B2B Sales Followup Email Templates

15 B2B Sales Follow Up Email Templates

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    Most sales folks don't realize that their follow up emails are among the most important pieces to a successful B2B sale.

    A recent study by Salesforce found that email is the number one channel for following up with prospects, beating out phone calls and meetings.

    If you're a B2B sales person, there's a good chance that you've sent out hundreds of emails during your career.

    And if you're not on top of following up with prospects and customers, then those emails may have fallen into the abyss.

    One out of every 5 sales leads never reply to your initial email, so why would they respond to another?

    If you want the prospects to respond to your follow up email without being too pushy or pesky, here are 15 templates that will keep your messages professional and timely.

    How & When to Send Follow Ups

    A study found that a B2B sales first email has a 30% response rate and only 14% when it comes to the fourth email. Also, 70% of email chain responses drop right after one unanswered email.

    This means, following up at least once can get your conversion rate up by 22%. It is necessary to understand what you are missing out on sales. So what is the best way to follow up?

    How: Send a follow-up email with compelling content that will interest your prospect, not something like "I hope you are doing well." If you want people to keep reading and respond, then do more than send out a standard template.

    Whom: Before drafting a mail, make sure to consider the customer experience and ask, "what's in it for them?"

    When: The best time to send a follow up email is about two days after the initial contact, but this doesn't mean you can blast them with emails. You should only be sending one every week or so.

    This will make your prospect more receptive and less annoyed because they are not receiving constant messages from someone trying to spam with offers.

    Compelling Follow Up Subject Lines

    • I've got something for you
    • Hey, did you forget me?
    • It's Been A While…
    • Do you still have any interest in our service?
    • How to improve your [business goal]?
    • Let's have a 5 min call on this?
    • Creative ideas for your launch
    • John, quick question?
    • John, Did you lose my gift?
    • Do you have [x] seconds?
    • 10 Things you should know
    • Let's try that again
    • Still waiting on that reply
    • A Few ideas for {{company}}
    • A gift for you and your company
    •  I am super excited to share this with you!
    • Is this the reason why I didn't hear back from you?
    • So glad we met at {the event}!
    • Picking up where we left off!
    • Tried reaching you twice… Jane

    What Should I Write In a Follow-Up Email?

    It is a necessity to send follow-up emails after your initial contact with a business owner.

    If you want your emails to be taken seriously, the written words must match your original outreach tone.

    The three phrases that make up a follow-up email is as follows:

    1. Hi, I just wanted to hear about your….
    2. Hello, I thought I would check in after the conversation….
    3. Just checking in….

    These sentences make the reader feel good and at the least interested in reading your email.

    All you need to do is write an attractive subject line and draft an email that adds value to prospects.

    The important thing you must remember is when writing a polite follow up email adding a call to action.

    If you want the person to read your email or call you back, learn how to incorporate call-to-action phrases.

    The key here is: make sure the email feels as if it was sent by an actual human being and not an automated system.

    The more personal touch in these types of messages will show prospective clients how much they matter to you. 

    Also, it sets you apart from other service providers who may have contacted them earlier in their company's development stage or shortly thereafter when they are less prepared at the time of your first contact.

    Think about asking questions that can help gauge where things currently stand so that you know which points to brush upon.

    15 B2B Sales Follow-Up Email Templates

    We have organized five templates according to the specific event; browse through them and use the appropriate ones for your follow-up email.

    1) Follow-Up Email After A Meeting

    Following up after a meeting is a great way to show your  interest in continuing the relationship. Use this template after a prospect met with you a day before.

    Dear John,

    Thank you for meeting with me yesterday. I really enjoyed our discussion and I look forward to continuing it.

    If you were interested during the meeting, here are a few items that were not covered:

    - Any other questions or concerns?
    - What is your feedback on these topics?

    Let me know your thoughts on this!

    Thanks for your input


    2) Follow-Up Email After A Trigger Event

    A follow-up email after a trigger event is important because it can increase the likelihood of someone purchasing a product.

    Hey John,

    I just wanted to touch base and say hello, and see how things are going in the meantime?

    Last time we chatted, you agreed to get back in touch with you if I come across any opportunities that might be a good fit for your company. 

    If there's anything that I can help with or provide some valuable information on our product, then let me know - it would be great to hear from you! 

    Thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedule last week to have a chat. I really appreciate it.

    Best wishes

    3) Follow-up Email After Leaving A Voicemail

    Hi John

    It was lovely talking with you, and I wanted to make sure that the message came clearly. You can also get a copy of our eBook on this topic by visiting: [link]

    If there are any other concerns, please don't hold back to reach out.

    Please let me know if we'll be able to connect soon!


    4) Follow-Up Email After An Introduction Event

    This template offers an effective way to stay in touch with someone you met at a conference or networking event.

    Hey John,

    It was such a pleasure meeting you yesterday during our Tech Expo presentation! I was wondering if everything went well and any feedback you could give about our product demo?

    Our brand is always looking to improve sales, so any suggestions you have would be much appreciated.

    If it's not much trouble, please feel free to reply, and I will get in contact with you again soon or give a call on 1800-800-0000 if that is easier.

    Thank you!

    5) Follow-Up Email After Your First Discussion

    Emails like these make it easier for both parties by reminding them how important continuing this relationship would be.

    Hey John,

    I enjoyed chatting with you today and learning about your goals. I want to provide you with a few more resources that can help you on your way.

    - Download our free guide, "How To Become A Sales Rockstar"
    - Check out this article about how we made over $28 million in sales last year by following three simple steps.
    - Watch the video below for some tips and tricks that will increase your closing ratio.

    Please let me know if you have any doubts!


    6) Compliment The Prospect And Add Value

    Make sure to compliment the prospects, not just their products or services but also as a person.

