Initial Sales Email Templates

5 Best Initial Sales Email Templates To Build Rapport With Prospects

What's Inside

    Starting a new business or launching a new product is both exciting and challenging. Afterall the product is going into the market for the first time, you need a good first impression. An initial sales email template can help plan your sales strategy effectively.

    Here is a list of email templates designed to help you create an engaging message to build rapport with your prospects.

    Importance of Emails in Initial Sales

    Developing an initial sales process in your business can help you from the ground up. Apart from early rejections, a personalized email suiting the prospects' preferences can hopefully let you push your product harder into the market.

    While sending these emails, you will get a good sense of the challenges and objections you might face in the process. It is also a good way to get direct customer feedback about your product. 

    Before dealing with a ton of customers, it is best to find out how you proceed with sales emails initially. It is also a great way to refine your logistics and sales pitch.

    Subject Lines For Initial Sales

    1. I have a question about your project
    2. Don't open this Email
    3. A surprise gift for you!
    4. Meet your new software
    5. Get priority access to our product
    6. Grow your engagement 10X

    5 Best Initial Sales Email Template

    1. Making a Sales Introduction

    This email is a chance to make your first impression to your potential customers. Customize it according to your product and services.

    Hi John,

    I just read that you've been looking for software to automate your sales process. 

    I'm so glad I found you because you are the perfect fit!

    [Tool name] is designed to help you seamlessly introduce new products and services in social media and on blogs while automating face-to-face sales approaches.

    With [tool name], you can send personalized product recommendations based on what's trending online right now. 

    You can also schedule it ahead of time with our beautiful CRM. 

    It also makes it easy for prospects to contact you by simply clicking on an email link from social media posts or blog articles.

    Plus, there's no software installation required - everything runs in the cloud.

    Here is a VideoForm detailing what we do.

    If you are interested in the software, would you like to schedule a call this Friday? 

    Please feel free to call me if you have any doubts.



    2. If the Prospect is Using Your Free Tool 

    With this email, you can urge the prospects to sign up for the paid version if they are still using the trial version.

    Hi Jane,

    I noticed that you and your team are still using the free version of [name] service. 

    I'm guessing that's because you're just getting started and trying to decide if [tool] is what you need for your business.

    I get it! It can be hard to switch from a trial period into paid territory with no guarantees or safety net. 

    That's why we created an incredibly generous deal just for people who want to give us a try.

    Until September 15th, 2021, all new users will receive the [tool] at 50% off their first two months—just $2/month instead of $4/month! 

    This means after only 2 months on [tool], you'll have already saved over $5 in monthly fees.

    Also, over 40 thousand people like you are already using our platform, and they get 5x more engagement than other marketing channels on their apps.

    Watch this VideoForm for more information on the upgraded version of the tool.

    Get in touch with me to discuss the requirements @______



    3. When Prospects Opened your Email But Have Not Replied

    Suppose the prospect is too busy to respond to your emails even after reading the message. It might be that they are interested enough. So sending this email can incite a reply.

    Hey John,

    I just wanted to check in with you a bit more about the email I sent you last week. 

    Still not getting back to me? It's been what? 5 days now? 

    Seems like it went straight into the trash can. 

    Anyway, I didn't want this conversation to end without hearing from you, and follow-up is important for both of us. Our tools for your business include:

    [Tool #1 and why it's helpful]
    [Tool #2 and why it's helpful]
    [Tool #3 and why it's helpful]

    Do you have any questions about my offer, or would you be willing to hop on call next week sometime?

    Give me a shout at _______, and we'll work something out!


    4. Building Rapport with Prospects

    This email aims to build rapport with prospects who are interested but not quite ready so they can keep talking about the product and eventually be ready for a trial or purchase.

    Hey Jane,

    I hope you're doing well! 

    I just wanted to follow up after our last conversation. 

    When we spoke, it was apparent that you were interested in the product and just needed more information before you could take the next step. 

    I'm glad to say that's what this email is about.

    Would you be interested in hopping on a call with me?



    5. Congratulate the Customer

    Do a bit of research and find what your prospect is up to. Then, include the special information and congratulate prospects for their effort.

    Hey Jane,

    I hope this email finds you well. 

    Congratulations on your recent round of funding.

    I'm sure it's been a challenging few months but congratulations all the same.

    We are looking for new clients who've recently gone through the fundraising process and received seed or series A funding. 

    We can help push your business forward with [product name] to drive traffic to your site and generate more leads via VideoForm, SEO, & Email Campaigns. 

    Our team is composed of experts in conversion rate optimization (CRO), web design & development. 

    They are also great customer service professionals who have helped many businesses grow their turnover exponentially over time. 

    Could I show you what this tool can do for you?



    The Bottom Line

    Initial sales emails are a great way to introduce yourself and your product. It can also be used to ask for feedback, answer customer questions, or other exciting offers. If you need help with any aspect of the process, I'm happy to provide some insights.