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Challenger Sales Email Template For SaaS Companies

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    Challenger sales models are the future of business. It's a strategy that's been developed recently in 2011 by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson in their book. 

    The methodology focuses on a winning sales process that teaches and takes ultimate control of the sales experience.

    The Challenger Sales email template is a proven, professional, and smart way to sell more. 

    If you're looking for a new way of selling that's not only effective but also easy, then it's time for you to try the email template. 

    You'll also be able to close more deals because this template has been designed for maximum conversions. 

    In this article, let's understand what the challenger sales model and challenger sales email templates are.

    What is the Challenger Sales Model?

    You may be wondering what this Challenger Sales Model is all about. Well, it's a strategy that helps you break away from the traditional selling model to create something new and more exciting for your customers! 

    The seller approaches the prospect by actively teaching him/her throughout the sales process and takes control of the conversation, with the right combination of skills.

    According to the challenger sales model, the sales mode of interaction falls into five different profiles. 

    1) Relationship builders

    Relationship builders focus on building strong professional relationships with the customers. They strive to meet customers' needs and work hard to resolve tensions in commercial relationships.

    2) Reactive problem solvers

    These sales reps are highly detail-oriented because they focus on follow-up and ensure services are appropriately executed. 

    3) Hard workers

    Demanding worker sales reps will go that extra mile to ensure everything goes according to the plan. They make more calls and visit customers more than anybody else on the team.

    4) Lone Wolves

    These folks are self-confident and considered as rule-breakers among the sales force. They like to do things in their way or not at all.

    5) Challengers

    On the other hand, Challengers have a profound understanding of customers and focus on taking control of the conversation. Challengers are assertive and are not afraid to assert their views. 

     Some Of The Best Challenger Sales Email Template

    Here are 2 challenger sales email templates drafted according to the challenger sales model to help you take control of the sales conversation.

    1) Email Template One

    This email is about an exclusive training offered to the CEOs and Founders.

    Hi John,

    There is a question many of us don't stop to think about often enough...

    What do you truly want from your company?

    Financial independence…

    A sales team reaching its goals...

    Paying customers...

    Respect from your colleagues...

    More free time with family & friends...

    The list goes on and on, but it all starts with one thing:

    Predictable, profitable sales

    But how do you get there?

    If you're a business owner who is stuck at six figures and wants to break into eight figures.

    I'm putting together exclusive training on building a brand that generates an increasing flow of new leads, customers, and clients.

    It is not a webinar or a course; it is simply an email series you need to follow. 

    Would you like to receive it?

    Then, click here, and I'll share this content with you.

    This is advanced training for six-figure entrepreneurs who want to cross the $1 million mark. 

    Talk soon,

    P.S. This training is ONLY for CEOs, Founders, and Owners whose startups are currently generating 6 figures in sales

    2) Email Template 2

    This email template is about creating an interest with the customers for joining a partnership with the company.

    Hey Jane,

    Pop Quiz:
    How many customers use the XYZ loyalty program?

    Answer: 6 Million

    This is why I ask. In 2021, 6 million customers have already received rewards from the loyalty program, which accounts for 63% of the sales. 

    What does this data entail?

    1. XYZ Company has figured out how well the retention rate works in offline mode
    2. Ecommerce sales soared to more than 25% in 2020.

    Changing the consumer perception from store to online shopping happened due to closing the store in the street. ___% of sales are made from offline transactions, but eCommerce is growing faster than ever before and becoming more popular every day. 

    The company has figured out how well retention rates work offline, and they're proving that it's just as effective for them online. 

    Partnerships with local businesses have increased their effectiveness even further - I'm sure you've seen some of our latest posts on Facebook by now.

    Overall, segmenting and leveraging the customer data to communicate with customers has strengthened the brand image.

    It's time you take part in the growth as well. 

    Talk soon,


    If you are still not familiar with the challenger sales model, read on:

    • The email adds value right away
    • Rather than disturbing the prospect with sales, the email carries an idea from the beginning
    • You can pull the data from company reports
    • If the project likes your idea, you will get a meeting to discuss it right away
    • Specific research regarding the industry is a must