    Hey Stephanie,

    I'm a long-time reader of your posts, and I think you are one of the best marketers on Twitter.

    Your posts always make me laugh and teach me something new.

    I wanted to reach out because I work as a marketing consultant for small business owners like yourself.

    My company offers services such as SEO, conversion optimization, social media strategy, etc.

    If you're interested in learning more about the process or hearing how we've helped other clients achieve success, please let me know!


    7) Following Up After No Response

    Are you waiting for more than 48 hours after sending an enticing cold email? Follow-up with this template.

    Hi Jane,

    I'm sorry to bother you again!

    I know it's been a while since we last spoke.

    I just wanted to make sure that you got my email the first time around and see if there is a better time in the day for us to chat.

    Is there any specific information or resources that you need about {company name} before we continue our conversation?


    8) Reply Me With A Number

    Want to make it incredibly easier for the prospects to reply? Then use this popular template because it works.

    Hi Matt,

    I've noticed that you're too busy to reply at the moment.

    We get it, though - we are all so busy these days!

    I would love to help with your inbox overload by managing your marketing messages.

    Could you please outline your response with a number 1-2-3 to describe it?

    1. Don't bother me
    2. Email me again in a month, and maybe I'll have more time to consider your request
    3. I can respond in a week


    9) Friendly Reminder Email

    Let's say you sent an email to a prospect when they were not ready, and they told you to come back with an offer after one month. Then send this template.

    Hi Jane,

    A friendly reminder!

    It's been a month since we last spoke, and I wanted to check in about your marketing needs.

    How have things changed?

    I sent a proposal off to you a month ago.

    Have you had the chance to look at it?

    Let's discuss our plan on the phone in detail as our service is updated a little bit, so we need to talk now.


    10) Share A Special Offer

    Do you want to offer a new deal to the prospect? Then, send this email and urge them to reach out to you.

    Hey Peter,

    I know I already shared some information with you in the last email.

    I thought you might be interested to learn about a new deal our company is offering.

    We're running an offer of 50% off on any marketing services until the end of this month.

    It's a great opportunity to get your brand seen by more people and grow your business!


    Drop me a line if you want to know more.


    11) I Have The Info You Requested

    Give your prospect all the info they need so that they open up in their own time.

    Hey Jane,

    I really enjoyed learning more about you and your company today.

    I promised you some additional details, and here they are!

    I also attached even more info on our services for your reference.

    If you have already seen this info and would like me to give you a call, please contact me at [your number].

    If not, feel free to reach out anytime; I'll be happy to chat with you about it over the phone or via email.


    12) Send a Gift For The Prospect

    There is definitely more than one reason to send out gifts or vouchers when trying to attract potential customers or clients in business. Try it with this template.

    Hello Peter,

    I know you're a very busy person.

    But, between managing your team and helping them increase their job skills, it's hard to find time to develop your skill set.

    That's why I wanted to reach out and offer you a few free samples of my services.

    Like the one below: _____

    The first step is sharing these links with your staff and colleagues so they can get ahead too! It would be great if you could give me 5 minutes to show how our team has helped other organizations like yours achieve similar results.

    Can we schedule a meeting next Monday?


    13) Can I Close Your File?

    Closing deals with customers can be emotionally challenging and requires an ability to take feedback positively. Use this template to close their file.

    Hi Stacey,

    I've meant to get in touch with you for a while.

    I have decided to clear out my sales pipeline, and I thought it would be good manners to let you know that your name is on the delete list.

    We have mutually agreed to close the file at our end.

    It's not personal, just business.

    If you're interested in being reconsidered for future work, then send me an email.


    14) If The Prospect Has Opened Your Email

    If the prospect has opened your email, they are at least curious about you and what you have to say. Send this email template to gauge their interest.

    Hey Brian!

    I saw that you opened the email I sent you on Friday and that you'd visited our site.

    Are you interested in learning more about our marketing service and increasing your business relationships?

    It would be great to hear some feedback on what interests you about us to tailor a proposal for your company.

    Let me know when is good for a quick chat, or just reply to this email with your thoughts.


    15) I Picked Up A Lot Of Information From Our Meeting

    Send a follow up email after your meeting with a prospect detailing how you learned a lot about their company.

    Hi Kevin,

    We had the pleasure of meeting on _____ day, and you seemed genuinely interested in what we did.

    I've attached some information about our product and how we can help you with [pain point], and how to solve the issue.

    Please do let me know if you have any questions, and I'd be happy to chat again.

    If not, I look forward to talking again at the meeting [date].


    Why Should You Follow up?

    For all those business owners wondering why they should be bothering with email follow-ups, here are some reasons:

    • It provides the best way to make initial contact. You have a 1 in 10 chance of starting a conversation, but 97% of customers say that an email follow-up is effective Hero). Now you only need one out of ten emails to convert into a phone call or meeting. One single success can pay for your marketing campaign and then some by increasing listener engagement.
    • Estimates suggest there will be 50 billion digital messages sent each day. The research found two factors: first, customers are most receptive between Monday morning (0900) and Friday afternoon (1500). Secondly, they're least receptive after 1700. Avoid sending an email at this time as there is less likely a chance of response - which could be a problem down the line if their requirements change overnight.
    • The last and arguably most important benefit is that businesses are 5 times more likely to get what they need by sending follow up emails than simply waiting for the customer's response, so it really does pay off in the end! 

    The Bottom Line

    Now that we have seen some follow up email templates, make sure to use them in a specific use case to get more results.

    If you're an entrepreneur who has never sent out any sales email before - or someone who wants some new ideas about how best to bring sales to your business, these templates should help!

    Personalized emails have 2X higher response rates

    Quickly create & share personalized videos/images in your sales emails with Videoform.