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Image personalization
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Image personalization
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Personalized Image Design

We'll design a personalized image based on your marketing campaign needs


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Personalized Video Design

We will take your existing video & add personalization layers on top of the video


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Personalized Image & Video

We will create 1 personalized image + add personalization on your existing video


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Frequently asked questions

What is an impression?

Image impressions are counted every time an image is viewed. Most marketing platforms will cache images, typically 1 impression can equal numerous views.

Video impressions are counted for each 10 seconds of video watched.

Do I need custom domain?

If you're sharing your personalised images or videos in email or SMS, it's better to customize URL to your domain.

The custom domain allows you to set any subdomain of your own website to serve images & thumbnails. It is recommended to have the same link as your domain for better email deliverability

What happens if i run out of impressions?

You can buy additional impression credits, at $99 per 100,000, these add-on bundles don't expire, so can be used over multiple months.

Can i download the images & videos generated?

Not if you're on the starter & pro plans. If you are going to share videos or images in email, text or for prospecting, you don't need a downloadable version. We will generate a personalized video, host & play for every user.

If your use case absolutely needs downloadable videos & images, get in touch with us. We offer this service only on our Enterprise plans.

What is an API call?

1 API call is consumed when you send personalization variables for either 1 image or 1 video. You can send as many personalization variables as you want in 1 video & it will be counted as 1 API call per individual video created.

How do I use integrations?

If you're already using an email or CRM tool to communicate with customers, Videoform provides a simple embed code to add into your campaigns. You paste the code once and every user receives personalized videos/image (based on what you choose)

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