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LegitFit saw a 62% increase in email open rates, a whopping 20% higher click-throughs & 10% more replies with Videoform

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Videoform Impact

Results achieved (in numbers) by LegitFit with Videoform

Increase in Email Open Rates
Higher Click Throughs
More Replies

About LegitFit

LegitFit's goal is to assist fitness entrepreneurs in delivering a better experience for their clients and, more significantly, to revolutionize the way the industry interacts with one another.

Their mission is to be the world's most customer-centric firm and develop something that truly benefits global health and fitness.

LegitFit is assisting in the revolution of independent fitness and wellness entrepreneurs

Challenges Faced before Videoform

LegitFit's vision is to build a global presence in fitness and wellness by making customers their top priority. This is why the LegitFit team was looking for new ways of closing more deals, so they didn't have to depend on cold calling anymore. 

Fortunately, one of Ryan’s (Founder and CEO of LegitFit) friends told him about an amazing way of connecting with prospects → video emails!

After trying demos of many other video softwares, he found Videoform on the HubSpot marketplace and decided to try it out. 

But, before that, LegitFit had several challenges:

  • Click through rates on cold outreach emails were low, due to which they lost the opportunity to touch base with multiple prospects.
  • Although growth was skyrocketing, with growth came increased pressure to close more deals.

Why LegitFit Chose Videoform

Videoform is a groundbreaking product that revolutionizes sales outreach by adding a human touch in a highly automated sector.

Videoform lets brands easily record & send quick sales videos with an easy-to-use interface in emails. Video messaging is the next generation of communication. Prospects love receiving these messages because it is personal and exciting.

Video email is something new that has never been seen before in the fitness industry.

Ryan, the Founder of LegitFit, found this new way to do outbound through his friend. At this time, Ryan wanted something different, and video email seemed like an interesting idea, so he went for it.

“So we decided to look around in the market with different options out there. We found a lot of them are really really expensive and quite complex as a product. And we did a demo with all the different companies. The one that stood out to us was VideoForm because it was super simple to set up and super simple to use and also within our price bracket.”

So there you have it !

How LegitFit uses Videoform

After stumbling upon Videoform, which is quite startup-friendly, things have been fantastic for Legitfit.

1) Here’s how LegitFit uses videos in sales outreach:

Videoform used by Legitfit team

Link - https://app.videoform.com/form/Iz1j2lRqvp1bVwbT?preview

Before using Videoform, LegitFit sent 142 emails with 33% open rates while their click rates were really low at just 2.1%, and the reply rate was 0.

With Videoform, which is a game-changer for any business looking to reach their audience, they sent out 600 videos and saw a 62% increase in email open rates. Finally, they scored a whopping 20% higher click-throughs from prospects and 10% more replies too.

This led to the roundup increase in attracting more leads and closing more deals. They also built up their personal connection with clients through an engaging background story and strong call to action, which was funny at times too! 

The impact of the video is crazy; 4 months and 600 videos later, the business turned many heads and offered more customer proof. High engagement rates are a major contributor to these incredible relationships.

Video is now an essential component of LegitFit's sales process and they don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

2) Customers who sign up for the website will immediately receive a Videoform (Video in Sales Funnel)

This video gives them all of the information they need to know about what exactly they are going to sign up for!

The website also has an engaging video embed that helps the potential customer decide whether to sign up or not.

Engaging customers with an interactive video on website

With Videoform converting better and driving engagement, they also decided to use it as a way to introduce themselves personally using Videoform to potential investors. 

Ryan says that one of the best ways to keep your videos on people's minds is by being creative. Letting personality shine through will make them memorable, as well as making the effort authentic and fun!

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