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How do I add custom forms to my VideoForm? 

Step by step guide on adding custom forms to your VideoForm

Custom form will be added in the end screen of your VideoForm after all the video steps.

Step 1 :

From the VideoForm details page, click on ‘End Screen’ tab

And click on the ‘Add Custom Form Fields’ Button

Find Add Custom Form on End Screen

Step 2 :

Here enter a Heading for the custom form and click on the ‘Add New Row’ Button to a new field in your custom form

Adding Customized Form

Step 3:

You can add multiple fields to your custom form.

First Enter the Label for the field.
And select the type or input field. ( Text / Dropdown )
And if you need a mandatory response for the field check the ‘Required’ box.

Note : If your custom form includes Name or Email or Phone fields, please tag the field by clicking on the ‘Tag’ dropdown, so it can be added to your contacts list.

Step 4:

Click on the ‘Create’ button, and your custom will be added to your VideoForm.

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