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How do I add meeting link (Calendly) to VideoForm?

You can add a Calendly Widget with your Calendly link in your Video Step and your customers can book a meeting through it.

Step 1 :

From the VideoForm details page, click on ‘Add New Video’

You will be taken to the Add Video page

Step 2: 

In the first step add / select a video for the step

Click on continue

Step 3:

In the next step you can add text to show on top of the video

Step 4:

In the last step, in Add Response Type, select Calendar

And enter your Calendly link

Example :

Click on Add Video.

Step 5:

The video step will be added to the videoForm, and you will be redirected to the VideoForm details page. You can click on ‘Preview’ to view the videoForm

Step 6:

Here you can check the Calendly link you have added. Click on the Calendar Button

Step 7 :

Your customer can booking a meeting by selecting the date and time, in the calendly widget

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