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How to create a VideoForm?

Here is a step by step guide to create a VideoForm

Watch this VideoForm -

Step 1 :

In the home page, select the website you need to create a VideoForm for, you will be redirected to the website details page

Step 2 :

In the website details page, click on create VideoForm and you will get the create VideoForm popup

Step 3 :

Fill in the Title, Objective and if you need a contact form or call to action in the last step of your VideoForm

Please select none under branding to remove the VideoForm branding (These details can also be changed later)

Click on Continue

Step 4 :

The VideoForm is now created, and you will be redirected to the VideoForm details page, where you can edit the details and add video steps, and view replies to the VideoForm

Click on Add New Video to create the first video step.

Step 5:

Here, you have 4 options to add a video

1. You can upload a video from your desktop
2. You can record a video with your webcam or mobile, in the webcam tab
3. You can do a screen recording in the record tab
4. You can choose from a gallery of free videos or gifs from pexels and giphy

To make the video Full Screen, you can toggle the Full Screen option above the preview

( The videos you have recorded or uploaded previously will show up in the My Videos tab )

Add your video and click on Continue

Step 6 :

In this next step you can add text to show over the video, and also darken the video to improve the text readability.

Click on continue

Step 7 :

In the last step, choose how your audience will respond to your video.

There are 4 options;

1. Video / Audio / Text - Toggle the response type needed
2. Multi choice buttons - You can add up to 6 choices
3. A calendar - Add a calendly link
4. A button with a link - Enter the text for the button and the external link

Step 8:

After Selecting the response click on Add Video, and your first video step will be created, and you will be redirected to the VideoForm details page

You have now created your first VideoForm!

You can share it by clicking on the share button and share it as a link, or add it as a widget in your website, Embed it as a section on your website, or use it as a landing page

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