You know when you're at the bottom of a well and can't get out? It's like that, except with spam❌.

Email spam can be overwhelming, and many people feel annoyed when receiving messages.

But what about video emails? Does it face the same fate as text emails and get branded as SPAM. Do prospects bother to open your video emails, or does it end up preaching into an empty void❓

Let me give you some pointers on how video emails will not go to spam✅✅✅

Why Do Video Emails Not Go To Spam?

Video emails do not go to spam because they are not embedded; instead you send an image with a link that takes you to the video landing page. So unlike emails where the embedded video gets filtered to spam, video emails just offer a clickable image with a link to the video.

Video Personalization

All you need to do is add a customized thumbnail image that looks inviting with the prospects name on it “Hi Matt.” Once the prospect is intrigued enough by the video summary, they will click the play button. It will immediately take them to the video landing page.

Also, video emails tend to have higher open rates than traditional text-based emails. This is because recipients are more likely to actually watch the video content of the email, as opposed to simply deleting it.

Spam emails are usually not read and put to spam automatically by the receiver because they contain a virus or a link that leads you to a malware-infected website.

Videoform team constantly helps you with best practices so that your video messages won't be filtered out as SPAM.

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Why Video Strategy Helps You Avoid Spam?

Video outreach is one of the most effective ways to get your message across. Nowadays, types of videos for businesses range from introduction to how-to instructional style videos that guide potential customers on what they can do with your products or services.

Our first piece of advice? Use a video personalization tool like Videoform, so you can easily share it through Gmail or HubSpot!

Videoform makes sending a personalized video email easy. To share the content as a link, you just need to copy a shareable link and send it in an email.  But after personalizing your video message, make sure to add a bit of introductory text in the email body.

From here, prospects can find a call to action phrase like “book meeting” or “visit website” to take the next action.

With SPAM filters set to sort emails into spam automatically, it’s essential to send an email with the correct formatting. Adding a bit of text with a video email helps you stand out from the crowd and show the email provider that you are legitimate, thereby avoiding SPAM filters.

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Should You Avoid Spam Words?

Avoiding spam words in your email can be a little tricky. It's essential to have a good video and the correct wording for it not to be flagged as spam and blocked by email systems.

For example, words like “free”, “cash”, “Sale” can immediately trigger spam🙅 filters. So the best bet is to avoid such words in your subject lines or body of the email before sending it to your target audience👥 or email list.

The six categories of words that can be grouped under spam are:

Manipulative Words🙉 Which Creates Pressure or Useless Urgency

Apply now


Call now

Exclusive deal

Offer expires


Words Which Sound Desperate🙇 And Offers Exaggerated Claims


Best price



Great offer

Incredible deal

Sleazy Or Pushy Words😦

Click here


Order now

Click below


Do it today

Shady Words😈




Luxury car

This isn’t spam

Unsecured credit

Cheap Words💣

Avoid bankruptcy

Card accepted



Credit card offers

Free grant money

Statements That Are Too Good To Be True💥

Additional income

Big bucks

Billion dollars

Cash bonus

Earn cash

Double your income

But don’t worry, SPAM filters have actually improved so that now they also look at the context of the email. So even though you use the spammy word “free,” just make sure the context is not spammy as well.

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