Personalized engagement for customer success

Send personalized videos/images at important points of your customer journey, activate users, drive more engagement & usage.

Made for 

Customer Success

Upload your existing video or image & add personalization layers (name, company name, company logo, profile pic, amount spent etc) to start personalization quickly

Add personalization layers (text, images)
Share in outreach or marketing emails
Share in text, email or Linkedin

Drive action with call to actions & meeting links on videos on your videos

Add external link CTA inside video
Meeting link inside video

Understand total views, watch percentage & more

Get number of video views/image impressions
Track CTA clicks
View watch percentage

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Personalization for Customer Success Teams

For Onboarding

Send a personalized onboarding video with customer name, company & stand out.
See onboarding email example

For Customer Engagement

Engage your customers with personalized videos/images & drive more user engagement
See engagement example


Videoform integrates directly into your tools & make personalization super easy to implement.
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Personalization → Higher customer engagement

Engage more of your customers with personalized content. Easy to create & share personalized images & videos.

Creative personalization examples

Add personalized text on images

Create personalized videos from templates

Works with the tools you already use

We support more tools used by more than 85% of customer success teams. Your CRM, ticketing system, chat or any email tool - You can add personalization in just a few clicks

60+ integrations

Supports CRM, success & email tools

Get engagement analytics

Personalize & automate your emails

Create a template once & you are done. No need to worry about personalizing everyday. Every email is automatically personalized using merge tags from your platform

1 time copy paste


Works with your email provider

Start fast with 50+ templates

We’ve created a list of creative image & video templates that you can use to personalize quickly. Designed to grab the attention of your customers. Start personalization with our pre-made templates right away !

Personalized image templates

Personalized video templates

Shareable, reusable templates

1000's of teams are using Videoform to get more conversions

Add human touch to customer success with personalization

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