautifully designed contact forms that match the overall theme of the website. However one-to-one contact forms are rare.

In such a situation, creating contact forms that are rich in personality can give you a huge advantage over your competitors.

Even though chatbots are a good alternative to regular contact forms, they cannot beat the power of human connection. By putting in the effort to create an experience out of your contact form, you are bringing your brand’s personality to the forefront at an often overlooked touchpoint.

How To Create An Engaging Contact Form

Now that you know the importance of putting a good deal of thought into your contact form’s design, it’s time to show you how to go about creating a great contact form experience yourself.

1. Set The Right Expectations

Design your contact form to match the services you provide. Align your questions so that it matches what you have on offer. Don’t ask questions that aren’t related to your products or services - this is the easiest way to destroy the trust that you’ve worked so hard to build. Setting the right expectations will not only help you and your visitor communicate effectively in the future but will also make the whole process of lead segmentation much easier.

2.Don’t demand too much from them

The whole point of having a contact form is to help your customers give our information seamlessly. Personalizing this whole process should be done in a way that it enhances this very feature of contact forms and not the other way round. So, it is a good idea to keep the personalization subtle yet effective.

3. Use Your Face

The advantage with a one-to-one contact form is that you let your visitors interact with you. So adding your face to your contact form can be a great way to let them know who they are talking to. It also multiplies your visitor’s trust in your brand.

4. Add An Elevator Pitch

Contact forms come at the very end of your content funnel and you have to make the most of it. No matter how much information you include in your overall site, adding an elevator pitch to your contact form can be extremely encouraging for your visitor.

5. Be Warm

Let your contact forms comfort your visitors. This will not only compel your visitors to share their information but will also let them realise your overall brand value. This is a good way to break the ice between you and your lead.

Bring A New Level Of Engagement With VideoForm Contact Forms

VideoForm is the new generation video making tool that is your Go-To for Personalized Contact Forms or rather VideoForms. The tool lets you add your in-house videos to the form. It also lets you create an interactive VideoForm through which you can lead your visitors to different paths based on their responses.

Here’s how VideoForm can help you create more personal contact forms-

1. Face-To-Face Interaction

VideoForm lets you take your contact form’s personalization to a whole new level by enabling you to have a face to face interaction with your visitor. With the tool, you can create contact forms with the clippings of yourself and your team. This way, you will be able to hook your customer to the form.

2. Build Trust Yourself

With VideoForms you can ask your visitors to send responses as a voice note or a video recording. This will help you and your team to trust the responses and communicate with them effectively. The same is true for the visitors as well.

3. Create Two-Way Conversations

With VideoForm, you will be able to pitch yourself to your visitors and ask them to take action. And based on their response, the VideoForm will lead the visitor to a different section of the form. This is just as good as a two-way conversation and can work extremely well for your conversions.

4. Storytelling

People love stories. VideoForm lets you use this very fact to your advantage. So go ahead and let your visitors know the extraordinary story behind your brand.

The Takeaway

The internet is flooded with contact forms, some basic and some well designed. But personalised contact forms are your chance to stand out in the crowd and have an interactive advantage on your competitors.