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Interactive Video Guide
1) What is an Interactive Video2) How to make a Regular Video Interactive3) How to use Interactive Videos 4) Is creating an Interactive Video easy5) Examples of Interactive videos

1) What is an Interactive Video?

Regular video (also known as linear video) is the type of video you see everyday.

When you watch a linear video, you can play, pause, move forward and restart the video. Apart from these options, there isn’t any interactivity with a linear video.

Interactive video allows viewers to take the story to where they want it to go (bandersnatch anyone?)

Markedly different from linear storytelling, interactive video can be used to engage your viewers with interactive quizzes, clickable content & interactive storylines that lets them choose their own adventure.

Here is an interactive video for you to play with

2) How to Convert a Regular Video to an Interactive Video?

Videos uploaded to social media sites are regular videos. You can watch them but can't interact.

To make a video interactive, you will need specialized software that can take your video & add a layer on top with the interactions you need

These interactions can range from adding a button on a video, adding your calendar alongside your video or defining the whole experience of what happens when user clicks button A vs button B.

Basically, this software should allow you to build your own storyline the way you want it

Videoform is one such software

3) How to use Interactive Videos?

  • Lead generation (with a personal touch)
  • Customer engagement
  • Personalized videos to prospects
  • Qualifying leads

Adding a human touch is an essential differentiator for every internet business.

Showing your face builds trust with prospects & customers

4) Is Creating an Interactive Video by Myself Easy?

Yes & here is what you do NOT need

  • No need for fancy equipment
  • No learning curve for learning new software
  • No complicated software

Simply smile at the camera & within 2 clicks create your first interactive video

or as we call it - a Videoform

5) Interactive Video Examples

  • Collecting feedback with interactive steps

Frequently Asked Questions on Videoform

1) Can I share interactive videos as independent links?

Yes, Absolutely. You get a unique link for your Videoform that you can share with your friends as a link or embed on your website.

2) Can I post an interactive video on YouTube or Social Media?

Unfortunately, No. Third party video technologies aren't supported by YouTube & social media platforms such as Facebook & Twitter. We recommend you utilise social media to drive traffic to your website - Interactive videos can be used here to increase conversion rates

3) Can I create interactive cat videos for Free?

Yes, we love cats too. Free Forever plan + free cat videos (via GIPHY) for you to start off your

4) Can I create a Videoform (Interactive video) without having to go to Videoform app?

Absolutely Yes. We built this for sales team. You can add your Videoform in your email directly from inside Gmail & Hubspot. Our plugin enables you to do this without having to juggle between tools. Sending Videoforms from Salesforce & Freshworks CRM will be available soon

5) I have a team & we want to work together on Videoforms

Videoform is built for team work. You can add up to 10 team members. If you need to add more team members, get in touch

6) Can I try Videoform before I buy?

We have a Free Forever plan where you can create a Videoform for yourself for Free. You do not plug in your credit card details. If you need more customization options, you can upgrade from inside the app to the plan of your choice.

7) I need to speak with someone. I think I need a 1-1 demo

Sure, please get in touch

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