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What is dynamic personalization?

Dynamic personalization is giving each person a unique experience by adding their information on your images (name, company, city, country etc.)

Add dynamic text layer (name, company..)

Add customer information dynamically to your image

Add your company name, website, or any other text

Example - First name, last name, company name, job title, website, city etc

Add dynamic image layers

Most emails are not read from start to finish. The onus is on you to make content more interesting.

Adding dynamic text layers with merge tags - first name or job title with a catchy image will draw attention.

This will help you stand out in the noise & create experiences your customers will remember.

Marketing Emails

Add personalized images & videos to marketing emails


Send personalized images in Linkedin messages

Cold Email

Add personalized images to your cold outreach emails

Add company logos automatically

Add the company's logo to your images automatically

Make your emails hyper-personal, thoughtful & friendly

Save time by not having to search for company logos

You click copy & send. Personalization is taken care of

Create one-of-a-kind images that stand out from the competition from our easy-to-use editor.

Create an image template --> add your personalization layer --> copy code to your email marketing tool.

That's it. Every user gets their own personalized image

Send personalized images from the tools you use

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No coding needed

Create your brand story that can be personalized to every individual

Add Dynamic Text (Name, Company etc)

Add Dynamic Images & Logos

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