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Check if mic on your computer is configured properly

Your mic is working if you can see a bar expand or contract as you speak.

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How it works (step by step guide)

Common Microphone Issues & Fixes

1) Wrong Input Device

One of the common issues is selecting your input device. Most users have two microphones; one is the PC mic and the other is headset mic.

HOW TO FIX - If you want to use a headset mic to speak, make sure to select it in the dropdown menu.

2) Your Sound is too Bassy

Due to the proximity effect, your mic will get closer to the sound source which increases  the disturbance.

HOW TO FIX - The simple fix to not sound too bassy is to move the mic a little further away. If the distance between the mic and the low-frequency sound source increases, the bass sound reduces.

3) Too Much Room Sound

HOW TO FIX - The simple step is to move closer to your mic to reduce the room sound.

It increases the volume of your voice, and the room noise will be at bay. Move closer to the mic until you find the right balance of desired sound.

4) Rumbles in Your Audio

Bassy vibrations are another common microphone problem. Some of the microphones have built in  pass filter options which removes the issue.

HOW TO FIX - If you don’t have a mic with a built-in filter, then buy a shock mount. This can help you reduce unwanted rumble as they absorb the vibrations.

5) Breathing is Loud

Your loud breathing can perfectly ruin the flow when you speak about an important issue. Don’t worry, It is nothing to be ashamed of.

HOW TO FIX - Although there is no quick fix to solve this issue, you can work on your mic control. Move a little away from the mic and breathe in!

Scroll below for Windows & Mac Specific Fixes👇

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Troubleshoot Microphone Issues on Mac

Microphone not working on your Mac? Follow these steps:

1) Check Sound Input

One of the most common problems for microphones is due to wrong sound input.

Go to the System Preferences → Sound → Input

Then, choose the right one from the list of devices as the sound source. 

Also, increase the input volume from the slider if you don’t see anything. 

2) Change Microphone Permissions

This is another common cause for the microphone in Mac.

If you have not given access to the microphone, it prevents the mic from accessing the device.

If you get a notification asking you to approve or deny, make sure to approve the request.

If you deny the requests, the app will not access the computer mic.

Go to System Preferences → Security and Privacy → Privacy → Microphone  

You will see the list of apps that need permission to access your microphone. Approve the one that you need.

Check the apps you need to give permission to

3) Allow App in Accessibility

If the above step doesn't work, go to Accessibility & check the app here.

Go to System Preferences → Security and Privacy → Privacy → Accessibility  

This works 99.9% of the time

4) Turn on Dictation

An alternative way of making microphone work is to enable dictation. This makes it easy for Mac to download specific audio drivers. Here is how you can resolve your issue.

Go to System Preferences → Keyboard → Dictation

Click “On” to enable the Dictation

Troubleshoot Microphone Issues on Windows

If you are still facing microphone issues, follow the steps below to troubleshoot on Windows Device:

1) For Internal Microphone

2) For External Microphone

3) Others Can’t Hear You?

Try these solutions:

4) Microphone Volume is Low

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