How it Works

VideoForm helps marketers convert more leads & engage in interactive conversations with customers

Choose From Templates For Your Use Case

We have made it easy for you to start. Choose from templates for your industry or use case.

Templates for video landing pages
Lead generation templates by industry
Templates for feedback form

Add Title & Descriptions For SEO Landing Pages

We understand ads. Add title & description to your landing pages & make changes as needed

Add titles & meta description
Edit titles & update as needed
Loads fast to improve ad score
Tracking Codes

Google Analytics, FB Pixel & Tag Manager

Paste your analytics, FB pixel or tag manager ID & the rest is taken care of

Add codes only once
All VideoForms will automatically have the codes
Measure inside your favorite tools

Share as a Link or Embed on Website

Choose how you share your VideoForm. Share as a Standalone page or embed on your website

Replace contact form on your site
Choose embed branding
Use as a section on your website

Connect to 1000+ Apps via Zapier

When user submits contact information, push to Hubspot? Unlimited possibilities

Connect to 1000+ apps
Push form submission data to your CRM
Custom integration? Ask us

Manage Multiple Websites From One Portal

Agency ready. Manage multiple websites & bill your clients for generating more leads

Multi-website management
Push client leads to their CRM
Remove branding on all client pages

Add Your Own Videos & Use Stock Videos

Fire up your webcam & record a video or upload your own video. If in doubt, use stock videos

Upload your videos & create your library
Stock videos from GIPHY & Pexels
Record from webcam with hints 😉
Response Options

Users can Respond with Video, Audio or Text

Give flexibility to your users. Make conversations lively & interactive with choice

Record audio, video & text responses
Choice buttons for your users
Analytics even if users drop mid-way

If This Then That - Customize Form Steps

Decide what happens when a customer clicks on a button & change it to your style

Multi-step form with customization
Easily change step actions
Accomplish your business goals

Add 'You' to Your Brand