Auto Insurance Sales Email Templates

11 Auto Insurance Sales Email Templates

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    People know that anytime something bad might happen to their car.

    But in many cases, it is too late before they realize they need auto insurance.

    As a salesperson, it is a big challenge to convince people to see the value of insurance.

    But don't worry, I've got your back.

    These Auto Insurance Sales Email Templates offer insurance sales agents like you an opportunity to build rapport with prospects.

    This article has the 11 Best email templates to convince people to buy auto insurance. It will ultimately increase the response rates for your insurance.

    Let's dive in…

    Why Should You Use These Templates?

    After you put in place the strategy of email campaigning with the auto insurance sales email templates, you are bound to see the results.

    • You should keep on following up with prospects. Because about half of them will never buy from you if you stop contacting them.
    • Following up helps keep your brand fresh in their mind. It gets prospects thinking about your product again.
    • This is important for new or emerging insurance agents who need to stay on top of mind to your prospects. Since you are working towards the shorter attention span of a customer base, the email must be curated to address it.
    • If it's done well, then emails help build trust between salesperson and policy buyer. This can make all the difference if someone is deciding whether or not to give you money!
    • Auto Insurance Sales Email Templates are a great way to organize your emails. Also, ensure that you never miss an opportunity.
    • You can send out reminders on policies about renewals or deadlines. 
    • With a good template, you'll be more confident in pitching new leads. You can keep the prospects happy while they wait on their quotes or coverage renewal notices to arrive!

    That's why I'm here today with some templates guaranteed to make all aspects of your life easier.

    20 Powerful Auto Insurance Sales Email Subject Lines

    • Are you looking for auto insurance?
    • Have questions on our pricing?
    • Because you deserve the best!
    • Get a quote now
    • How to save money on auto insurance
    • What questions should I ask my vehicle insurance agent when buying auto insurance?
    • Want an auto insurance quote?
    • Do you need to file a claim?
    • Think you're protected in your vehicle?
    • Get the auto coverage you need
    • Reduce your premium instantly
    • Are you struggling to make your auto insurance payments?
    • Just wanted to say thanks for being a customer
    • Are you one of the many Americans that could save money by switching insurance providers?
    • Congratulations, you're covered!
    • What are you doing to be more responsible on the road
    • Your vehicle is now protected
    • Get a free quote for auto insurance
    • Thinking of a new car, need coverage?
    • Make a smart move with your next car

    11 Auto Insurance Sales Email Templates

    1) Competitive Quote Email Template

    If you are sending a proposal or estimate to your prospects, this email template might come in handy.

    Hi John,

    You've been looking for a new insurance company, but you don't know where to start. 

    We specialize in auto insurance sales and have the best rates around.

    Our team is here to help you find the perfect policy that suits your needs.

    Let us take care of all your vehicle insurance needs and you can focus on more important things like family, friends, and work!

    Click this link right now and get started with our free quote!

    Would you mind calling me if you have any concerns over the coverage at ______?


    2) The "Past Client Win Back" Email Template

    If you have lost the existing clients after a term of insurance, it is better to address their needs. This template ensures you appreciate serving the prospects and would love to serve again with an attractive offer. 

    Hi Jane,

    It has been a while since we talked, but I am here with an exciting offer.

    We have a great solution that will save you time and money when it comes to your auto insurance needs.

    I invite you to see the changes in our competitive quote.

    Click here to get your free quote and call me if you have any questions.


    3) Cold Call Follow Up 

    This template should be sent after a follow-up call with prospects.  

    Dear John,

    Thank you so much for speaking with me about your auto insurance needs today. 

    I know it is not easy to choose the right one. 

    Since there is plenty of information to process, I'm attaching a list of questions.

    These are questions any person asks their insurance agents before purchasing a policy.

    5000 of our customers have found it helpful in deciding the right quotes.

    You can click the link here to review the quote. 

    Meanwhile, you can contact me at _______ with any questions. 


    4) Thank You Note For Speaking With An Agent

    Sending a professional thank you note after speaking with the prospects about auto insurance shows that you care about the conversation. Use this template to dazzle your prospects with an appreciative tone.

    Dear John,

    It was pleasant to chat with you today about the importance of protecting your vehicle with auto insurance.

    Please accept this note as an invitation.

