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5 Proven Cold Sales Email Templates

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    Cold sales email templates are an essential tool for any salesperson. It allows you to quickly write a professional email without having to worry about the details of spacing and formatting.

    The most significant advantage of cold emails over cold calling is that they can be sent at any time, day or night, without interrupting the prospect’s workday. 

    The first step in crafting your email is figuring out what you want from them and how much information you need before contacting them again.

    Here are the five email templates that get you on the right start with getting the attention of the prospects.

    What is the best way to write cold sales emails?

    A successful salesperson knows the importance of a solid first impression. 

    Put your best foot forward with this simple and to-the-point checklist:

    1. Make sure you're in good spirits while writing the email 
    2. Include what they'll get out of it if they purchase from you 
    3. Write an attractive subject line
    4. Express gratitude for their time/attention before signing off
    5. Take a look at the response from previous emails to learn more email tactics

    Is Cold Email Spam?

    Cold email is not spam. The spirit of an email should be that you are contacting someone to provide information and solicit their business, not simply trying to market your product as an end in itself.

    If you have a personalized introduction and message tailoring the recipient's needs, then engaging in cold email is not considered spam. A poorly worded or incomplete offer is the surest way to come across as spammy. 

    If it's your first contact with a potential customer, don't send too many messages at once. Only send up to three emails in a day, and remember they don't need more than one response from each individual if possible. 

    Difference Between Spam Email and Cold Email

    Spam Email

    • Use of fake name
    • No contact information
    • It is usually to target a direct purchase
    • It is filtered out by spam filter

    Cold Email

    • Name is not fake
    • Contact information is included in the signature
    • It is meant to start a conversation without being and build trust among the prospects
    • Does not get filtered by the system automatically

    Attractive Subject Lines to Get The Attention of Prospects

    1. Heard about our cool new product?
    2. Introducing our Product
    3. Just tried calling you
    4. Next Step?
    5. Our best sellers are LIVE!
    6. Need help implementing the change you need?

    5 Best Cold Sales Email Templates

    Here is a list of the 5 best email templates you

    1) The “Things You Should Fix” Email

    This template is used when you want to send an email to a prospect who checked out your website weeks or months ago. 

    Hello John,

    It looks like you visited our website a few weeks ago.

    Sorry to not have reached out earlier. 

    Anyway, our growth expert, John, would be happy to take the time to answer any questions you have about our work with SaaS startups.

    He has built many websites in the area of your interest. Also, we have two things you should fix. 

    Only we can show you exactly how to fix it. Let's discuss this over a call this Thursday at 4 pm.

    Talk soon,

    2) “New Product Launch” Email 

    Hello Jane,

    I am John, and I am the head of sales department efforts within my company. We have recently launched a new program that can transform your business.

    Assuming you are the right person to talk to based on your LinkedIn profile, I would like to speak about our offer.

    Or you can point me to the right person to talk with on a fifteen-minute call. Let's discuss how our innovative platform can help your business improve productivity by 75%. 


    3) Time Saving Software

    This email template is written in a classic AIDA copywriting formula to grab attention. It will build desire and show the prospects how to take action.

    Hi Jane,

    Do you want to save time?

    I ask because we've created software that can automate your email outreach for you. You can use it to find and contact prospects, schedule follow-ups, and track the success of your emails. 

    It will help you get more done in less time, so you have more free time for yourself.

    Just ask the experts like [expert name], who are very happy to count as satisfied customers. 

    Sign up right now for our free trial offer and see how much easier life could be with this automated email tool

    Click here to sign up today or call me to know more about the software.


    4) Email to Competitor's Customer

    Send this email to competitors' customers. But make sure to not come across as being jealous or put down the competitor. 

    Hi Jane,

    I am reaching out to you to discuss your [competitor name] association. 

    I am sure you get a bunch of emails like it, but I specialize in assisting all organizations to have a smooth transition from [competitor] to [your company name].

    Over the past years, we have successfully added several customers (2000 to be exact) to our platform. 

    We have a healthy engagement rate that is more than average in the market.

    Let's have a quick chat next week, Jane? 

    I would be more than happy to show you our innovations on Monday at 5 PM. 

    Please reply with a yes if this sounds good for you.


    5) Re Engage with old prospects

    If you're really in need of some new leads. You should reach out to your old customers and see if they would like a free demo presentation on the latest product updates. Follow this template to write a responsive one!

    Hi John! 

    You're probably pleasantly surprised by this email :)

    It was great seeing your profile pop up on LinkedIn last month. I hope all is well with you?

    Anyway, I just wanted to say hello since we haven't spoken for a while. 

    We've been experimenting with some new strategies lately that are paying fact, our sales doubled since December (no joke!)

    So if there's any way we could grab a coffee in some time, I would love to chat about the new marketing tactics that have been working so well lately.

    Any chance?

    Talk Soon,


    Since cold sales email templates are the most popular and  bring millions in revenue, we wanted to provide you with a template that would work well for this type of outreach. The above templates should help you craft a cold sales email that will be successful. 

    Follow the outline in this article, and fill in your details where appropriate. If you have any questions about how to use it or anything that needs to be changed, feel free to reach out! We want all the salespeople alike to succeed in their sales endeavors.

    Personalized emails have 2X higher response rates

    Quickly create & share personalized videos/images in your sales emails with Videoform.