Hotel Prospecting Sales Email Template

Top 5 Hotel Prospecting Sales Email Templates That Gets You More Bookings

What's Inside

    The hotel industry is a tough one, but it can be even tougher with the growth of websites like Airbnb and HomeAway. Also, you'll be shocked to know that the abandonment rate for booking hotels online is a whopping 75%!

    Whatever the reason, it is time for salespeople like you to step up the game with these strategic hotel prospecting sales email templates. Let's dive in…

    5 Best Hotel Prospecting Sales Email Templates

    1. Introduction of Your Hotel

    This email can be sent to people who are likely looking for a luxurious hotel to stay in who checked or inquired about your website.

    Hi John,

    I'm ____, and travelers find our hotel the best stay. 

    We would love to tell you more about it and show you why we are different from other hotels.

    Our high-end, luxury hotel offers a beautiful view, spacious rooms with all the latest technology and amenities like a full kitchenette and gym in each room. 

    Whether your stay is for business or pleasure, we want to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

    Let us know when it is a good time for a call.

    Also, I would love to explain how our services differentiate us from others in the area!

    Best regards,


    2. Email Template for People Looking for a Family Vacation

    This email is to urge prospects to take a vacation and tell them to stay at your hotel. Convince the prospect why they have to spend their time in your hotel.

    Hi Jane,

    Congratulations on your new promotion. I'm happy for you!

    Planning this weekend with the family can be tough, but it doesn't have to be stressful.

    We at [ hotel name]  hope that you'll find the perfect balance between work and play by staying with all the facilities you need.

    There's nothing like enjoying the taste of meals at our restaurant. Then, your kids can enjoy the pools. 

    To get started planning your weekends off-site, come see us online at our website ____

    We offer thoughtful tips about how families can spend quality time together while covering all their needs in just one place.
    Book your weekend now!



    3. The Perfect Hotel for Business Executives

    You can list down all the facilities you offer to the business executives like location, airport and say why you are different from other sites.

    Hey John,

    I see that you are looking for a hotel to stay in for your upcoming business trip. Found your profile via LinkedIn. 

    [Hotel Name] is a high-end hotel that offers business people advantage by being located near business locations. 

    We also offer free amenities such as internet, breakfast, room service, a fitness center, and more! 

    We have meeting space available at an affordable cost if you like to cater an event or host a training session.

    See why we're the best choice for any traveler.

    For more assistance, please give a call @______



    4. "Invite the Guest to Your City" Email Template

    If your hotel is located near an international tourist spot, send this email template.

    Hey Jane,

    Planning a visit to Walt Disney World? 

    I have some exciting news for you! 

    If you are looking for a hotel in [place name], the Retreat Hotel is only 3 kilometers away from the park. 

    Now your vacation can be perfect with more time spent exploring the magical world and less time traveling to get there.

    Don't wait any longer and look at our rates today on our website____

    Once you've booked your stay, I'll also send you a video of all the best attractions near the hotel so that everything will be ready when it's time to pack up and head out.

    Happy Journey!


    5. The "Incentives" Email Template

    In this email, you can attract the prospect by giving them an incentive. It also creates a sense of urgency.

    Hi Jane,

    I hope you are doing well this evening.

    I wanted to reach out and ask if you have given any thought to staying at The Retreat Hotel shortly? 

    We offer a 15% discount on your next stay should you book for two or more nights.

    Also, you can get access to our fancy spa that offers massages and manicures for free if you bring a guest. 

    Don't miss out on our special limited-time offer!

    Book Now



    All in All

    By implementing hotel prospecting sales email templates, you can decrease sales cycles and increase the likelihood of closing with prospects. Also, it keeps their interest in your hotel high and makes them more likely to stay with you again.