    I will follow up with you by calling tomorrow to answer any concerns about auto coverage options.

    If you have any concerns regarding the policy or are interested in other products, please contact me.


    5) Asking For A Referral

    After a successful conversion, it is better to break the ice with your current customer by asking for a referral. I know it is tough to ask them for help, but you've got nothing to lose. Make sure to add an attractive offer for every referral the customer brings to your business.

    Dear Jane, 

    Thank you for being our valued customer for auto insurance.

    It's a delight to have your trust and serve all your service needs.

    As you are our loyal consumer, we also wanted to see if you're interested in referring to your friend, neighbor, or co-workers. 

    For every referral, you get [promo item offer]; it is the greatest our business could provide.

    Click on this link to submit your referral, and I'll be happy to send you [offer].

    Have a great day ahead!


    6) Converting Lost Prospects With A Discount

    In this auto insurance email template, you can learn to incorporate the best strategy of discounting. For example, if you face this citation, this template will help you win back lost customers with a specific discount.

    Hi John,

    Good news, we have an update for all our auto insurance policyholders.

    We realize that many of our customers are interested in auto insurance. 

    That's why we want to update you about the recent changes in our policy with a huge discount.

    We have reduced the rates for several drivers who fall under these categories:

    1. Category
    2. Category
    3. Category

    If any of those apply to you, please call us at 555-555-5555. 


    7) Convince Your Prospects That Your Insurance Is Priced Better

    You know that you provide high-quality services in your insurance agency. However, how do you convince prospects of this? Use this template! 

    Hi Grace,

    I just wanted to reach out and let you know about this amazing opportunity for your business.

    We have access to many auto insurance companies that provide us with the best rates around.

    I am sure you can appreciate how important it is to get a great deal on these policies considering most companies charge up to 10 times more than they need to!

    Our clients see savings of up to $1,000 per year by switching their providers. 

    For those who don't want the hassle of getting quotes themselves, our team will do all the work, so you never have to worry about being overcharged again!

    Let's get on a call!


    8) Any Questions?

    Is your prospect not replying to your emails? This might get them to open up.

    Hey Josh,

    I hope you've been well! I've recently reached out about our auto insurance products but didn't hear back.

    I understand that you are not interested in our product at this time.

    Thank you for being patient with me! 

    Please let me know if I can answer any questions.


    9) Renewal Of Auto Insurance

    Get your current clients to renew their auto insurance and offer updated features with this email.

    Hello John,

    It's been a while since you've renewed your auto insurance policy. In the meantime, we've made some changes to serve our customers better.
    We have even more coverage options, and we now offer discounts for drivers who have maintained safe records or are taking drivers education courses.

    We hope that these changes will make it easier for you to find the right coverage and save money this time around! 

    Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns about your new policy renewal by giving us a call at _______________. 

    Thank you!
    <Contact name>

    10) A “Non-Sales-y” Cold Email

    Don't be too pushy or sales-oriented when you're talking to your customers. Make sure to use this template if you want a non-sales-y tone.

    Hi Matt,

    I know you're busy, and it's the middle of summer. 

    I'm not going to bore you with the usual doom-and-gloom sales pitch about why auto insurance is so important. 

    I'm assuming you're already aware of that and are here because you want a solution.

    There's a lot of misinformation out there about how to save money on car insurance without sacrificing coverage or service. 

    That said, we've compiled some tips for cutting costs while still getting the protection you need: [Link]

    Would you like to get on a call with me to discuss the benefits?


    11) A Cold Email that Sets Up a Meeting With a Prospect

    Are you targeting a high-value corporate client? Then this email will help you eventually set up a meeting with a future customer.

    Hi There!

    I'm the co-founder of KL, an insurance company. If you are like most people, you don't think about auto insurance until something bad happens.

    As an independent agency, I would love the opportunity for us to meet in person and discuss what's important to you when it comes to protecting your family on the road. 

    I'll be visiting the Bay area this month and would love to meet up for coffee or a drink!

    Looking forward to seeing you in San Francisco.


    Great stuff about this email: This email is great because the founder wrote it.

    Make your auto insurance sales emails high-performing with these templates. Short and sweet, tailored to each potential customer's needs: that's the best way for you to get results!


    Personalized emails have 2X higher response rates

    Quickly create & share personalized videos/images in your sales emails with Videoform.