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5 Best Car Sales Email Templates

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    Car sales email templates are vital for maintaining a professional, efficient relationship with clients and prospects.

    It is easier to design your own template rather than depend on what the computer recommends. 

    Car sales emails offer structure, organization, text styles, templates and personalization that guide both you and your prospect towards success.

    Use these car sales email templates to streamline and maximise opportunities in automobile/ car sales.

    This article will show you how to craft your own car sales email template and find success in this competitive market!

    What Makes a Good Car Sales Email?

    Lets walk through some of the basics and most important sales aspects that will help to make your car sales email perfect. 

    The first thing we need is an attention-grabbing headline followed by a short description about your business. What makes your business different from other Units in town. What are the add-on benefits you get on purchasing a cra in our unit.

    Some of the best subject lines to sell a car in the 21st century

    • It's been a great ride but I need something new
    • Looking for a new car? I can help!
    • [Your city] Car Sales - We're open!
    • I need a reliable vehicle for work or school.

    Basics to be Aware of

    It always feels great when there is finally some time to yourself- except now you have this looming deadline on Monday morning that needs attention too.

    What will you do first?

    For the budding salesperson, knowing how to write a car sales email template is essential.

    Once you know the basics of what and who should be included in this type of correspondence, everything else can come naturally!

    First things first: Make sure that your subject line grabs attention by being clever or cute (this way recipients are more likely to read it). Next comes writing an introduction - but before typing out "Hi!" make yourself sound as qualified as possible so they have no reason not to listen. 

    Finally we get down into some specifics like pricing offers and other services offered at their dealership such as financing options for those with bad credit scores.

    This leads us up until closing our friendly business letter. 

    5 Best Car Sales Email Templates

    1) Prospect Shows Interest in a Particular Car

    Hello John,

    Great that you have chosen one of the best selling cars in our lot.

    We are pleased to take your interest further.

    Have a look at the demo tour on the features & specifications.

    Click here for the demo tour/ video.

    If you’d like to come and take a look at it yourself; you can schedule an appointment here.

    Click on the link.Feel free to respond to this email.

    We can work out on the price and add-on benefits.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


    2) New Lead First Email

    Hey John,

    Saw your enquiry for a car (Name) (Model).

    Let me help you understand more about this car and its features.

    Please click on the link for video form features & technical Specifications

    Model ----- is the best performance car suitable for all terrain; the seating comfort is absolutely stunning with recliners quite convenient for long travels. It is a compact car. It is easy to drive inside the city.

    If you need more information on this car, reach out to me @ 


    3) Looking Forward for Prospect to Visit your Lot

    Dear [John],

    It was great speaking with you on (date).

    I am looking forward to our appointment Scheduled on date: time: at our dealership -----.

    Click on the maps/ address link

    Link & text address:

    This is what I look like when you come in ☺:

    (Insert Videoform here)

    For any further information you can text to my number or just click here to record & share your thoughts.

    If you have any change of plans, you can reschedule the appointment here [link].

    I’m looking forward to see you at our [dealer place/ location]


    4) Prospect Subscribes to Newsletter


    Hello [John],

    Thank you for signing up for [DEALERSHIP'S] [NAME OF NEWSLETTER].

    For the latest news and developments in the automotive industry, car repair tips, answers to your frequently asked questions, and exclusive coupons, subscribe to [NAME OF NEWSLETTER].


    5) Service Reminder Email - After Sales

    Hello John,

    What's the status of your [VEHICLE MAKE AND MODEL]?

    I just wanted to check in to make sure everything is still running smoothly, as well as remind you that you’re [SERVICE] is approaching.

    Click here if you find any major issue or click the below link for regular service.

    I'm here to help, so please let me know if you hear any new strange noises coming from your [VEHICLE MAKE AND MODEL] or if it just isn't driving like it used to!

    The cheapest and most effective method of car repair is to keep it up to date.

    Feel free to reach me @ [111]

    Customer service no:
    Dealer name:


    With these templates, you have the tools to create your own car sales email and get more prospects in your pipeline.

    You can find success in this competitive market by following our tips for designing a professional, personalized template that will help you connect with clients and grow their trust over time.

    What are some of your favorite features of the Car Sales Email Templates? Share them with us!